A/N: I making this story for many reasons, one is that maybe just maybe telling this story will help others. Two to show the damage of molesting a child, I should know since this story is based off my own abuse. So read on if you want if not then that is fine.


This is a story that needed to be told so the whole world could see the damage. A story that can't be buried, a story that I have to tell for me. My name is Madeline Parker and this is a story on the abuse I went through at the hands of a man I trusted and made as my father when I didn't have one. This is the story of a three long abuse and the effects of that abuse, this is my story.

When I was eleven I was curious child; but I was curious about the wrong things in life. I was curious about sex, and some would asked why I would be curious about sex. I don't have an answer for that question because no matter how much I think about it, nothing made sense. It could have been because I seen it on TV from a young age and wanted to try it. Another reason could be that I just wanted to be popular and make friends. But I don't have a reason why I was curious about sex; but I do know that I needed a dose of reality to wake up. I needed a small dose to help me open my eyes and see the dangers of the world. That dose of reality was a sixteen year old boy named Larry, he was way order than me and saw me as a girl he could easily tricked. He did just that he trick me and I went along with it, it took him slapping and choking me to wake me up. I thank him for that to, I thank him for teaching me to keep my eyes opened at all times and notice small things about people. One night I was going to have sex for the first time; but I stop. I stopped out of fear, I became a coward and backed out at the last minute. I manage to trick him into thinking he was inside me; but really he was fucking the ground. After that night I stopped going over my grandfather's house in fear of seeing Larry. I also started staying inside more and on the computer just because I felt safe there. I thought my house was safer than the outside world; but it wasn't. There was an evil lurking with an innocent visage in my home ready to take what innocence I had left in me.

But if there one thing I regret from that night with Larry was tricking him. I wish I could have gave away my virginity instead of having my decision taken away from me. That the only thing I regret from that night, that one thing set the stage for the three yearlong abuse I went through.