A/N: I finally was able to type this chapter without crying, I can't say that for when I was writing this.

Chapter two

My throat went dry and I wanted to refuse; but I had no choice I couldn't just run away. So I did as I was told and got on the couch with my band to him. I bent over as best I could and kept my eyes closed. I could feel him behind me after a few seconds and I bit my lip hard when I felt his hands on my ass. He then spread my cheeks apart and I stopped myself from wanting to scream. A few tears made their way to my eyes; but I quickly blinked them away I didn't want him to see me cry. I needed to be strong; I couldn't let him see my weakness.

"I can't see anything from here, go to my room and I can try there." He said and I only nodded. I stood up slowly and made my way toward the stairs as slowly as I could. I just wanted this to be a dream where I would wake up at that moment. But this wasn't a dream or a nightmare, it was reality and I will have to deal with it. I felt him slapped my ass as I slowly walked up the stairs. "Move faster." He said and I walked faster to my doom. Once I was in the room that my mom and he shared he closed the door. "Now lie on your back and spread your legs." He ordered. I lie down on the queen size bed and spread my legs slightly, thinking that would be enough. He walked over and pushed my legs apart more and got between them. He used two fingers to open the lips of my developing womanhood. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side.

"Heh I knew you weren't a virgin." He said then moved so he was on top of me. He grabbed my wrist and pinned them above my head. "Now you have to be punish for lying to me, you could have just told the truth." He said as I struggled in his grip.

"Please no! Just let me go I'm sorry." I said as I struggled hard under him. I didn't care that tears started to run down my cheeks. I was scared and I just wanted to go to my room so I could sleep and forget about this. He smirked at me and used one hand to keep my hands pinned about my head. Then he used his other hand to grab my face and kissed me hard, I didn't kissed back I just froze.

"Just be a good girl." He whispered in my ear before he thrust into me. I bit my lip, at the time I didn't know what he did. All I knew was I felt pain and something was inside me. Then he started to move and it burned, the pain wasn't that bad; but it still hurt. I just laid there as he slowly thrust in and out; he kissed on my jaw and neck. He whispered in my ear; but I don't remember the things he said. My body and mind completely shut down, it felt like an eternity before he finally let me go. He pulled out and said "You can leave; but don't tell anyone about this or you will regret." I nodded and walked out that room, my body instantly went to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and slowly moved my shaking hands between my legs. I touched then quickly pulled up my fingers to look. Blood, blood was on the tip of my fingers. In that moment the flood gates opened and I could stop the tears from running down my face like a waterfall. Once the tears stopped I turned on the shower and got in, I just sat there. Letting the water hit my body. I couldn't think and I just sat in the shower until the water went cold. Once I got out I made my way to my room and got dressed, then I sat on my bed staring at the wall until I fell asleep. After that night everything went normally, I tried to act as normal as I could. I mostly stayed on the computer that day then I was called by him, I walked into his room.

"Come here." He said, he was sitting on the foot of the bed. I walked closer and grabbed my hand. "I'm so glad you kept our secret, did you like last night?" I wanted to glare at that man; but I kept a straight face and shook my head no. He chuckled and said "I bet 50% of you enjoyed what I did to you." He then pulled me closer. "Tonight come to my room naked, I will give you more. If you don't well I just have to tell your mother how much a slut you are."

I bit my lip then said "Okay, can I go back to the computer now?"

"Yea you go back to the computer." He said then I quickly left that room. I felt dizzy and sick once I was out that room. I thought I was going to throw up so I went to the bathroom and got on my knees in front of the toilet. But I didn't throw up so I went back downstairs and stayed on the computer all day talking to my internet words and watching YouTube videos. Now that I think about it my internet friends on YouTube might be the reason I didn't go completely during the abuse. I would like to take the time to thank them for being there when I had no friends in real life.

So that night I did as he said, once my brothers went to sleep I stripped then walked down the hall the room. He opened the door when he heard my footsteps coming down the hall. He smirked at me and moved aside for me to walk in, once I walked in he made me lay on my back once again. I covered my breasts that were pretty big for a eleven year old as I laid down. He then got between my legs and did the same thing he did the night before. This time there was barely any pain; but it still burn. He did something different though this time when he pulled out. He placed his manhood on my stomach and came, I looked down and saw the white creamy liquid. I felt so disgusted and dirty and I wanted to throw up.

"Sorry about that; but I don't want to get you pregnant." He said looking at me with a smile. That's when I realized that I could easily get pregnant by this man, I already started my period a year ago so there was a chance. "Just lay there and I will be right back." He said then stood up. I laid there staring up at the ceiling, wishing this could all end somehow. He then came back with a wet towel and cleaned off my stomach. "I suggest you take a shower before you go back to your room." I nodded and started walking out; but stopped at the door way when he said "tomorrow you will do the same."

"Okay." I said with my head down then closed the door as I left. Once the door was closed I allow the tears to flow. This is was my hell for the next three years.