Chapter Nineteen: Elizabeth

Nothing else in the room matters. Not the paintings on the walls, the lights on the ceiling, or the large wooden thrones. No one else in the room matters except for my target. All the faces of the people around me blend together into a sea of color.

I think I hear people screaming, but I can't tell and I really don't care. I only care about one thing right now, and he has fear written into his eyes. My body moves closer to him, to the one that shot my brother. In a second, he's really going to wish that he hadn't done that.

The sensation of heat hits me, but I decide to ignore it and take small steps closer to my target. He has moments to live. I almost can't handle the sense of power I have knowing that his life is in my hands. Thinking back to when I served my Master, I think this is what made me feel strong. Having my hands wrapped around life and death. My Gift gives me this power. My Gift makes me strong. The moment I decided I wanted this man dead, he died.

Someone touches my arm, and instantly, I know who it is. I turn to look at my brother. There's a hole in his t-shirt, and it's still covered in his blood, but his wound is gone. He's healed. I smile at him, but I know the smile must distort my face just like it does to Adrian's. He's okay. But it doesn't change anything. Turning away, I walk closer to the dead man.

"Lizzie," Mikey calls.

I ignore him but someone else steps in my path, blocking my view of my target.

Ethan holds out his hand cautiously. "Elizabeth?"

My eyes narrow more. I really hate it when he calls me that. I reach out toward him, and I hear a few gasps from the blurs of colors around me. I place my hand delicately on his chest, and slip it under the collar of his shirt so that my fingers rest on the smooth skin right above his heart. It pounds rapidly, but each beat feels slow and measured under my touch. Feeling his heart under my hand, my own heart starts to respond, and I start to panic, but the darkness in me tries to subdue that feeling.

Ethan lifts his hands and rests them gently on my fingers. When I sense movement on my side, I step back and face Tyler. He's always been able to see me, exactly as I am, and he knows that I'm losing control. All I can see is the man standing by the large throne chair, shaking. My years of training take over, and I react on pure instinct. I react exactly how I should react. How my Master would expect me to react.

Rushing forward, I side step Ethan, and just before I close the distance between me and my target, someone else steps in my way.


I meet Patrick's dark grey eyes and visions of his brother sore through me, soaking my mind and bleeding down my back and arms. My hands go to my head to make the pain of it all go away.

Patrick steps toward me. "Elizabeth, what rules do you want to kill by?"

My eyes snap open and focus on his. His grey eyes are bright and dark at the same time. I see the fire of his past burning in them, but I also see a gentle warmth, and I don't understand how he can have both.

"No more rules," I hear myself growl. "Revenge."

"Is that really what you want?" Patrick says calmly, taking a step toward me. His presence alone is making me feel more relaxed. My darkness struggles to retain control. My fingers ache every time I look at my target. Since when did Patrick start dealing with all this psychoanalytic bullshit? He knows I don't want to do this. But then why is the need to stop this man's heart so strong, it hurts.

"Yes," I hear myself hiss, but then I shake my head and when I look back at Patrick, fear covers my eyes. I don't know what I want. I've never known. Not really.

"Fine," he says and takes a quick step toward me. He holds out his hand. When I don't move, he reaches forward and takes my hand in his. "Then kill me."

Everything in the room stills. My heart slams to a stop as Patrick's words echo in the quiet "No," I whisper, shaking my head fiercely.

Staring at Patrick, I see my Master, standing in front of me. I know it's not real and yet when he looks toward the target with expectation in his eyes that I finish my job and move on, I feel my feet more forward. My Master takes a step toward me, and suddenly it's Patrick again.

"Kill me," he says again.

"Patrick," I say weakly. My voice is barely above a whisper.

Patrick doesn't hesitate, and he pulls on my hand, moving us away from everyone us. We stop at the door, and I keep my eyes down.

"Tyler," Patrick demands. "No, just Tyler."

Tyler reaches my other side, and we leave the grand throne room. I expect sound to erupt when I leave the room, but it's just as quiet as before. A dead eerie silence and the only thing that keeps me from screaming is the sound of Tyler's footsteps. Even in a rush, Patrick and I are as silent as ever.

They drag me down numerous hallways until we stop at a set of doors. Patrick unlocks the door and holds it open for us. We're in some kind of master bedroom. With a large bed and beautiful tapestries with images of old battles decorating the wall. Patrick leads me to the bed, and I sit down.

"Pat, what are we going to do?" Tyler asks.

The worry in his voice confuses me. We are away from everyone else. I'm not going to hurt anyone. At least not right now.

"I don't know," Patrick says, sounding just as worried. They pace back and forth in front of me.

"Patrick, do you have your memory back?" I ask.

"No," he says too quickly, and my eyes narrow. "Yes, most of them at least."

"Patrick?" I say warningly. My heartbeat slows back down to a normal pace as my darkness slithers back down into the deepest pits of my heart.

"Later," he says, before glancing at me.

I sigh.

"Well," I say, shrugging, "Not to make matters worse, but something is wrong with my Gift."

"Other than the serious anger problems it gives you," Tyler comments.

And even though he's joking. Even though I know he's trying to make me feel better, instead of laughing, I glare at him, but my darkness doesn't awaken again. I don't know what it is about Patrick and Tyler, but they help keep it away.

"Sorry," he says, holding up his hands in surrender.

"What's wrong with it?" Patrick asks seriously as he sits on the bed beside me. I feel safer immediately.

"It's weaker," I say.

Tyler half laughs and coughs before getting serious. "It's weaker, but I have less control over it. I don't how to explain it, but something has happened since I left the Tower until now. Something has happened, and I don't know what it could be. When I was at the Tower when I was the assassin, I had control over it. I killed when I wanted to not when it wanted to."

"Are you sure?" Patrick asks, and I narrow my eyes, confused. "I think maybe you just let your Gift have control of your life while you were at the Tower. It was always in control. It chose when to kill and when not to kill."

I open my mouth and close it, shaking my head. He's trying to make me believe that everything I've done isn't my fault, but it is. Even if what he says is true, I let my darkness have control. I did it because it kept me safe.

"Well, whatever the case is," I say. "My Gift is weaker. When I first got to Sector One, it felt unbelievably strong, and it was so hard to keep under control even when I didn't feel threatened or angry. Now, I can tell, it's weaker."

"Is that a bad thing?" Tyler asks softly.

I shrug. "I guess not."

"Well, that depends on what made it weaker," Patrick says. "We don't know what did this to you or how it did it. We don't know if it poses a threat to you. To your wellbeing."

"First, we need to get out of here," Tyler says, and he goes to the door as if he's listening for something on the other side.

"What? Why?" I say, looking from Tyler to Patrick and back again.

"Lizzie, did you see the faces of the people in there?" Tyler says, walking over to me. His light blue eyes shine and he looks worried. "They are scared of you. We need to get you out of here before someone tells Mora Fari you are here."

"I'm pretty sure she already knows," I say annoyed. Everyone here already knows I'm the Assassin. Why did it scare them when they saw me act like it?

"Lizzie, those people hate you," Tyler says, trying to be as gentle as he can. "They want you dead."

"They have every right to feel like that," I hiss quietly, knowing that it's going to piss Tyler off. He doesn't yell like I expect him to, but he's glaring at me when I look at him. "Tyler…"

"No. You have to stop thinking that you deserve to die, Elizabeth," Tyler snaps, and I'm shocked because I can't remember a time when he ever called me anything other than Lizzie.

"But I do," I say.

"Why?" he says calmly, and I can tell that he is up to something from the gleam in his eye, and the steadiness of his voice.

"Because I've hurt a lot of people, Tyler. I've killed a lot of people."

"Okay, let's say you die, let's say you get what you deserve," he says harshly, and I cringe. "Then what? What about all the people you leave behind? What about all the people who love you? You act like you are this hard heartless monster, but you were willing to take a bullet for Courtney. You almost died saving Ethan. You think about others more than you think about yourself. What would it be like, if you died, for all these people you would leave behind? What would happen to Mike? To Ethan? To me?"

His voice breaks. He can't go on, and I'm stunned. I knew Tyler didn't think badly of me, but I never imagined that he thought so highly of me either, but I can hear it in his voice as he talks about the people who I love and who love me.

"And me," Patrick says from beside me. "Elizabeth, I thought I had freed myself from my brother. I thought after so many years of death and violence that I had found myself, but I realize now, after meeting you, that you have given me another chance to live. And I'm going to make sure you get that chance as well."

Before I can say anything, there's a knock at the door, causing us all to jump.


I jump up when I hear Mikey's voice, and I realize I never really made sure he was okay. No one tries to stop me when I reach to open the door. When I see him, I hug him tightly.

"Are you okay?" I ask, and the sound of his responding laugh makes me smile.

"Am I okay? Yeah, I'm great. Tyler's a way better healer than you Lizzie," he says before adding, "No offense."

I smile wider at him.

"But are you okay?" he asks.

"I'm fine," I say, sounding kind of grim.

Steeping back into the room, Mikey follows me. I finally notice that there are others behind him. Jared steps in and gives me a light smile followed by Courtney and Rose who each hug me, next is John and behind him is Ethan. Ethan steps up to me and staring into his eyes, I don't know what to do. I wonder if it will ever be easy between us or will things keep getting in the way. Will what I am keep coming between us?

When I look away from him, I feel his fingers gently under my chin. He gives me a small smile, but it's not my favorite smile. It's not his carefree smile that makes him look his age. It's his worried tense smile that ages him ten years and makes me feel like I lost him. He wraps his arms around me, and I wrap mine around his waist, closing my eyes. Everyone in the room fades away, and it's just Ethan and me.

"How does it look out there?" Patrick asks, and the room floods with everyone else's faces once again. I break our embrace, but Ethan keeps an arm wrapped around my waist. I concentrate on the feel of his arm around me and pretend nothing else matters.

"It's not that bad," John says with a faint smile. "When you guys left, a bunch of people surrounded Jack, and he's under arrest for shooting Mikey. He'll be locked up for a bit, but he'll probably get set free when we move to another location especially since Mikey isn't hurt."

Even though I'm staring at Ethan's chest at the spot right above his heart, I can tell everyone is looking at me. I can tell they are waiting for some kind of reaction. Anger and pain and darkness. I move my hand and place it on Ethan's chest above his shirt and concentrate on the beating of his heart. I feel it increase under my touch.

"People are scared of Lizzie," Ethan says, causing my hand to move with his chest as he speaks. "But most of them seem to think she had every reason to be angry with Jack, and if they aren't happy with her, they are keeping their mouths closed at least for now."

"Are we continuing with the plan?" John asks, and this gets my attention. I look up at John.

"If Lizzie feels up to it," Ethan says, before looking at me. I smile into his eyes, and he smiles back. I hear Jared groan then cough.

"What plan?" I ask.

"We received Intel on where some of the bioweapon is being kept," Ethan says.

"Really?" I ask.

"We were planning on going out tonight," John says. "If you are up to it."

"Definitely," I respond, and I think some people look surprised. "Where are we going?"

"Mesewal. It's a few hours north of here. It's under the control of Sector Three," Ethan says, and I can feel how tense his body is. I don't think he is happy telling me all this. And it hurts that I don't know if that's because he doesn't want me to get hurt or because he doesn't trust me.

"Why do you want me to help?" I ask quietly, afraid to look at Ethan.

"Elizabeth, you're the best fighter we have," John says as he glances at Ethan. I follow his gaze until I find Ethan's dark blue eyes. What aren't they telling me?

"And," Ethan says, his eyes look sad almost like he isn't sure if he wants to tell me this as if he's afraid it will hurt me. "It is rumored that Adrian Kaiser is overseeing the transport."

"Adrian," I whisper, and I don't know how I am supposed to feel about him anymore. Adrian. My Master's son. First, I believed I felt indifference for him, then hatred, then pity. And he. He's always loved me.

"I need to talk to Ethan and John alone, now," I say in the commanding voice that my Master used to use. Sometimes when Patrick is angry with me, his voice hits the same strong pitch. Tyler and Mikey both look like they want to argue with me, but Patrick grabs both of them and gets them out the room. He gives me one last look of suspicion before he leaves. Everyone else leaves quietly. I step away from Ethan so that I can look at both of them equally.

"Who's going on this mission?" I ask calmly, trying not to give away what I'm about to ask them.

Ethan raises an eyebrow at me before tossing his hands in the air. "He's not going to be happy about this."

John nods, and I sigh. They already know what I'm going to ask them.

"Mikey isn't going anywhere near the bioweapon designed to kill him," I say, crossing my arms over my chest and staring at both of them hard.

"You mean the bioweapon that is designed to kill all Gifted, including you," John says, and I glare at him.

"Mikey, Tyler, and Patrick are not going," I say strongly.

"Tyler could come in handy," Ethan says, watching me carefully. "He can heal."

"So can I," I say almost desperately. I can't let them anywhere near where they could be killed, and I don't want them near Adrian. I don't want any of them near Adrian, but I know some people have to go.

"Lizzie, if you heal someone, you will get hurt," Ethan says angrily. He glances at John, and John looks away. I guess he hasn't forgiven us for healing him, and then not telling him about my fatal injury.

"I've gotten better at using my Gift, and besides I'm better equipped to deal with bodily injuries," I say, looking everywhere but at them.

"Better equipped?" Ethan groans, rolls his eyes, and turns away from me. I glare at his profile. He looks at me out of the corner of his eye with his own glare before looking away again.

"Fine, they won't come, but you," he growls, turning to face me. He grabs my arms fiercely and forces me to look at him. "You are going to do everything I say. If I say stay, you stay. If I say run, you run. If I say save yourself, you save yourself. Understand."

"I understand that's what you want," I say with a grim face. Ethan's hands tighten on my arms before he lets go, and turns away from me frustrated. John fights a smile.

"She's not coming with us," Ethan almost yells at John. "I don't know why I let you talk me into this."

"Ethan, look," I say, stepping forward and taking his hand. I hate that I'm still nervous around him. I'm still afraid that he will cringe from me, that my touch will sicken him, that he'll look at me like he should like I'm the one who killed his father. "Everything is going to fine. With you there, nothing will happen. In and out. Right?"

Ethan sighs, and pulls me into a hug. "You know, you can't always get what you want."

I lean back and look up at him. John heads for the door. When he opens it, the others are there waiting. I meet Tyler's eyes for a second before he looks away. I look back at Ethan with my hand griping his back tightly.

"I can try," I say, smiling lightly.

Ethan responds with his carefree smile, and my heart races against his. He leans forward and hesitates in front of me. His fingers glide across my cheek, tickling my skin and ear. A small laugh escapes my lips, and he closes the distance between us. His lips are hard and soft at the same time. His warm breath mixes with mine until suddenly he stops and pulls back slightly still holding me against him.

"Lizzie," he whispers. As a shiver crawls slowly down my spine, I hold onto to him tighter. "I don't think you will ever know how much you mean to me."

The color of his eyes is blue fire as he stares into mine. His hand gently cups my cheek, and I feel frozen trying to allow myself to believe him. When he frowns slightly, I realize I'm shaking my head.

"How?" I say so quietly that it's more like I mouthed the word than spoke it out loud. "I…I…"

I hesitate and stare deep into the blue of his eyes. Somewhere in them, I find the strength to say what needs to be said between us. "I killed your father."

"I know," he says, shaking his head slowly. He looks away from me, but doesn't let go of me. "I can't say that doesn't matter because it does. It does matter that…that you killed him," Ethan says, and I cringe and his hold on me tightens more. "But there's something that matters more."

"Nothing could matter more than that," I say, leaning my head against his chest so I don't have to face him anymore. I killed his father. I took him away. I listen to the steady beating of Ethan's heart. It sounds so strong and loud, soothing me. Each beat tells me that everything will be alright. Everything will be okay. His father's last words ring in my head. It's okay. The only words ever spoken between Ethan's father and me. Two words that changed everything for me. Two words that changed everything for Ethan. Two words and a gunshot, and I became who I was meant to be.

"Yes," he says, quietly and his fingers gently touch my chin, moving my face so I have to look at his. The light in the room hits his features in a way that stops my breath. My eyes linger on his nose and cheek bones, moving to his lips and finally back to his eyes. They're ablaze again.

"You matter so much more."

The room spins, and I can't find any words.

"Lizzie, you're turning blue," Ethan says quietly. I gasp as air rushes through my mouth to soothe the burning in my lungs. I'm confused for a moment when Ethan looks sad. He glances at me and glances away.

"Ethan," I say, and his eyes snap to mine. "I love you."

My words sound pathetic to me after everything Ethan just said to me, but I'm not used to expressing how I feel. I've told him that I love him before, but never like this. It's just me and him. He smiles, and I know he understands that I feel the same way he does even if I can't voice it with the same words.

"Everything is going to be okay," he smiles, and leans toward me to plant a soft tender kiss on my lips. I hold his face to mine and kiss him back. He smiles against my mouth.

The next few hours pass in a quick blur, and I realize I hate preparing for a mission. I didn't like listening to the plan when we were deciding on how to blow up the Tower and now, I zoned out for an hour while Ethan explained his plan. I think he noticed because three or four times he threw a crumbled up piece of paper at me. Only one of them actually ever hit me.

Mikey, Tyler, and Patrick sit along the back of the table in the large dining room where we had the meeting yesterday. Each of them with their own glare on their faces for each of their own reasons. Mikey is pissed that he has been ordered to stay behind. Patrick is angry because I didn't talk about this with him before I asked Ethan to keep them excluded. Tyler won't even look at me.

"Okay, get some rest before we leave," Ethan says, standing up. His expression is hard and strong. He smiles briefly at each of us, his eyes lingering on mine longer than the rest. "I have to take care of something. I'll be back before we leave."

"Mikey, please stop glaring at me," I say, turning to look at him. His dark green eyes glow with anger. He doesn't say anything, and I know he's extremely pissed. "I'm sorry."

"You should be. Now tell Ethan to let me go," he whines, and I smile at him which only makes his eyes narrow more. I see a difference in him now. There's a hardness around his eyes that wasn't there before, and he looks stronger, but when he whines at me like this, I'm reminded of what he was like when he was little.

"Mikey, your Gift is weaker, and your Gift is what puts you in danger," I say, sighing and standing up from my seat to walk over to him. He looks away from me, and I lean against the table, staring at him.

"When are you going to let me protect you?" he says, pushing away from the table and walking away. He hesitates for a moment when I speak.

"When there's no danger left," I say.

Turning, he looks back at me. He walks over to stand in front of me and lifts a chain from around his neck up and over his head. I gape at my pendent. A beautifully designed black rose. The symbol of death in the Sectors. My symbol.

Everyone in the room stares at it. He slips it around my head and the moment it's secured around my neck, I feel something shift inside me. Like a door being locked or putting a lid on a box. I shake off the feeling. I look away from my pendant, holding it in my hand and stare at Mikey who has the same confused look on his face. He shakes his head and looks at me.

"Just be safe, Lizzie," Mikey says, before turning and walking away from me. He leaves the dining room with the door closing loudly behind him. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I turn my head to see Leah staring at me.

"He'll forgive you when you get back here safely," she says.

She runs her hand through her soft curls before giving me a brief smile and taking a seat on the other side of the table. I'm surprised that Leah's words actually comfort me. I pull out the wooden chair beside me and take a seat. There isn't much to do, but wait for Ethan to come back.

The door reopens suddenly with a clash and I jump. Tyler gives me a curious look as Jared strolls into the room.

"Fuck, did I miss the meeting?" he says, taking a seat between Rose and Courtney. Courtney smiles at him before getting up and leaving. I assume she's going to find Mikey. "What's with the grim faces," Jared says. "This is going to be fun."

Leah, Rose, John, and Jared start talking about the mission, and I'm about to zone them out when Tyler starts talking to me.

"Why did you do this?" he asks. "What don't you want me around?"

"Tyler," I say.

Reaching across the table, I take his hand. It's strange knowing that even though he is mad at me, and he feels hurt and maybe betrayed, he will always let me take his hand. I don't feel the slightest hesitation or doubt. I do when I'm near Ethan. I don't feel afraid that Tyler could turn on me and hate me for what I've done. And I know this isn't fair to Ethan. I know it has a lot more to do with my guilt for what I have done than how Ethan feels.

"I did it to keep you safe, Tyler. You, Mikey, and Patrick are Gifted," I say simply, because everyone in the room understands why this mission is more unsafe for Gifted.

"So are you!" Tyler almost yells. He stands up but squeezes my hand tighter. "And your Gift is the most unreliable of all of ours. Lizzie," he says, staring at me desperately. "You need us with you."

"I do need you, Tyler," I say, and I think everyone hears the double meaning behind my words. Tyler sits back down slowly. "I need you alive. I need you to be safe. And with A…" I stop talking and lean back in my seat. "And Adrian is going to be there."

"Adrian Kaiser. The President's son," Tyler says stiffly. "That's more of a reason for us to go."

I sigh, and stand up from the table. I look back and forth between Tyler and Patrick.

"First, Adrian would recognize Patrick, and second, I need to deal with Adrian on my own. I don't want you to get hurt by him, and I don't want…" I stop talking as Tyler's eyes narrow at me.

"You don't want us to hurt Adrian," Tyler says, and I have to look away from him. How does he know me this well?

"Like I said," I say as I walk away from everyone. "I need to be the one that deals with him."

I open the door and hurry through it. I walk quickly down random hallways of the castle, and soon I'm lost. I slide to the ground. My legs are curled up against my body with my arms wrapped around me when I hear light humming coming from the other end of the hallway.

I watch Lucretia as she glides toward me. She moves almost like she's floating. Why do I care about what happens to Adrian? Why did I suddenly start to panic when I thought of something happening to him? I used to not care. I used to not care about a lot of things, and now. Now, I care about to many frigging things.

Lucretia glides passed me humming to herself, and I sigh in relief that she didn't notice me. I watch her silently as she hesitates at the end of the hall. She turns slowly and looks me right in the eye.

"Elizabeth Kaiser or Elizabeth Salestar," she says, watching me with her bright sliver eyes. A slow smile crosses her lips, and she walks slowly toward me. "Which name do you prefer?"

"Lizzie," I say, looking away from her, hoping that she gets the hint and leaves.

"Well, then, Lizzie, what's wrong?" she asks. She slides down against the wall across from me.

"Everything's wrong," I say, leaning my head against the cool stone wall. "Oh, and aren't you the one that told me before the end, I'm going to die."

"Oh, yes, I did say that. Didn't I," she muses, and I raise an eyebrow at her. "You see, I see a number of different probable outcomes. A number of different possibilities. And each are open to their own interpretations."

"Bullshit," I snap. "I thought you said that what you see will come to pass."

"It will," she says.

I shake my head. She's crazy, but I guess seeing the future would make anyone crazy. I can't handle the present and the past. I don't want to deal with the future, too.

"Anyway, I should have said 'At the end, you will die.' Not before.I'm sorry about the confusion," she says, smiling lightly.

I stare at her blankly. Her smile doesn't falter. "I'm glad you cleared that up for me," I mumble.

She seems confused, and she tilts her head at me. "I thought that would make you feel better."

"How would that make me feel better?" I ask.

"If Elizabeth Kaiser dies, others will live," she says simply.

My mouth drops open. "That isn't what you just said."

A cold sweat forms around my forehead. It's a strange panic. I'm not scared of dying. I'd welcome it actually, and if I could leave this world knowing that everyone I care about would be okay, my death would be that much more peaceful.

"I think that's exactly what I said," she says, her fingers drumming against her knees. I shake my head not wanting to argue with her. "But…"

"But what?"

"That's only one possible outcome. There are others," she says quietly. "A future where you die is just the most probable. There's another one were you survive, but someone else dies."

I stand up quickly, and she mimics me. "Can we make a deal?"

"Sure," she says, smiling.

"Let's agree that you'll never talk about my future with me again. I'll decide my fate," I say hotly.

"What do I get out of this agreement," she asks with a smirk. She places her hands on her hips with her silver dress blowing lightly around her.

"I won't kill you," I say, meeting her eyes. I don't know what she sees in them, but she nods once, and I turn from her.

"I just need to tell you one last thing, Elizabeth Kaiser," she calls to me, and I freeze. I don't turn back to look at her.

"When you walk through the white clouds, the one you care about will die," she whispers, and her voice drifts off the hard walls, echoing quietly around me. I spin to confront her, but she's gone.


Somehow, I instantly feel calmer even though my heart is racing faster than before. I turn to see Ethan standing a few feet away from me, staring at me with a puzzled expression.

"Are you okay?" he asks, starting forward. I walk over to him, and he wraps his arms around me. "You know you don't have to come with us if you don't want to."

I laugh quietly, and he rubs my hair. I lean back to look at him. I still can't process that he can be willing to look past what I've done. I'm too afraid to ask him if he forgives me. You can't forgive something like that. Patrick's Rule Number Eight: Learn to forgive. And if you can't do that. Rule Number Ten: Learn to forget. Forget what you can't forgive. Can Ethan forget what I took from him? I don't see how. I can't seem to be able to forget what was taken from me. And I know I definitely can't forgive whoever killed my parents.

"I want to do this. I have to do, Ethan."

He moves his hand to my face. "You want to stop the President."

I nod. I do want to stop him. I want to stop all this killing of Gifted people just because they are Gifted. I think that the President lost his way. He was never so focused on this before. At least, he never showed it.

"Lizzie, people are going to want Adrian's head," Ethan says. "Are you prepared for that?"

Once I realize I've stopped breathing, I force myself to take a breath. I'm not prepared for people to want Adrian dead. It's not his fault. People don't understand. They don't understand that Adrian and I are exactly the same. Adrian may have had his mother and father, but he didn't have a family. Neither of us did. And the things his father made him do…

I lean my head against Ethan. "Yes," I say, sounding strong and assured. "I'll do what needs to be done."

When his lips touch the top of my head, I close my eyes. I hate lying to him.

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