The Snake

Sometimes I quiet myself,

I dream in my youth,

like a school girl.

I dream that he will

always be mine.

That we will

live in that white picket fence

with our brick house

forever in peace.

My bird is beautiful,

He is perfect,


It's inevitable that

he will leave me,

He does not love me,

Not my lonely bird,

he stares at the mountains

and vast grasslands,

He will never be mine...

For I am a snake,

I am not pure,

I slither and tease,

I bite and hiss,

I wonder if my beloved fears me?

That I have trapped him here,

in this broken damp shed,

My bird does not belong here,

as the other animals whisper

'either I shall kill

my beloved

or die by his hands,'

for that I will

feel his claws

snap my neck

and drop me as he

flies to the other side

of this damned cliff.

For I could never rise against my bird,

I will forever love my bird.

Unrequited for eternity.