I woke to feel of his body pressed along the length of mine; his arms around my chest. His slow, deep breathing slightly tickled my neck. I sighed contentedly and his arms tightened around me as he snuggled closer. He pressed his lips to my bare shoulder as he started to wake. I hummed and ran my hand up his muscular arm.

"Mornin'," he whispered quietly, nipping at my ear. I wriggle around until I'm facing him so I can place kisses all along his naked chest.

"Good morning," I answered.

"Come up here," he said tugging my hair a bit. "Give me a kiss."

I chuckled and trailed my lips up his neck and along his jaw until I made it to his lips. He leaned forward the last few centimetres between us until our lips met, then he pulled me as close to him as physically possible while slicking his tongue along my lower lip. I slipped my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers into his sandy-blond hair.

He leaned into me until I was on my back, him lying between my legs. He raised himself enough to look into my blue eyes with his green. He grinned as he pulled his thumb across my lips and down my stubble-covered jawline.

"I love you, Cain," he said, resting more of his weight onto my torso. I smiled up at him and rubbed my fingertips through his light beard.

"I love you, Sebastian."

He smiled at me as he aligned our naked bodies, just as he did every morning. And, just as I did every morning, I pulled his face down to mine to trade lazy kisses throughout the morning hours until we absolutely had to get up and do things.