Verse 1

If I don't find the exit,

Then I will cease to exist.

But I just can't figure out what's the way out of this maze.

Gather all the memories,

Little things that tell stories,

Use my burning heart as a torch to set it all ablaze.


Burn it down.

Won't you turn me inside out?

Dispose off whatever is left of the life I left behind.

Burn the bridges, close the shutters, erase it from my mind.

Verse 2

Who was I? Go, make a list.

And crumble it in your fist.

That girl is never coming back again for her own good.

I'm made of steel, made of stone,

So resistant, all alone,

Learnt to embrace my darkness like I never thought I could.


I'm on fire.

I'm shining from the inside out.

Disposed off whatever was left of the life I left behind.

Burnt the bridges, closed the shutters, erased it from my mind.


Though the world is same old, I'm new.

Though the story's been told, I'll do

It all over again from the start.

I found the exit inside my heart.