Welcome to my castle.

Fortified, brick by brick,

To withstand the constant onslaught

Of the world around it.

Walls with armed sentries,

Their crossbows aimed at you,

Stand guard at the gates.

Getting past these walls is simple;

All it requires is pleasing the sentries

For them to grant you access.

The iron hinges scream with the effort

Of opening the gates

that have been closed for far too long

And let you reach the castle doors.

But beware;

Those who enter

Rarely leave

and those who do

Rarely do with their wits.

Enter at your own risk

And know I am always watching.

Beware the ghosts

Roaming the halls,

Mourning their loss,

Yearning for life,

Waiting for a host;

An unsuspecting victim like you.

Beware the monsters

Hiding in every closet,

Under every bed,

And every staircase,

Waiting to sink their claws,

Into unsuspecting victims like you.

Beware the demons

Locked, barricaded,

Confined to every room

Aching to break free,

Waiting for the door to be opened,

By unsuspecting victims like you.

But most of all,

Beware the clash,

Between the Virtuous,

And the Wicked,

Locked in never ending battle.

Others have died in the crossfires,

Many unsuspecting victims like you.

Beware the Wicked,

Black and horrid,

With claws like razors

And teeth of fire,

Filled with loathing,

Looking to corrupt

Unsuspecting victims like you.

Befriend the Virtuous,

Blue and pleasant,

With swords like shards

And a body of ice,

Filled with passion,

Looking to protect

Unsuspecting victims like you.

The maze of corridors,

Hallways and doors,

Constantly shifting

To dizzy the mind

and distort direction,

Looking to impair the navigation

Of unsuspecting victims like you.

So tread lightly,

Don't despair

Or climb any stairs,

For your destination

Is deep underground,

It is the most dangerous

But most rewarding.

In past the darkness,

Where no light can reach,

Where voices call from everywhere

But at the same time, nowhere,

Resides the thing

That this was all built for.

Know that I am still watching.

Innocence, wonder,

Happiness, laughter,

The thing that needs protection,

From the grizzly outside world

Lives in the impenetrable darkness

unwillingly, hoping to escape

but never could.

So next time you call me

cold, calculating,

hateful, apathetic,

just remember;

you handed me,

brick by brick,

everything I needed

to build this castle.