I went out side of the hotel and saw three criminals trying to mug a old man. "What do you think you are doing" I said. "What does it look like we are doing" one of the men yelled. "What it looks like is you are mugging an old man" I told them. They all turned around. One had a gun. One had a knife. One had a whip. The one with the knife charged at me first. He lunged the knife at me. I dogged and took my chained kamas out. I cut off his arm. He ran away and the one with the whip charged at me. He whipped me and I wrapped him up with my chain. When I pulled it back the chain the other Kama cut him in half. "Your next" I told the man with the gun. He shot ten bullets at me. I caught the bullets in my chain by spinning it in front of me. With on whip motion I launched all the bullets back at him and they all shot him in the head. The old man thanked me and gave me one hundred bronze coins.