"Is there anything truer than truth?" Someone had asked.

"No." Someone else replied.

"Yes," Another answered, "Legend."

The Legend of ΩΕΣΟΜΕ

Written by Terrible Writer

Genres: Fantasy , Action, Comedy, Romance (maybe?).

"This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or

used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental."

The Legend of ΩΕΣΟΜΕ© is property of Terrible Writer 2014-2015 and shall hereby not be duplicated or unlawfully claimed or posted. (Insert other legal stuff here.)

"Enjoy" - Terrible Writer

Chapter 1 "Had we expected, it woulda been sorta dull!"

In a time... In a place... Of magical world and wonder... There lived a hobbi-
No! Excuse me that was the wrong story... *Ahem*
A story of heart... Friendship... Courage... Determination and Lov-
No! Excuse me that wasn't right either! Argh… Which one was that again? Oh!

Ah here we go! This story! A story written in legend, from a place long forgotten but always remembered. A great tale of legend... This is not a story of legendary heroes... Neither was it a story about courage, heart, friendship, determination and all that other rubbish. This legend is about six boys... Six brave boys that came and explored a land... That did not exist...

Frail in light, soft in wind, a spring flows by upon the lush forest floor. The grass, softest as can be, greenest as one could see. Small woodland critters seemingly all abound, beauty and abundance flourishing all around. A small hum of small brown birds; 'twas the hymn of ave that can all but heard.

As you might of guessed (or understood) the place was a tranquil forest. A forest with beams of radiant gold shimmering through its thin, and ancient canopy, an seemingly endless sea of infinite verdure. There clearing was present in the beauteous forest- where the light had pierced the strongest- and in that clearing lay six boys. All of then clothed in grey, black and white cotton uniforms.

A warm wind blew rustling the gilded and green leaves of the trees rousing the boys from their silent comfortable slumber. They awoke wiping their eyes, yawning, all of them caught unaware of their current situation. Seconds later, one of them, an awkward boy dressed in one of the grey uniforms, jumped up in bewilderment at the scene and started urging the others to hurry and get on their feet. The boy's name was Jared.


Suddenly breaking the calm peace of the forest, a large slimy reptilian had made its entrance! It came crashing through the bush, on four legs which were surely well built as you would have seen (if you were there.) It had powerful visible muscles, and it had two large, bony wings of leathery skin. It's maw, armed with rows upon rows of whitish but slightly stained red, gnarled and curved teeth. Its teeth ebbing with embers dropping to the ground, singeing the greenery.

It stood thrice the height of any of the boys and seven times the length from head to scaly tail. Jared who had been glaring at it for a few seconds, now had a face painted in pallor from sheer terror. At the limit of his fears , he began to scream,"DRAGO-!" But no sound was made! Why was that?

Mumbling incoherently now, Jared had realized one of the other boys had cupped his mouth with his hand and silently shushed him.

The mighty creature stood in front of them, sniffing into the air where you could see the silvery reflection of his scales and the blazing embers that had cloaked his tongue. "Shh... They smell fear..." The boy whispered to Jared with his own eyes locked to the drake's eyes.

Jared glancing around had found his friends had hidden themselves silently among the forest trees and in the brush. They were all out of sight and made no slight movement, their widened eyes glued to the lizard.

Suddenly the dragon began to speak, flabbergasting the boys.
"You know, fledglings..." The dragon groaned in a deep voice, the number of embers that were flowing from his maw began to increase, "I can smell fear... However... Urine is what you actually mean ..."

The boy who silenced Jared questioned flatly.

Jared tried to speak, but his mouth was still cupped by the boy. He flailed around until the boy's hand removed itself from his mouth. Jared clarified.

"Oh... My... God..."

The drake roared out in a spine-shivering fashion and billowed ash and flame from that originated from its throat. The boy who had cupped Jared's mouth, pushed Jared behind the bush and jumped in after him before the flames had even singed them. The flames had razed the trees and grass around the once-beautiful clearing, turning the place black, flecked with the soft glimmering glow of fresh ash.

"HAHAHAHAHAH! Holy shit! Dude, Jared did you just freakin' see that! Holy... Hahah... We almost died..." Paul, the boy who cuffed Jared's mouth laughed out hysterically.

"Jesus! That isn't funny! I almost peed my pants!"

"Welp, the fact that you already did is funnier!" A heavy stocky boy ran over and pushed up square-framed spectacles. His name was Matthew.

"Shut up!" Jared whined back childishly at Matthew while throwing an astray arm.

As Jared was opening his mouth to reply the three boys heard a yell, a thwack, and roar and then another spurt of flame came flying over-bush singeing a fair bit of Matthew's hair.
"Argh! Fire! Fire!"

Matthew began rolling on the floor overreacting trying to rid the small embers from his hair, Paul and Jared took off their uniforms revealing plain white undershirts and began repeatedly hitting Matthew violently at the spot where he had caught fire.
Hearing this Paul had abruptly stopped and put his shirt back on however, Jared continued on whipping even harder with his shirt.


"I know! This is for ripping on me with the piss jokes! "Jared chuckled a bit.

"REALLY NOW?" Matthew hissed angrily as he got up.

"Haha... Hey... It was just a joke! HEY! GAH-"

Matthew wiping the dust off himself and cringing angrily began to choke the other boy viciously with a malicious expression of painted on his face.

As Paul watched in horror as Matthew began strangling Jared with the wrong technique, a skinny boy who looked similar to Paul suddenly burst from the shrubs and hurriedly urged them to get up.

"Alvin! What's wrong buddy!?" Jared worriedly questioned as he saw the skinny boy pick up a small but hefty stone.

"ALVIN WHAT THE FU- *huff* WHY DID YOU AND PATRICK HAVE TO GO THROWING ROCKS AT THAT THING!" Another boy came through the thick shrubbery but this time a slightly stocky boy, who was taller than the rest.

"Why indeed!" Alvin replied as a statement instead of question then hurling another stone this time hitting the angered lizard from afar.

The dragon yelled out in apparent pain this time turning with eyes glowering with flames in its eyes now.

"Duuuuuuuuuude!" Jared groaned in fear and quickly started put on his uniform.

"I think he's got the right idea Jared!" Paul exclaimed and two more missiles whizzed past by Jared's face, which in turn hit the dragon in the face... Again...

"DDDUUUUUUUUUUUDESSS!" Jared complained this time to Matthew and Paul who followed Alvin in suit.


"There's still Patrick..." Vandrick sighed removing his glasses and wiping them.


A terrible sound was heard once again coming from the bush.

This time a boy with a slightly more athletic build with curly long hair broke through the bushes yelling and flailing his arms about.
"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh- RUN RUN RUN RUN!"

This time they did! The Drake was now wroth beyond any chance of dealing and reason! Fast the boys ran, faster than most people you know, and I'll let you know, that about half of the boys were not so athletic. Even Vandrick who was the least athletic ran faster than the average human.

"What did you do Patrick!" Jared yelled flailing his arms about in while fleeing.

"What!? I just threw a rock like Alvin said!"

Vandrick turning around to take a look at the dragon noticed a large swollen lump on its head. He also took note of a fairly large rock roughly the size of a small car tire next to the lizard.

"Oh. My. God!" Vandrick exclaimed in shock and began accelerating passing everybody in lieu of his extremely poor athleticism.

Witnessing this strange and majestic sight, the others whipping their heads around as well jumped in horror and began picking up the pace as well. Patrick who was supposedly the fastest started to lag behind.
"Hey guys! Wait up!"

The dragon catching up to Patrick huffed and spewed out a volley of flame in rancor, the fiery blaze even stronger than the first one and incinerating the forest path and singing Patrick's hair causing it to alight to which he started screaming in agony.

Patrick now running faster now that he obtained a (literally) fiery spark of motivation sprinted almost as fast as Vandrick and caught up to the boys who stripped themselves of their shirts again then began whipping Patrick on the head... Out of anger...

With the party now swiftly rushing all-together, the boys began to head in the same direction as Vandrick (who was in the lead) and with the beast nipping at their tail, breaking down the flora of the forest behind them. About two minutes into the chase the boys had found a cave large enough for them to fit and thankfully small enough for them to elude their destroyer.

The dragon seeing this, made a low growl salivating embers and began to walk away from prey. The sagacious predator was smart unlike most other monsters. For him, he had enough wisdom know when his prey was not worth hunting for. Unfortunately for the boys who weren't as learned in this world as he, they walked into the depths of the cavern.

Chapter 1 -End-