The Legend of ΩΕΣΟΜΕ

Chapter 4 "Had we known, we could've made a better choice!"

Soothing wealds of a ashen sea, from ever-swaying bough of tree to blade of grass the eye could aught but see. E're the hand of wind blew cresting the monotone hills, a wave of grey tickled by its breezy finger and air doth fills; the precipice touched, clutched, and was such very much. Lush black greens showered the thick expanse, an enormous opaque moon flew and entranced, all seemed as in a melodious dream perchance.

A much stranger locale and off-worldly mystic than what they've seen before. The party found themselves amazed after stepping out from the cavern. A chilly breezy greeted them with wintery kiss. The forest had suddenly turned black and white with no other shade of color existing twixt that extreme. The trees, ruffled by the wind, shook their alabaster boughs littering leaves on the black forest floor. Snow slowly drifted through the air sparkling and blending with the falling leaves. In dramatic fashion the only other trace of color was a singular rainbow hovering over the forest backed by a starry night sky, its colors where so strong it seemed as if all the colors of this forest were concentrated into it.

"This place a frickin' trip." Matthew gazed curiously at his surroundings.

"Heck yeah." Vandrick agreed. "But look at the gaddamn rainbow, its like I'm smoking something... Not that I ever smoked..."

"Correction: moonbow." Alvin rectified reluctantly and pointed at the moon on the opposite end of the twinkling canvas above. "But I'd be hard pressed to call it that...Moonbows do have color but they're usually not bright enough to display any gradient of color, thus appearing white...But-"

"-Is what you are for filling your head with useless crap like that, however," Jared paused to look at the moonbow. "Yeah, it is kinda weird ain't it?"

"Still a trip..." Matthew softly added and walked ahead of the group who were treading slowly taking their time and marveling at their surroundings

"Hey, you know we're were going anyway right?" Jared looked down at the snow crunching under his boots.

"Yeah, to that village on the notebook right?" He pointed towards a part where the white forest seemed to get deeper.

"Says where going across this forest, or the White Forest as this place is called." Matthew flipped through pages of the small pocket notebook.

"Hey!" Jared swiftly snagged the book back and hurriedly inspected it as if something had been done to it. "How'd you get my notebook!?"

"I just took it awhile ago and gave it to Matt." Patrick raised brow at Jared. "Why? You didn't notice me?"

"Duuuude it was in my back pocket!" He reached back to feel for something but only the empty hollow feeling of flatness saddened his poor little fingers. A shame really. "Duuuude! Are you serious? You touched my ass again!?"

"Hey, first of all why didn't you feel that? Second, don't get so worked up about your ass isn't that visibly pleasing that a total heterosexual human male would totally tap... Except Alvin. He taps everything."

The party looked at Alvin.

"Oh yeah." Vandrick recognized the joke with familiarity and a goofy smile crept on his face.

"Yeah, heheheheheh..." Alvin chortled. "Yo Vand, what my philosophy? When life gets you down-"

"You tap dat ass!" Vandrick finished and the duo laughed and high-fived.

Jared thought for a second held his hand to his chin before snapping and remembered. "Oh I remember that now, you fucker. You tried to explain that pseudo-philosophical bullshit on me when I was completely broken!"

"Jared.. Jared... Jared..." Alvin put on his most mystical-sensei like voice. "The Way of the Tap is to not be simply dismissed! For if a man might be feeling down the best remedy... Is the tap! Let's say a man has a hard day and should that man find himself in a situation where his wife gets angry at him. Do you know what he does!?"

"Gives her a long arguable speech defined on logic, and sense that he is exhausted and unable to ascertain his feelings in order to please his wife's most ardous tasks of doing something worthwhile, before a long verbal fight of pure passion before rolling on an unstable shaking bed post before-"

"In short form, tapping dat as-"

"-as I was saying you guys are idiots." He glared at Alvin and Vandrick who stuck their hands in their trousers and whistled an whimsical tune.

"Now, now Jared, no one is an idiot, except everybody himself. Now you see here-" Paul lifted his index finger to make a point. "Reality is fake is- Oh you know what, maybe I should start from the beginning of my explanation by reciting the Allegory of the Cave..."

Our heroes went on like this for more than an hour or so before reaching a frozen brook which in turn led to an intricate river system arbitrarily switching from lakes to rivers without any real sense of natural geographical cause. Snow fell coating the black grass and the forest seemed to grow in mysticism, with trees twisting into queerer shapes with their jet bark akin to mysterious silhouettes than trees. The atmosphere was not frightening at all however, the forest seemed inviting and more fantastic if anything. Even at night was exceedingly bright, not much as the day mind you, but at the very least so that normal people like you and I could see.

After the last hour or so it seemed as they made their way to their mark they had been engrossed by Paul's explanations and stories.

Vandrick shivering from the cold took no notice for he was entranced by beautiful philosophy. "So majority of people have their eyes closed to reality? That is what the other two people represent?"

"Yeah, basically." Paul nodded enthusiastically. "They're so attuned to their reality, that they really don't notice true reality or other reality at all. The only one who understands his reality and others, and mostly the true reality are philosophers. Other people refuse to look into the light because it might blind their poor eyes, those who can look into the light can see it for what 'it' really is.

"Alvin, didn't you have theory or something?" Vandrick lightly hit Alvin who was spacing out in front of him enchanted by his own thoughts.

"Oh, you mean my theory of absolution?"

"Yeah that one." He nodded in approval.

"You have a literal theory?" Matthew's head swiftly abacked in the nonsense of his friend."

"So what the theory entails is that everything around you is fake and not truly what it is. Your reality, my reality, everything is fake, this world is fake, and even our own."

"How so?" Matthew cocked his head and sneered.

Paul shook his head at Matthew and continued to explain for Alvin, "You see Reality is perceived. 'It's what you make of it' is what most people say and yes it is what you make of it in a sense that you literally make your own reality up. When you perceive or absorb the world's information around you via your senses, your brain gives these things meanings. Like for example, a tree. What is it in reality?"

"Hmm.." Matthew cocked his head again but thoughtfully this time. "A thing with leaves."

"What are leaves? Really?" Alvin caught one shimmering white leaf and held it up, caught the conversation back as well.


"That's right leaves are made up of carbon and all that other good stuff that help trees live. But what is carbon and all that other good stuff? You all give these things names but in truth you perceive them as simple shapes, but ascribe meaning to the, or rather what is your own truth. You only think it is 'real' because everyone else agrees with you. In reality you were taught those things by other humans who perceived these other things before you and ascribed meaning to them. They gave to you your reality and they taught others as well giving them their realities. What this has caused is the mistaking that the reality of what you see is everyone elses reality. Can't really blame you because your realities are so similar they might as well be the same."

"Damn." The stocky boy began to reevaluate everything he knew.

"But before you reevaluate yourself, let me get to my point. When you perceive something you brain converts it into something comprehensible based on what other have told you. That is your reality and it is fake, for true reality is something you cannot perceive. It is there but you cannot understand it, but only this time philosopher and non-philosopher included. Nothing you know is 'real', your reality is fake, and the only absolute real thing that is real about your reality... Is nothing. The absolution is nothing. This the theory of absolution..."

"The Fuck?" Matthew squinted his eyes in the reality of the reality busting truth of non-reality reality.

"Ladies and gals, that is what being mind-fucked looks like." Alvin was the one sneering now.

"...So in otherwords..." Matthew began moving his index finger around unsteadily attempting to trace from concept A to concept B

"There is no spoon Matthew." Jared playfully kicked up some snow.

"No, don't treat me like an idiot, I understand. Its just hard to digest is all, to many concepts of... Well concepts."

"Oh well okay then! But he guys, can we take a break! My nipples are freezing... We should start off a camp then."

Vandrick stopped the group and looked around the area. It was beautiful. They had came upon a large frozen lake with intricate swirls around it. It was if the ice where cut in frozen pattern interestingly and some parts even lucent. This appeared to be the only clearing for miles and seemed to be the perfect one as well. Putting their gear down they started a perimeter area near the side of the water where they were still protected by the monotone greenery. They divied duties like gathering firewood, among other things and started unpacking provisions they had scavenged earlier from the caverns.

Patrick with the help of Matthew was putting the finishing touches on the campfire pit that he so proudly built himself. "Hey Matt, you got the meat?"

"Yeah, it's in my bag. I wrapped it in some linen scraps its pretty dry so I don't have to worry about any dripping... But it's too dry... I wonder if it'll cook right..."

"You ever barbecue something like this before?"

"Giant slab of meat? Of course not, will I try? Hell yeah, curlie cue, gonna babecue this reallllll good. Heheh..." Patrick sensed an unholy amount of fervor emanating from his friend and changed the conversation into something else until Vandrick and Jared arrived with some firewood.

Patrick jumped up from the sight of his friends arriving. "Oh cool the firewood's here! Alright Matthew get barbecuing!" He hurriedly took the wood and neatly arranged them as is the way of the caveman and speared the slab of meat with the spit as quickly as until the twins arrived. "Yo its the twins, any luck gathering any supplies?"

Paul shook his head and Alvin gestured empty handidly.

"Damn, but hey we got meat! Lets eat! But first lets get this fire going..."


An entire silent minute passed.

"So.. Its come to this..." Vandrick started and leered at the others and they at him. "Everyman for himself huh...? I have the provisions that need not be cooked... And everyone else can't start a fire..."

Sharp eyes dug into his skin like diamond knives, while guttural growls of hunger emerged from their ravenous stomachs. They had the air of primal beings about them slowly approaching Vandrick in a cautious manner yet in stance to easily jump at him should he run. Vandrick slowly back pedaled knowing the appetite of his friends. At the very least Jared looked sorry enough even though he was the one with his sword half-way drawn in a manner that might seem very threatening and emitting no other feelings other than that.

"I'm sorry Vand but if we can't start a fire it'll have to happen..." Jared drew his sword fully. "I'm sorry... If only we could start a fire with like the snap of a hand or something... But its not like that, I'm sorry and... Goodbye..." The boy snapped his fingers and in an instant the boys jumped onto Vandrick only to be stopped halfway by a fire starting up and dying down from the fire pit.

In absurd silence, the all slowly walked and sat down onto small improvised benches around the fire place. Their expressions were drunkenly blank and their gazes unfocused. After all were seated, Jared snapped his fingers once again putting the image of fire into his heart and fire miraculously started. Warmness pervaded the air and their savagery gone with the cold. They never spoke of this ever again.

Chapter 4 -End-