This was a parody of the of one Arthur story that I see on this website's sister site, so I decided make one to feature all my OCs from the web series called The Random Life of Sakira the Cat.

Note: This was happened after the second volume of the web comic, which I was already started days ago. I'll do the web comic once I finished the transcript. This also contain violent stuff, too!

Here it is from below! :D

[Stars transition to Sakira in her custom-made car, zooming into the district Kentucky mountains. She suddenly rams into a giant rock, causing her horn to honk. The honk then transition to the buzzing sound from an alarm clock that woke up Sakira in reality.]

Sakira: [hits the alarm clock that reaches 7:00 AM] Dang it! I'm late for work!

[Sakira jumps up from the bed and ran into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, got into the hot shower, got dressed up, brushed her hair, and went down to the kitchen to cook some breakfast including eggs, bacon, sausage, and pours herself a bowl of Chocolas with Mario and Luigi on the box. As soon she got finished eating breakfast, she got out of the her house, wave goodbye to her pet Kriperix Perry and gets into her car. Stars then transition to the break room at the Miracle Land Mall where the rabbit girl named, Imagima Usagi, was chatting to her dog friend Alicia-chan.]

Imagima: My parents has went to the Walmart store in Furtropolis to get me this! [shows her new Nintendo 3DS out of her backpack]

Alicia: So? It's nothing compared to my Playstation Vita! [shows her new Playstation Vita out of her backpack]

[Sakira plays the Pokémon Trading Card Game with Takeshi Risu when she notices the Nintendo 3DS on Imagima's hand and walked up to her.]

Sakira: Nice game system you got! I wish I had it, but can I see it?

Alicia: Not if you pay $40 first!

Sakira: Shoot! I wish I had.

Alicia: If you want to see my Playstation Vita first, I'll teach you how to pee on the floor.

Sakira: Peeing? On the floor? I have peed in the toilet every day!

Alicia: Sometimes, furries have to pee all over the place besides the toilet.

Sakira: What am I supposed to do with it?

[Stars transition to Sakira going home at night. She went to her room and did her cleaning. After, she had to eat dinner and then went to the living room to turn on her Nintendo Wii-U to beat Takeshi on Pokémon Rumble U. After it, she took a hot shower in the bathroom, then she got out. Instead of the toilet, she had to squat down. Cut to Perry hearing her peeing in distance, then he flew off; cuts to Sakira cleaning up the bathroom floor and got herself dressed up in pajamas; the scene changes to the shot of the Miracle Land Mall in daytime. Inside, the same, black Kriperix from "The Poo-Tastic Trouble", named Professor Kuro, writes assignments to everyone.]

Professor Kuro: Alright! We have the the new crime fighters called "Starlight" to come over on Friday for their demonstration on fighting criminals and Bandits, and... [notices Sakira holding herself] What's the matter?

Sakira: May I be excused to the bathroom, please?

Professor Kuro: Why Yes. [gives her the Vile Center Ticket] And bring it back to me when you get done!

Sakira: Thank you! [ran off to the Vile Center with the tickets in her paws as Takeshi Risu walked to the black Kriperix.]

Takeshi: Why is she always had to use the bathroom for?

[Sakira was in the Vile Center to look something to pee at. She imagines what Alicia says, ran to in front of the trash can and peed off-screen. Cuts back to the assignment center where the blue cat named Ryo has his face turning red.]

Ryo: Sir, may I use the bathroom, too? I had to poop!

Professor Kuro: Why Yes. [gives him the Vile Center Ticket] And bring it back to me!

Ryo: Thanks! [ran off to the Vile Center with the tickets in his paws.]

[While at the bathroom stall, Ryo sits onto the toilet and heard the audible peeing sounds and he ignores it. Then the stars transitioned to the Rainbow Island restaurant with Sakira sitting next to Ryo, Imagima and Takeshi.]

Ryo: [to Imagima] I heard someone peeing with a different sound at the Vile Center a while ago. It sounded like it peed against the trash can or something.

Imagima: I don't know what's going on.

[Sakira's face turns red as sweat drops from her forehead.]

Ryo: It's probably happened whenever furries like us used the bathroom... in the wrong way.

[Sakira faints; cuts to Sakira sleeping on the floor and dreams that the one of the Starlight heroes were giving her demonstration to the one of the kids.]

Twilight Cat: If you gave any comments about crimes and stuff, tell me!

[A kangaroo rat named Ace stood up]

Ace: Yeah, I saw some girl at the Furtropolis tower yesterday to terrorize people. She even took a bunch money away from the guy!

Twilight Cat: Thank you. Ryo?

Ryo: [Stands up] Speaking of Ace's suggestions, Sakira has peed on the Vile Center floor three days ago! [Points to Sakira who was asleep on the floor]

Sakira: [woke up and surprised upon hearing Ryo saying "Peed"] RYO!

Twilight Cat: [her angry face turns red] That is what as I know of! Come out girls!

[The rest of the Starlight members surrounds Sakira]

Star Cat: [Points a wand to Sakira] Freeze, sucker! You're under arrest!

Lunar Cat: Any furry who peed or poop on the floor instead of the toilet will result in the permanent BAN!

Solar Cat: You're going to slammer, Miss! And no, I am not talking about eating at McDonald's either!

[All members of Starlight throws Sakira to jail to be left off]

To Be Continued...