[Stars transitioned to Sakira and Perry going home in her car, decided to watch Flint the Time Detective, and beat Imagima on her Pokémon X game. Then she took a show and the scene changes to her playing Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the SNES. A few hours later, she went to bed and dreams that she has went to the Nintendo World Store. Suddenly, a wind has blown into her room and a sound of the top of the roof woke up Sakira. She wants to entertain herself by watching some of the cartoons that the black Kriperix has given to her. She puts into the Rugrats DVD and sees Spike peeing on the grass, which made Sakira pulling her pants down and was about to pee, but she was interrupted by Perry yelling for help.]


Sakira: Perry? What's wrong with you? [pulls up her pants]

[Right before she opened the door, the power went out.]

Sakira: I don't know what's going on, but I -

[Perry has a flashlight turned on, and points at the window]

Sakira: Huh? [sees the giant whirlwind moving near her house] IT'S THE GIANT TORNADO! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

[Sakira grabbed Perry and ran down to the basement. Luckily, the tornado passed Sakira's house. Both she and Perry camped at the basement until the next day when the sun shines bright and the power came back on. Sakira and Perry both came out of the basement and saw Takeshi Risu setting up the party for Sakira's birthday]

Sakira: Is today's my birthday? I never know what day it is...

Takeshi: It certainly is, Sakira! I have read a calendar to see if it's your birthday and... happy birthday.

Sakira: Why thank you!

[After the party with her friends, Sakira as waved good-bye to Imagima and Amber and she finally watches some cartoons. She puts into the SpongeBob SquarePants DVD and she sees some perverted scenes, including Patrick taking the piece of meat off from SpongeBob's tongue. Perry came in and turns the DVD player off.]

Sakira: PERRY! What are you doing!? Amber gave it to me!

[Perry flew fast over to Amber's house and...]

Amber: [Off-screen] HEY! NO ATTACKING ME! NOOOOO!

[Stars transitioned to the water park at the Miracle Land mall where Sakira had a sudden urge, but since the water park had no bathroom, she has to wait until she has went to the Vile Center to pee. Suddenly, two American chipmunks were passing Sakira, make her bladder growing extremely bigger.]

Chipmunk #1: Hey, Max! I heard that the rabbit girl, some tiger girl, and the bunch of Kriperixes got expelled last week at the Miracle Land Mall nearby for pooping on the floor a lot.

Chipmunk #2: You know, Peter? I heard from some cat boy that the security guard cat girl who caught those kids was peeing on the floor in the Vile Center in the day before.

[Sakira became nervous as her bladder inflated more and more as the chipmunks let out their stinky farts. Amber sits on the slide and looks at the frightened Sakira.]

Amber: Hey, Sakira! Mind if you scratched my back? Wait, that's your bladder! [laughs out loud; everyone at the water park laughs at Sakira]

Alicia: Why didn't everyone laughing at me?

[Sakira's bladder inflated more until she couldn't take much longer, so she pounced onto the one of the chipmunks, Peter, and grabbed his paws.]



[The Starlight super heroines along with the cops came in and Twilight grabs Sakira]

Sakira: Let me go you big bully!

[Twilight throws Sakira into the slammer (not the McDonald's slammer) and lets Solar writes the story about the chipmunk-hating cat. Everyone in the world could see the story about a chipmunk-hating cat who tries to hit injure the chipmunk; stars transitioned to Sakira taking a cold shower and drops her soap. One of the inmates grabs her by a tail.]

Inmate #1: Hey Sakira! Mind if I get the soap for you? BWAHAHAHA! [throws Sakira off the ground, injuring her.]

[Scene cuts to Sakira being traumatized from being injured earlier, and the cop opened the door]

Cop #1: You've served your time, Sakira.

Sakira: So that means...

Cop #1: You're free to go.

[Sakira joyfully ran to her parents, with angry faces]

General Felix: Did you realize that I came up with the lot of money to get you out, right?

Sakira: Right.

Sakira Sr.: Well, we sold all your toys, your video game systems, your video games, your computer, your iPod, your DVD player, your drawing pads, all your pencils and stuff, your Pepsi, your ham hocks, your satellite box, and we've also happened to come across your secret game and cartoon DVD stash, which I also sold.

Sakira: [horrified] NOOOO! NOT ALL MY STUFF!

General Felix: There also consequences that what happened to the water park today. First, you're grounded for seven months. You will never leave the house, none of your friends are over, you're not allowed to have any Pepsi, chocolate milk or ham hocks, you will not use any hot showers, which means no more hot showers, you will have to star at my house instead of yours and you will not eat any Chocolas cereal! Second, you're also in trouble at the Miracle Land Mall's assignment center for peeing in front of the trash can, the black Kriperix will also get rid of all of your security guard statuses, and you will also let Ricardo I to come over to home school you during Summer months. And third, we are taking to the hospital tomorrow morning to have your bladder removed. If you don't know what it means, you'll find out tomorrow!

[Sakira turns white and faints as stars transitioned to the operating room where Sakira, still turning white, was sweating, naked with her heart beating fast. A beagle surgeon pops up with a knife in his paw.]

Surgeon: OK, Sakira! This only hurts for a 1 hour.

[Sakira couldn't get up as her face changing colors. She looked at the knife as her eyes went wide. Cut to the shot of the outside of the hospital.]


[Stars transitioned to General Felix's house where Sakira cleans up all her old bedroom up; since it's almost Summer, all of her friends are in their enjoyment while Sakira was in the Kindergarten room where she was surrounded by the screaming kids. Ryo was playing the arcade games in the Miracle Land Mall while Takeshi Risu has went to the Miracle Land Theater room to see Pokémon The Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. He was shocked when he sees Mega Scizor beating up the poor Mega Absol...]

Takeshi: OH MY GOODNESS! [runs off from the theater and into the arcade room]

Ryo: What is wrong with you?

Takeshi: That injuring scene... it hurts!

Ryo: It's just fictional. Not real.

[Scene cuts to Imagima going to the Disco World with Amber, and then to Sakira laying on her old bed with Perry.]

Sakira: I wish I could go to the Miracle Land mall. Won't you Perry?

[Perry hugs Sakira as the sun sets in the window]

To Be Continued...