Chapter1 The Story Begin

The end is nigh. This long night going to reach its end once Allen passes through the Silver Gate, the only gate connecting Securia with the outside world. It's only around two hundred meters of straight path between him and the gate. Swiftly and silently, Allen walks along the corridor while trying to evade the surveillance camera which rotates around a given time interval. Right after he reached the gate, he activates his power to distort space and ported him to the other side of the gate. For the first time in his whole life, Allen finally stepped outside of Securia, a research facility which specialized in human experiment where he is treated as a guinea pig every single day. Reality doesn't always meet expectation. Allen was dumbfounded when the only things he can see aside from wall of Securia are just barren wasteland. It does probably have been years since the earth itself died for the land to be this lifeless. Deep in his thought, Allen was startled with the emergency siren that suddenly started. The researcher already noticed his breakout and probably all the guards and available personnel are dispatched to seize him. Allen panicked when he saw several guards running toward him after the Silver Gate is opened and without wasting a single second he tried to outrun them. Of course with his weak psyche it only took the guards less than one minute to catch up to him. Knowing that it would be the end for him if he got caught, Allen musters all his inner strength and then unleash it in one go. An explosion of light occurred, followed by a loud bang for several seconds where the area of the explosion takes place shines so bright as if the suns itself just come out. Allen passed out right after the explosion. He is too exhausted after using all of his energy.

After several hours of sleeping Allen finally wake up just to find him in a perfectly strange place. He is surrounded by plants, trees, grass and he can even hear the sound of insects. It's easier to say that he suddenly wake up in the middle of a forest, but Allen himself didn't even know what a real forest is like since he only know of it from books. Still trying to grasp the situation he is in, he heard a rumbling sound from a nearby tree. Before he knows it, a girl just falls down from that tree with bruises all over her face. That girl has a pair of cat-like ears and probably isn't even human, but she is wearing clothes all right. Black leather jacket, jeans and a pair of sneakers. Good enough for a non-human, that's what Allen has been thinking after he saw that girl. Suddenly the cat girl runs towards Allen and snatch him by his collar, dragging him away.

"Hey, let go of me!"

Allen shouted, but the girl ignored him and still dragging him away. Allen tried to break loose, but he can't even loosen the girl's grip at all.


An uber loud roaring coming from a few meters away followed by the earth rumbling, signalling the march of a herd of Preydon. This three meter long one meter high reptile kind of looks like a combination of Triceratops and crocodile, but they have longer leg which makes them run way faster. Seeing those Preydon stomping everything on their way makes Allen realized that if not thanks to this random cat-like girl suddenly grabbing him along he probably has been flatten by that march.

Feel secured above a huge tree branch, the cat girl stopped running and finally takes a breather. Allen, who finally was let loose tries doing some stretching just to make sure he didn't accidentally getting any injuries from being dragged away. His eyes suddenly glued to the place where the Preydon herd is going to. In about one hundred meters from the marching Preydon herd, stands a person, probably a guy, in a black hood, seems ready to face those Preydon heads on. Even the cat girl didn't turn away from watching what is about to happen. Her eye shines as she focuses her sight to the guy in the black hood. A loud thundering sound echoes and the Preydon herd run into that guy. It's like an explosion where the surrounding sand and dust get blown away creating a smokescreen around that area. Shocked by the situation he just witnessed, Allen tried to come up with some logic about something that just happened, but the only thing he can imagine is that one guy stomped to death by those Preydon. The cat girl smiled. Allen just turns his gaze for a bit and he surely sees that girl smiled. Something doesn't feel quite right. Allen squinted at both his eye trying to look into the smokescreen. He then discovers a phantom of a guy still standing in the center of a mountain made of fallen Preydon. Almost all the Preydon already knocked down and some of them turned back and run towards the opposite direction. After a few minutes, the smokescreen fades, leaving a clear view of the guy who knocked down more than half of the Preydon sitting on one of them, waiting for something. After a while, a couple of wagons arrived there and they picked up those Preydon, even going to such a great length tying them so they won't escape during the transportation. All the transport wagon moves out after they got their share of loads and the guy in black hood already disappeared without any trace. Even the cat girl jumped off the branch leaving Allen alone before she disappears from his sight.