Chapter 7 The Dragon Knight

The royal palace is in an uproar due to the fact that Zekke have already broken out of prison. King Praja, the current king of Makerra kingdom, already covered in cold sweat, knowing that Zekke is going to come rushing to him right after. He already starts regretting his cowardly action, turning his back on his kingdom savior just because he is too nice. Suddenly someone barged in, almost giving the king and everyone else heart attacks as they thought Zekke already come. That person is the travelling messenger, the one who was tasked to accompany the dragon knight squad weeks ago. He comes with the message from the dragon knight squad, commencing the accomplishment in their mission of terminating a vampire. Upon hearing that news, everyone's face turns bright. The gloomy atmosphere from before is gone.

Everyone single one of the minister and even the king himself is already thinking of the same thing. It's obvious. A raging criminal trying to raid the castle and the coming back of an elite knight squad, whose only reason of existence is to uphold justice.

"Call the dragon knights now. I have a new quest for them."

Said King Praja in his prideful manner befitting a king he is.

"Yes sire, right away."

Replied the messenger as he walks away from the crowd.

The dragon knight squad. The most powerful knight squad in the whole Makerra kingdom. It's an elite squad consisting of only twelve selected members. Each of them is as strong as a fully guarded fort. Every single one of them also has a dragon accompanying them either as a mount nor a pet. Even among these twelve elites, their leader Sir Dolah, is way on different level compared to the other member of the squad. He has a mature fire dragon at his command, the hardest dragon to tame among all dragon races. Even in the records there is less than ten dragon knight who managed to tame a fire dragon in history. That itself is proof enough of his greatness. There is no such thing as a fluke when it comes to fire dragon accepting a worthy master. It's because of how powerful this squad leads by Sir Dolah is, the king and all other minister feels relieved by the fact that there is a criminal on his way to lay waste on the palace anytime.

There is quite a distance from the prison to the royal palace. As Zekke and Allen take their time walking all the way from the prison, Zekke explains about almost everything which is basic knowledge to Allen. Kind of feel weird on how Allen didn't even know the most basic things, he asked Allen does he lose his memory or something. Allen then told Zekke about himself, where he comes from and the reason why he is here. Though he doesn't really know how he did end up to this place, he knows that his power makes he jumps through time and arrived at this era. At the very least he is now at the outside world and he can start looking for the Life Essence. He explained every single detail to Zekke as he thinks Zekke is someone he could trust.

"Life Essence? Securia? Esper? What are those even?"

Asked Zekke as if he is lost in his thought trying to comprehend something so out of this world.

"Sorry to involve you with all these, I guess even someone as great as you won't know how to react to all these nonsense."

"It's okay, I'll try to manage by myself."

Allen apologized as he thinks he is troubling Zekke with his personal matter. Seeing Allen sad, disappointed face, Zekke start laughing his ass off. He never knew that there really is someone this innocent in this world. Allen was dumbfounded as Zekke suddenly start laughing. After a few minutes Zekke cools off and start talking.

"Securia eh? How nostalgic. I haven't heard of that place for years. I bet everyone there still as still as always."

Allen was shocked after hearing Zekke talking as if he has been there. Allen tried to think of the possibilities of Zekke being an Esper and then he starts sweating. The Great Escape. That is the only event he can think of. It's the only bloody event ever happened to Securia. It happens three years before he runs away from Securia. A group of Esper trying to break out from Securia and the climax is a bloody battle between the runaway Espers with the Securia officials and their loyal Espers. Allen didn't know the details of the event, but the only things he knows is that eight of the runaway Espers manage to break through. Because there are a lot of dead bodies after the clash, these eight Espers were called Cursed Child later on.

"Hey Allen you still here? Why are you suddenly sweating?"

Zekke's question drags Allen from his inner thought back to reality at hand.

"You are an esper too, Zekke?"

"Hell yeah I am. I ran away from Securia around three years ago."

Allen snapped.

"Three years ago. Three years ago. THREE YEARS AGO! He is one of the freaking Cursed Child."

"What should I do! He's gonna kill me."

Allen can't even control his inner thought anymore. Already witnessing Zekke's skill first hand, he knows Zekke is the real deal, not just some imposter. Thinking of how powerful Zekke is as an opponent, Allen lose his strength to even stand up properly. Seeing Allen staggering, Zekke pats him a bit hard on his back trying to get Allen back to normal.

"Get a grip of yourself!"

Shouted Zekke right in front of Allen's left ear. Allen sat on the floor, recollecting his shambled thought. Now that his head is cooled, he just noticed something so obvious. He overreacts over some rumors he didn't even know the truth about when the guy in the rumors himself is in front of him, way out of how the rumors about him supposed to be. What if the rumors aren't true and these people are good guys who just tried to run away from Securia but being blocked by those strict officer just like him when he tried to run away a few days ago.

"Zekke… Are you a good guy?"