I run through the forest blanked by the afternoon sun. How did it turn out like this? Just a while ago, everything was fine. Just how well thought out did he plan this? I'm surprised by the sudden incline as my body slides down the hill and slams into the trees below. I try to get up but all the movement stops by the sight of the blackened figure standing on top of the peak. I can only see the outline of her body because of the angle where I am. My hand lies on my handgun and I would have shot the person, if I didn't know who it was.

"Look, I can explain everything. If you give me a little bit of ti-"

"Bullshit, I saw what you did. You deceived me."

"It wasn't me, I'm being set up."

"You're lying! I can't believe I trusted you!"

"Please. Jus-"

"After all this time, all the things you did. In the end, you're just a killer."

"Look, I don't ki-"

"I'll kill you."



"Konishi don't!"

I raise my gun but not before a hail of bullets riddle my body. My last thought before the kill shot reached me is:

"He'll take care of the rest."