Chapter 4: Return to Home

The flight back home was silent and the drive back was somewhat quiet. I had to drive through the shopping district which was still busily servicing tourists from around the world. The cars and mopeds speeding through the streets and the people walking back home from their jobs fill the city life. I pass by a certain restaurant and wave to the receptionist waiting by the front door. He waves back only to be interrupted by dinners calling in their reservation. I manage to slip into the dead residential district of the city. The people here are either soundlessly asleep or up for some reason. I drive up to the driveway and wait for the platform to drop down. The front of the garage is lowered and I drive into the underground parking. I open the trunk and take my duffel bag once I park. I close the trunk and leave to head to my old room. I'll drop off my stuff and rest there for tomorrow's school day. I take out the keycard from inside my pocket and slide it down into the card reader. The light that was just flashing red turns into a green one notifying me that it's open. I enter through the door and enter my old room. I haven't touched it in ages but it still looks like the way I left it. I turn on the lights and see Konishi-san lying on the couch asleep. What's she doing here? And who let her in? I shake her awake but she still looks a little sleepy.

"Good morning Konishi-san. Did you have a good sleep?" I ask her.

"Good morning, I did have a good sleep."

She looks at my face for a few moments before realizing I'm here. Her face straightens up but not before I see her face brighten up with red. She must have been embarrassed because I saw her sleeping face. She turns around in an attempt to prevent me from seeing what has already been seen. Despite that, she seems to be fidgeting quite a bit. I wonder why.

"Welcome back" She tells me.

"I'm back. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Me? Well I was just going to welcome you back. I felt bad that you were going to be alone when you came back. Don't misunderstand; I didn't do it for you. I was just going to feel bad if I didn't."

"Ok then. Thanks"

"No problem"

"Anyway, you should head back for the night. It's still a school week so-"

"What time is it?"


"What time is it!? Just tell me!"

"It's 23:30. Why?"


She thrusts something onto me before leaving. The last thing I hear before she leaves is:

"Don't get the wrong idea. It's just obligation."

I look at the item that was given to me. It's a heart-shaped chocolate. I'm assuming it's homemade though based on the fact that we made one together. Looks like I get one too be it as it may obligation. I stick it in the fridge and go to sleep. The operation was successful and my team managed to recover the cargo.

I wake up and take the chocolate out of the fridge to transfer it to the one in the house. I take a small piece of it and eat it before consuming the morning breakfast. It's pretty good if I say so myself. I leave the house with the girls on my tail. With the exception of Konishi-san and Donovan-san, they all seem to be on edge. Before we enter the school, I asked them what's wrong but they only replied "It's a secret." I'll leave it at that and continue with my day. I hear someone shout my name in front of the school gate. I turn to face whoever it is and immediately see it's Baka-kun (Mr. Idiot).

"Good morning, Baka-kun" I tell him

"Don't call me that!"

"Why? You always do something stupid anyways."

"GRRRRR. I'll have you know this is only for revenge."

"You girls go along now. I'll handle this guy."


"So what's your perfect plan this time?"

"Well I have you know, I have a sniper waiting to-"

"You mean that one?"

I take out my gun and point it to the house directly behind me. I fire off a round which hits the target in the face rendering him unconscious and awaiting pickup from the security forces inside the school. As usual, Baka-kun falls on his knees as his perfect plan is quickly disassembled. I enter the school to begin today's lessons. As usual, the lessons are easy and I quickly pass through today's course. The bell for lunch is rung and the teacher exits the class. The students get up; some of them run out the door to secure their place in the lunch lines. I get up to do a status check on the security teams but I get stopped by Hanimura-san before leaving.

"Hey Minato-san"

"Hello Hanimura-san. What can I do for you?"

"Well. Just take it"

She thrusts something into me. This scene is too familiar. She turns around and runs back towards her group of friends. They all snicker at her and she quickly tries to dismiss it. I take a look at the chocolate that she just gave me. More obligation chocolate. This much is fine but anymore and I just might have to start eating more chocolate. I leave the classroom to check on the teams. Once I finish, I leave to the place I always sit under. Just as I approach the tree, I see my sitting partner. She stares vacantly at the sky while I approach her. She turns towards me despite how silent I am. I should have expected this considering she was an ex-sniper freelancer. We both sit down and eat our lunch. Once we finish I take out my PDA to look at different things while she uses my lap to lay her head down. She reads a book until lunch is over. She continues to lie on my lap even though I tell her it's almost time to return.

"Makoto-kun, it's almost time"

"I know"

"So then-"

"I won't go until you accept my chocolate."


She takes out a chocolate hidden within her skirt. I shouldn't have accepted it. I know her feelings towards me and I already told her more than once mine. She continues to bother me about it though. We return to class. Since I'm one year ahead of her, I continue up the stairs towards my room. I see Fugiwara-san waiting by the stairs. She smiles at me and I try my best to smile back.

"That's a creepy smile." She comments.

"Sorry. I haven't smiled in a while."

"Well that doesn't matter. Here"

She hands me more chocolate and runs off. Please don't send anymore chocolate. I return to class to finish off the day. The day is finished and I walk out the class. The hall is filled with students going back home or going to their clubs. I walk out the front gate only to be stopped by someone shouting my name. I turn around to see the Welford siblings running towards me. They stop in front of me to breathe before standing straight with their arms in front of them to present me more chocolate.

"Here go ahead." They both say.

"Thank you"

I take both of their chocolates feeling almost sick at the thought of having to eat all of this. I feel a glare come from the students leaving. I spot someone I recognize from one of their fan clubs staring at me with deadly intent. Sometime after the event, the heat those girls got managed to cool down. During that time, someone made a club that worships the girls. Now there's a division of them that goes around guarding them from males that try to interact with them. Of course, I'm the exception. It's not like they allow me to, it's just they can't stop me. All of them know the things I did and recognize the threat I am. Despite that, a few of them tried and failed. At one point, it was one to thirty. I had to help the nurse clean my mess. I return to the underground lab to help Yamada-san with her research. Once finished, we both enter the elevator to return home. Halfway through, she stands in front of me and brings out a small heart-shaped chocolate.



"It's for all the hard work you did"

"Yeah, thanks"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing at all"

"You seem a little pale."

"It's nothing."


"Please leave it at that. Please"


She exits the elevator door while I stand there staring at the chocolate. I'm flattered, I really am. But anymore and I'll explode. I snap a little bit off and eat it. It's a little bitter. I return home and place the chocolates in the fridge. I stare at it for a while. I have to eat all of that before the taste runs off. I close the door and go to my room to get some sleep. I calculate how much I should eat per day as I doze off to sleep.