Chapter 1

Cold, it's so cold. Where's Master?


I can hear gunshots and growling?!


It's dark and even with my abnormal vision it's scary. I crawl as far as the chains allow me, just far enough to hold the bars of my cage. Usually I like my cage, I can't get hurt in my cage. I can't misbehave in my cage, its safe. But now I hate my cage! My masters in danger, and I can't help him. I claw and gnaw at the bars, the floor, my collard, and my chains. Knowing that I won't even scratch the magiked restraints, but can't seem to stop even when I start to bleed beneath my cerulean blue claws.

Screams in the house. What is this? Hysterical I roar and spit fire to try to burn my bars. The blue flames only succeeding to set fire to the room, I start to suffocate on the smoke billowing in my face and wonder if I can burn to death.

But even as my vision wavers I can't stop struggling in my panic.

Darkness takes me.

I wake up sobbing, and realize that it's over, it's all over and I'm 'Safe Here' on the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. Why am I so twisted that I'm still being plagued with nightmares by the night of my rescue?

There's a knock at the door of my dorm room.

I jump up and wipe my tears, trying to not look like a loser crying on the first night away from home. And tuck back my blue bat-like wings as best I can before opening the door wearily.

"Yes?" the man gasps, the light in the hallway must be illuminating my features better than his, since the dark figure draws back on his heels.

It's only been a week since I've been 'freed' but everyone I meet seem to react the same way to my looks. I was hoping that going to a school for magical beings would have put an end to it but apparently not. I have cerulean blue hair, eyes, wings, scales and claws because of my dragon heritage. The scales, like chips of blue stones reflect light, and are scattered all over my body in different sizes, contrasting starkly with my pale almost bluish skin. On the outer edges of my checks, my arms, legs ect they frame me in strategic places to help shield my otherwise humanoid form (from my elven side). This seems to startle and repulse/freak out everyone I meet because as my rescuers have told me hybrids of two such incompatible creatures are unheard of.

But then the man seems to straighten up and approaches me. "Are you all right? I'm sorry to bother you but I'm an empath and I felt your distress from my room" I'm shocked, first by his power that allowed him to, to what? Feel my nightmare?! And by how comfortable I feel in his presence, how little that actually worries me. Irrationally I think he should know, it's his right, but no it really isn't he isn't my master. Just because I miss Him so much doesn't mean I can project these feelings on everyone who looks vaguely like him.

This empath is dark skinned with dark brown hair cropped short and warm brown eyes. I gesture for him to come in and I get a better look. I was wrong he doesn't look like Him his eyes are slanted and framed with thick long dark eyelashes. With his high cheekbones and full lips this man is beautiful, feminine with a small beauty mark under his left eye. But still masculine with his strong jaw and wide muscled shoulders, the spell is broken when he talks and I see his mouth is too big and his teeth a little crocked. He's not perfect but he might as well be, I want to be closer to him the nightmare has left me cold, wile my master's absence, has made me insecure and lonely.

"I'm Tamas, btw" he seemed to have gotten over his initial reaction to me and manages to meet my dragon eyes, with warm concern and kindness. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's fine but I'd really like to help" suddenly I'm embarrassed realizing he could probably see right through me, when he reached out to hold my hand.

"It's ok, and I'm Cyan" I mumble grateful for his touch but now unable to meet his eyes as his thumb slowly strokes the back of my hand.

Tamas pulled me over to the bed and we sat side by side. He started to examine my claws that are all around one inch long curved and dangerously sharp and strong. "Were you having a nightmare?"

"Yes, I… I'm sorry if I woke you…" but this isn't really true since I'm glad he's here, it's been 2 weeks since That night and my subconscious hasn't wasted any opportunities to torture me with nightmares. It's nice to not be cold and tiered while waiting for the sun to rise with only uncertainty to keep me company. Still I feel guilty, Can he tell I'm lying? He makes a shushing noise and I decide it doesn't matter. "I umm, I was a slave all my life up till 2 weeks ago, in Sambria so, umm did you hear what happened?" he seems shocked but holds my hand tighter, I decide this is a good sign I don't disgust him and inch my way a little closer so I can feel his heat on my left side.

"Ya, you were part of that?! I heard that there was an underground slave trafficking operation going on there, taking magical beings and selling them to the human lands of Almar? Your whole life though? Was it going on that long?!" he's looking me in the eyes again and I wonder how he isn't bothered by them, even my master was usually disconcerted with the catlike pupil highlighted by a thin red outline separating the pupil from the blue iris that seems to be too big for my eyes leaving very little white visible.

"No, the trafficking operation was only in Sambria for a few years when my master moved there. Before then I lived in Almar where slavery of non-humans is legal." I try to smile to reassure him, but I don't want him to see my fangs, how much variation from a humanoid form can he accept? He's the most genuinely kind person I've met since That night—no since ever—and I don't want him to leave. Is it because he's an empath?

"That's awful! I'm so sorry you had to live through that." He strokes my hair and I lean into his touch. What would I have to do to get him to do that again? I feel almost dizzy with all the positive attention he's giving me! I know he's pulling the wrong conclusions about my past and I don't know if I'm more disappointed he can't read my soul like I was starting to think he could, or relieved that he can't.

"The slavery isn't what's giving me nightmares! For the most part it was just my life. Umm other people had it really horrible but because I mostly scare the humans I was spoilt," I shrug and I'm glad he seems to be relieved I'm not traumatized. Growing up I was considered spoiled by all standards of slavery, but because I scared so many people I was often isolated; it's nice to meet someone concerned about me. "I wasn't abused and rarely punished since I know to follow the rules." Which is half true, because that's how it was up until my last master who stopped being scared of me since he got all the magical tethers, but he doesn't need to know that.

He rubs my shoulders to settle me down again but his hand brushes against my wings and I freeze and close my eyes maybe if I don't see it his revulsion won't hurt me. But he doesn't stop, instead he kneads my shoulders till I relax again and runs his hands on the sensitive wing joints until I stop clenching them so tightly against my back and risk a look at his face. Tamas smiles at me gently and asks, "What's got you so scared then Cyan?"

I sigh, "I don't know why but the night they broke in and saved me… Freed me… I…" I don't know what to doesn't make sense I don't make sense. I hated Him, I hated my master. But he was MINE and I failed him. And for some twisted reason I miss him, I miss the cages and collards and… this Freedom terrifies me! "I keep dreaming of that night and I know it doesn't make sense, but slavery was all I knew and I've never been to school… I'm sorry." Suddenly I'm embarrassed again, I'm so pathetic waking Tamas up with my petty problems that I can't even explain.

"It's ok Cyan, sh…"he strokes my hair again and I marvel at how easily he touches me. "Is it the uncertainty that scares you? You said you avoided trouble because you knew the rules, but you don't know the rules here. Eh? You miss the certainty. And the stormed the trafficking bases right? That must have been scary not knowing what was happening and then having it change your whole life." I nod because that sounds like it could be right, and I don't want him to stop talking, no one has ever talked to me with such kindness. "There are rules at school, to show up to class on time, do your homework, the dress code. Do you think that would be enough?" I shake my head experimentally, "you need more than that to feel safe? What did you have as a slave that made you feel secure?"

"My master" it's true he made me feel secure since I knew what to expect from him and if he was pleased he wouldn't sell me. Secure not necessarily safe but at least I could sleep through the night.

He seems to think for a moment, "so if you had someone to look after you, and tell you what to do here. To dominate you, you'd feel safer? More secure?"

Wow, Tamas' so smart! I want to scream yes, but being a free man could he ever understand? That as long as my master is nice life for a slave that's accepted his position is wonderful? That slavery is only horrible when the slave doesn't want to be one and the master is mean? And Tamas is so kind and handsome I would be so proud to be his. Instead I nod.

"How about I take you on as my submissive?" it was a stretch but he already feels subservient to me maybe if I gave him some structure I can ease him into life as a free person.

He looks at me questioningly his mouth turning up in a tiny smile, "not your slave?" hope welling up.

Looking straight in his sapphire eyes I say sternly "Cyan, you're not a slave anymore. You said you need to be dominated to feel safe. And I'll dominate you but as your Dom not your master. Ok?" his natural submissiveness and comfort with being a slave probably saved his sanity, but it's disconcerting how much he wants to give up all responsibility of his wellbeing to a stranger.

I could feel his anxiety gnawing at him. "but I don't… please… I hate being free."

Pulling him closer to me so that his head was laying on my chest, I began to pet his hair. "sh… you won't be free, you'll be mine. I'll tell you how to behave in school, and give you orders. You'll get punishments if you misbehave and rewards for doing well like that you'll be safe, mmm?" I finished with a kiss to the top of his head.

"The difference between being my submissive and my slave is that you have the right to say no. we'll determine limits, and I won't ever order you to pass them or do anything to you that would push your limits ok?"

He nods his head and mumbles "I'm sorry…" while cuddling closer to me so he's practically on my lap, which forces his body to curl up even more since we have similar heights. I can tell he's indulging me, doesn't seem to think it's important for him to have limits. But I can't stand the thought of hurting him.

"That's ok Cy," I murmur back and I'm surprised by the rosy flush of pleasure that colors both his pale bluish checks and the budding trust he's feeling for me. "we're negotiating now so you can ask me anything and I want you to tell me what you need and what your limits are. And pick a safe word for if we hit a limit later." At his confusion I explain, "it's your protection from me, you say it and whatever we're doing stops. It probably won't happen much since I'm an empath, but since I'm going to be in charge of every detail of your life you need to be able to say no if you need to."

He simply nods gratefully and clutches my shirt. Absently I hope his claws don't tear it.

"Pick a word Cy, something you won't use in normal conversation." I order.

He starts a bit then settles back down "unicorn…?"

I chuckle, "perfect, good choice chère." Fuck he's cute, so perfectly submissive in his pleasure. "ok, so let's set parameters to our relationship" he looks at me quizzically and again I'm taken aback by how beautifully frightful he is. All sharp angles with his claws and dark scales against his pale skin sometimes ruffling like feathers before settling down again, and his reptilian eyes that seem to catch everything. The only thing stopping him from looking like a humanoid lizard is his eyelashes and long down like soft hair. I can only begin to guess what he is, maybe an elf since he has pointy ears and even with all his strangeness he's unnaturally beautiful with a sensuous upturn to his mouth and almond shaped gem like large eyes. But only fey have wings, but theirs are translucent and impossibly delicate looking, while his are sturdy, leathery, bat like wings with something like claws at the tips. But no matter, I want him asleep soon; since tomorrow is his first day of school- ever, he'll need the energy.

"You are to obey to all my orders unless they make you uncomfortable or scared in any way in which case it's your important duty to say unicorn. If you don't say unicorn and I find out later, that your neglect of duty caused me to hurt you or traumatize you in any way. It's over. I won't be your Dom anymore. Understand?" this seems increasingly important since he's already gone completely lax in my arms uninterested in having any freedom whatsoever, only half listening. So when I finished he seemed taken aback for a moment.

Clinging even closer to me he buries his face in my neck and nods. I restart petting and southing him till he relaxes again in my arms "alright now sweetheart you need sleep we'll finish negotiations tomorrow, hmmm?" he nods but doesn't seem to want to let go so I turn off the light, I lift him up – he's surprisingly light, and tuck us both in the slightly lumpy dorm bed. If we do this again it'll be in my bed, since I bought a better mattress. "There, now sleep Cy."

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