Chapter 13

I can't seem to keep my eyes away from the shiny blue gems. They're so beautiful, shimmering in the fading light filtering through the window. My Master is dozing next to me and I wish he had one on himself so I could stare at them both at the same time. Instead I'm laying my head on his shoulder to be close to him while admiring my ring.

Is there any meaning behind a pinky ring? I know some rings have meaning but I don't know about pinkies, if it doesn't then it will still be very meaningful to me. Already I feel almost energized by these gems and metals, the feeling like nothing I've ever felt before and I treasure it. But even more than that I treasure the connecting it forges between us, how close it makes me feel to Tamas.

The rest of our time in the town was really fun, I don't think I've ever had so much fun ever. Just wandering around with Tamas eating ice cream, Tamas was surprised that I'd never tasted it before, so he bought me a huge cone. Then we went to a restaurant before hurrying to catch the speed train to Sambria because there wasn't enough time to catch a movie.

"What are you thinking about?" asks Tamas startling me away from his shoulder. I shrug looking down at my new locket, feeling shy, Tamas has a weirdly intense look on his face. "Hey, come on." He says and slowly caresses my cheek and tilts my face upwards, before kissing my lips.

Softly, he kisses me sweetly as I open for him and I can feel him smiling against my lips. He runs his hands through my blue hair and deepens the kiss, tilting my head at an uncomfortable angle and pulling me into the armrest so without thinking, I climb onto his lap.

"Fuck" he moans and kisses down my neck and squeezes my ass to grind us together.

"Tamas!" I gasp and lean down for his mouth, accidentally tearing the seat behind his head with my claws.

"Shit, Cyan" he laughs into my mouth and slides his hands up my back to my spot on my wings. I grind my uncomfortably hard cock down against him.

Suddenly Tamas freezes up and all I can hear is our heavy breathing and my pounding heart. "What?" I gasp and follow his gaze to the scowling lady standing in the aisle.

"Sorry." Tamas says and his blush is shining through his dark skin. The lady huffs and walks up the aisle.

I guess the train isn't as empty as it seemed. I started to back off of Tamas but he pulled me close for a cuddle. "Stay, I like you here."

I try to get comfortable without hurting him and end up sitting across his lap, my head pillowed on his chest. "Are you sure this is ok sir?"

"Yeah," he smiles, "I had a great time today, we should go on another date soon, k?"

A date? That was a date? A date meaning we're dating, or like a play date?

"k." I muttered into his chest.

We spent the rest of the trip cuddled together, Tamas' warmth and his scent lolling me, it doesn't matter what he meant by that, he's my Dom, he knows what he's doing.

As long as I can make sure he stay's just mine, nothingelse matters.

It was late when we finally reached the dorm we'll be staying at and the place was eerily empty, maybe this was a sign to run.

I lead a sleepy Cyan to our room and tied him to the bed, he's way too sleepy for a scene but I wasn't going to neglect him just because we don't have our usual schedule. It's actually made more important that he feels secure and dominated now when things are unfamiliar.

So I went to my black case that was placed at the foot of the bed and took out a chastity cage.

"Huh?" he mumbled as I slid down his underwear to put it on his cock,

"You misbehaved today Cyan, do you remember what you did?" I asked while locking the devise in place over his girth.

He nods looking up at me sleepily eyes full of trust and I could feel his relief a slow sigh going through him. It fills me with pleasure to see him so totally mine, all sleepy and soft, unquestioning. "I growled at Alpha Anthony, and I didn't mind your space. I'm sorry Master." Hearing him say that it sounds like nothing, and with any other sub they would have gotten away with something so insignificant, but those were the rules we set to make him feel secure so we have to take them seriously.

"Good boy, this is your punishment." I roughly grab his locked up cock, "But, I forgive you love," I press my lips to his gently and he opens them for me, lying next to him so I feel his heat we kiss languidly, tongues slowly tasting each other his lips soft and sensuous against my fuller ones. When I finally pull away he's gasping and twitching with uncomfortable need since the cage makes it impossible for him to have an erection, I say "so, this is your reward."

"Thank you" I feel his gratitude almost overwhelm him and, how can he be so perfect for me? His tastes so perfectly aligned with mine that, just taking control of every part of his body even his ability to harden would fill him with gratefulness. I strip off my shirt, and straddle his waist. I'm more than ready to take our relationship to that next step, but I don't know if he is so I'll take things slowly.

"You're mine." I inform him as I stroke my hard cock, his unfulfilled desire titillating me.

"Yes" he says hungrily staring at my dick.

Looking into his eyes I thrust into my hand, imagining that it's him I'm fucking, his emotions filling me with need, pushing me on. "You're so hot underneath me, wanting, what do you want Cy?"

"You! All of you… can I taste you again Master?"

"Fuck… Cyan…" I continue to stroke myself to completion, and when I finished coming I put my sticky hand in front of his face. "Here clean my hand love."

Excited he sucked my fingers and licked my palm, and although it was kind of tickling me, it felt right.

When he finished I wiped my hands and kissed him one last time before settling down next to him. I held him tightly as he falls asleep quickly, his breathing evening out and his dreams, at least for the moment seem pleasant enough.

The next morning I start to regret not just taking him on vacation. Right now we could be lounging lazily in bed, making out and relieving Cyan's blue balls. Looking forward to spending the day on some elven beach with more ice-cream and Cyan not looking too out of place with his bare feet and pointed ears.

Instead we're rushing to get ready, Cyan's arousal from me taking off the cock cage after sleeping in it with repressed desire pushing at my resolve.

"Is there anything you need Master?" he asks hopefully, and I contemplate hitting my head against the wall.

"No sweetheart, you can use the washroom first." I smile and pet his soft blue bed head. He leaves the room and I finish dressing up.

When we're ready we meet Mr. Hajime in the lounge. "Good morning, did you sleep well?" he asks in his usual contained way, how perfectly his emotions are invisible is starting to disturb me; it's like he's not even in the room.

"Yeah it's a nice place," at least it would be if it wasn't practically deserted, "What's the plan for today?"

"We already picked up some breakfast for you two, so well go directly to the manor, and see what Cyan can find. Ready?" I nod and he hands us two pre-packaged meals and we go to the car.

"Hey" grunts Mr. Cramly from the driver's seat, and it's almost a relief to feel a hint of some kind of emotion from him. He's tiered and mildly disgusted at the sight of presumably me and Cyan's joint hands.

They are definitely hiding something, putting us in an empty side of the dorm was suspicious but worse still, now it seems like they're keeping us from meeting anyone else. Instead of taking us to meet the other officers that are working on this case maybe see what the other non-humans could find. Mr. Cramly and Mr. Hajime are bringing us directly to the house to investigate the area in an unmarked car. Cyan is unusually calm, quietly leaning into me he seems unable to stop admiring his gems for more than a moment at a time. Although it's kind of weird seeing him so still, without his usual fidgeting and fluttering scales, I'm glad they seem to bring him some peace of mind. It's great he likes them so much but at the same time it makes me sad to realise that he's never had something that seems so integrally important to his species. No one really knows why or even how dragons get hoards of treasure but all dragons in recorded history have had them.

"Is this your first time in Sambria?" asks Mr. Hajime from the front passenger seat, I nod trying to keep how unsettled I am from my face. If they are going to stay emotionally impenetrable then I can't give them the upper hand by showing weakness.

"I've lived most of my life at Haven so that doesn't really allow for much travel." Especially not to a place with so many humans, looking out the window I barely see any non-humans no wonder slave traffickers were able to set up shop in this place. Just enough non-humans to be profitable but not enough to have a strong community.

"You could go do some sightseeing after we're done than, we have so nice tourist attractions downtown." He says pleasantly enough but I've about had it with this guy and his hollow words, what do they take me for?

"We'll be sure to check them out." I say maybe a little bit too clipped, and change the subject I have to find a way to figure out their goal without being suspicious, underestimating them would be a big mistake. "You said that there wasn't any leads, but is there anything helpful that you did find out from the house or anyone you did capture from the raid that saved Cyan?" come to think of it I understand them having a hard time tracking people weeks after they left but why couldn't they track them right away? Not the day after, or a week but right after the raid they should have been on it. A sinking feeling starts to settle in the pit of my stomach, was this a mistake? I take hold of Cy's hand barely causing him to shift to a more comfortable position.

"We did find evidence of hastily destroyed documents but what with the fire we had to put out and all the servants and bodyguards in the manor the area was already contaminated, I'm ashamed to say that they must have known about the raid because anyone that knew anything of Import had time to not only get away, but also completely cover their tracks while the gunmen distracted us. We were lucky to be able to rescue some slaves but Cyan is our only real lead. But even than the information he had was superficial at best and at worst it sent us on a wild goose chase." I relax that actually makes sense for once! And the lack of non-humans in the area explains why it would take time for them to get around to examining what already seems to be a dead end.

Sighing I trace a T on Cyan's palm, I'm over thinking this! The emptiness that is Hajime must be really starting to get to me.

"So basically you guys are really grasping at straws?" I ask wincing sympathetically. And he nods only looking contrite. That's what it seems but are they really? These two don't seem to think that this is hopeless but somehow I don't think they expect Cyan to smell out a lead.

Cramly grunts, and mutters, "Don't worry, well get them." It would have a kind thing to say but I couldn't even sense a hint of any gentleness from the man.

We get to the manor and it's also deserted, I'm starting to feel like we entered the fucking twilight zone. Where are the other non-human investigators that supposedly are trying to track down the slavers? What the hell do they think their emotions could give away?

We went back to Master Joseph's manor. On the way here I was way too distracted by thoughts Tamas and my treasure that I didn't even think about what this place would bring back.

The courtyard was stripped of most of its statues so it looked different from what I remember, and it smelled differently, but it didn't feel different.

All those times I walked down this same pathway with my Master by my side holding my leash. My tethers magiked to be unbreakable and remote controlled for if he needed to release me at a moment's notice. I feel a familiar tension come back to me, my limbs remain loose but my muscles feel coiled ready to spring into action if he was attacked or in any kind of danger. All my senses go on high alert so I would be able to feel any changes in the smell of the air or movement in the trees. This vigilance is something that I've had to hone and perfect my entire life, became my only security under his roof because failure didn't only mean my masters life. It's almost shocking to realise how relaxed and sloppy I've become since I met Tamas, it's scary how much I trust him to always be right.

"You ok?" he asks concerned.

I nod shyly, my Master doesn't need me to protect him so I don't have to be scared all of the time. I may be useless to him now but after I find my old masters associates he'll definitely see that I am useful, and as soon as I find something that he needs me for I can become irreplaceable. "I'll start now."

"Just searched for any recognisable smell, it doesn't have to be the head of the operation, any lead will help." Said Mr. Hajime earnestly. I nod and grin at him, he's been really kind to us.

Exited to get this over with I start differentiating between all the different scents, there are so many here and the ones I'm searching for are faded from the weeks that have past and the most recent ones are pungent with BO and grim. For a moment the job was daunting but no I can't disappoint them, I concentrate harder letting all the distractions fall away from me.

The sounds of My Master talking to Hajime near the tree line, the scents of Mr. Cramly drinking his coffee sullenly against the car, I acknowledge it all then let it go.

The manor towering over me for a moment becomes overwhelming to my senses; so many times I stood trying to concentrate to bring out my power, in abject terror of Joseph. Who seemed to overestimate my abilities, all I knew was to be a bodyguard so it's kind of ironic that it's one of the skills he taught me that will be used to catch him. Hopefully.

"Hurry up freak, I bought you for a fucking reason." My chains too constricting on my wings, that scent of the magiked muzzle distracting me but it was his cold eyes that really held me captive in the moment making it impossible for me to let go. "Do you need more incentive? Is that why you defy me?" he asks frigidly and a shiver of fear goes down my spine, it shouldn't have taken this long, what's wrong with me?

I shake my head and try to concentrate harder, I won't survive here much longer if I don't start preforming.

His eyes narrow and he approaches me, and I tense further in resignation.

But there are no footsteps, no horrible torture violating me, just the manor.

And now even that is no more I crouch down and breathe deeply creeping forwards if I follow all of the trails I'll put the useless ones aside. Slowly I wander the field with only the scents I'm searching for at the forefront of my mind, all I need is a hint of it to form a connection.

In a sort of trance I don't feel the time passing only my world narrowing with each piece that I let go, for once my elven side feels prominent bringing me peace and silence.

Eventually when all there is left are old wafting scents I find a hint of a familiar one, subdued but strong enough to be the most resent trail, I fallow it from the left side of the manor's servant entrance to a well hidden trail. Standing straighter I let the world slide back into place without letting the trail leave me I accept the return of the sounds and sights as they widen my world. I turn to signal the others only Tamas isn't with the officers anymore he's walking right next to the tree line. I try to get his attention but then I see the glint of a steel rod swinging towards him …No!

Unbelieving I'm paralyzed with dismay… Please let this not be happening.

Suddenly I felt a spear of horror and fear hit me, disorienting me, stumbling forward I looked in Cyan's direction trying to figure out what the fuck that was. But no! Right behind Cyan is a man trusting a metal pole at Cyan's back, his wings!

"Cyan!" I scream and he glances behind himself just in time to leap out of the way, his powerful legs propelling him straight into the air. He seemed to float a horrified look on his face as he gaped at me.

The last thing I saw was his eyes filling crimson, fiery red spreading into the white of his eyes as he lunged towards me.

They pain over took me and I fell backwards into oblivion.

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