The sickening sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed around the room. The nauseating smell of rust and salt mingled with sweat began to reek. I tried not to flinch, tried not to gag, and tried to keep a blank expression on my face.

"What are we doing here?" I whispered.

The arm around my waist tightened. Lips brushed the side of my head. As the pounding of flesh continued, a numbing sensation took over me. Tears began to form in my eyes, blurring the image I was made to see.

When I couldn't take it any longer, I shrugged off the arm holding me, twisted and whipped past the other figures in the room, hyperventilating and crying. I dashed to the door, opened it and darted through it and went down the stairs of the house.

"Sophia, wait!"

A hand seized my wrist in an iron grip and stopped from running any further.

"Let me go," I hissed, pulling my wrist from his grasp. "How could you do that to me?"


"No!" I screamed. "I thought I accepted you for who you are! I thought I accepted your sadistic nature, your love of hurting people, and the fact that you're a monster! But, I guess I was wrong. I kept telling myself that I'll be okay when in fact I prayed to God that I'd never see that side of yours."

"Leon." His best friend appeared by his side. "Maybe you should tell her—"

"Shut the fuck up, John, and leave us."

"She should know—"

"Leave us!" he roared. "Go back and continue what you were doing."

John looked reluctant to leave. He gave me a glance and shook his head sorrowfully before departing. I watched him walk back to the house, feeling numb all over.

"What were you saying before, Sophia?"

I felt myself pale then felt my breath stick in my throat when my eyes found him. His face was blank. Scary blank. Completely expressionless. But, I knew he was beyond pissed because I could feel his threatening aura filling the space between us.

It was terrifying.

I opened my mouth but I couldn't utter a sound. I had never talked back to him. Ever. It was like an unspoken rule, a rule that I never dared to break. Until now.

I took a step back, my body shaking in terror and dropped my eyes to the ground, trying to think my way out of this mess.

I should have not said that, I thought frantically. I should have just stayed quiet.

"I-I want t-to go home," I finally stammered out. "I'll c-call you later."

I found myself pushed up against the wall of the house before I could even take another step back. I gasped aloud in surprise and panic. His hard body was pinning me, his hand holding my wrists beside my body. A growl rifted through the air.

"Eyes, Sophia," he snapped at me.

I immediately lifted my eyes. A pair of silvery-gray eyes met mine, eyes glinting with rage and murderous intent. And, I knew at that moment, I was going to die.

My boyfriend was finally going to kill me.

Two years ago.

I sighed as I dropped down on the last empty table outside the cafeteria. It was finally lunchtime. I pulled out a sandwich and juice box from my backpack, carefully unwrapping the sandwich and took a bite. I cupped my chin with a hand as I chewed, contemplating the merits, or rather demerits, of skipping school.

It's not that I hate going to school. I just hated going to a new school where I have to make new friends and new memories. My family had just moved here a couple of months back and classes just started a week ago.

I was a sophomore, the new girl in the strange, new school. I was painfully shy, preventing me from making friends, making the others dub me as a freak. A loser. A nobody. Everyone ignored me. Nobody tried to get close. I was always alone.

Suddenly, I felt the tension in the air. I twisted my head backwards, noticing that all the other tables were void of students. They were pushing and shoving each other to get through the clear, cafeteria sliding doors, worried expressions apparent on their faces. I glanced up. Perhaps it was raining and I didn't feel it? But, the sky was a clear blue.

Why did they leave?

At that moment, I was aware that everyone in the cafeteria was staring beyond me. I stiffened as realization dawned. The color drained from my face. There was only one reason why the other kids would flee.

He was here.

I heard footsteps coming towards me. My heart stopped. I slowly rotated my head, keeping my eyes downcast. A large shadow fell upon me. I dropped my sandwich on the table as my hands began to tremble. I clenched them together to stop them from shaking but it was useless. My whole body was in tremors.

"Sophia Gideon."

I almost stopped breathing. His voice was low, deep and as sinister as his appearance.

"Eyes on me," he growled menacingly and I lifted my gaze to him.

Leon Gage stood in front of me, his silvery-gray eyes impassively roaming my whole face and body. I shivered once more and a feral grin spread across his face.

I thought about running for it. The table acted as a barrier between us, and maybe it could give me the advantage to outrun him. I wasn't exactly the cross-country running type but surely the terror coursing through my veins was enough boost to help me escape whatever it was that he was planning for me.

"Don't even think about it."

I flinched visibly as he jumped on the table and sat on it, his legs dangling beside me. He leaned over and curled a lock of my hair around his finger. I swallowed back a whimper.

"I like you," he declared, his eyes glinting dangerously.

My heart started to beat again. My eyes grew wide and I felt the color rushing back to my face in a full-on blush.

"W-what?" I whispered.

He pulled me up and placed me between his legs, his arms around my waist. I put my hands on his hard chest and tried to put some space between us but he was having none of it. He pressed me close, his face inches from me, his piercing eyes boring into my eyes.

"What are you doing?" I whispered to him in panic.

His silvery-gray eyes, not dangerous, not menacing but melted and gentle held mine.

"You're mine."

His word was law. I became his.

I dreaded going to school the next day. I even thought about staying at home and hide until the school year ends, or until my absentee parents get another contract that could relocate us again.

I ate my breakfast slowly, thinking about Leon and wondering why he chose me. I wasn't that pretty and tall nor was I hot. My ever absent parents told me I was beautiful with my light blonde hair falling into waves mid-waist, my big, brown eyes and good figure. But, parents were always obligated to compliment their kids so they didn't count.

I just felt plain and short.

Leon Gage, on the other hand, was scarily hot and gorgeous. His dark black locks, strong jaw, and piercing silvery-gray eyes could make a girl forget her own name and identity. He was almost a foot taller than me and dead sexy with his tanned, muscular body fit and strong and his tattooed arms which could make a girl fall in lust with him.

I said could because even though Leon Gage was a dream come true for a girl, he was a nightmare come alive.

He was infamous around school. Everyone talked about him in whispers and everyone shrunk from him whenever he walked pass them. He was also a sophomore yet even the seniors were afraid of him. The teachers avoided any interaction with him if they can.


Because rumor has it that he was a bully, the greatest, most vicious, unfeeling bully anyone has ever met.

He enjoyed beating up people with his friends. His knuckles were always raw whenever he came to school, his boots splattered with blood. He never talks but when he did, the other person, be it boy or girl, would flee in tears with fearful expressions on their faces.

And this person was my boyfriend.

A loud honk outside my house made me jump. I wiped my lips as I stood and peered through the window. My jaw slackened when I saw Leon outside, sitting on his motorcycle, his eyes trained to me, impatience written on his face.

I gasped and ducked. I crawled to the side and stood up, pressing my body against the wall.

What the heck was he doing here?

"Get the fuck out, Sophia," I heard him speak through the door.

I didn't move nor breathe.


I immediately unfroze and rushed to get my backpack. I dashed to open the door and darted through it, only to find myself hitting a wall of granite. Arms shot out to steady me.

"What the fuck took you so long?" he muttered, looking pissed.

"I'm sorry," I whispered up to him.

He growled and I blanched. "Don't make me wait for you again."

I nodded frantically to appease him. He seemed satisfied with my nods and pulled me to his motorcycle. He gave me a helmet and I stared at it curiously.

"Aren't you going to put that on?"

I started and turned to him. He was already on his motorcycle, his helmet on his head, his scowl on place. I bit my lip nervously. His scowl melted and he sighed.

"Come here," he ordered and I complied. He took the helmet and placed it on my head gently and adjusted the clasp. I stood stock-still through his ministrations. "There. Now get behind me."

My eyes widened and I glanced at the scary motorcycle, at the scary driver and at the scary motorcycle once more.

"Fuck," I heard him curse and returned my gaze to him. "I should have used the fucking car, instead."

I cringed and took a step back. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him.

"Put your foot there," he instructed bossily and I followed. "No, the other foot. Okay. Now, step up and swing your other leg to the other side. Just like riding a fucking horse. There, you're all set."

But, I wasn't. At least my heart wasn't. I was gripping the sides tightly, praying to the heavens that I wouldn't fall off. I leaned back from him, trying not to touch his body.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He glanced back at me with an irate expression that made me want to weep. "Put your arms around me. You'll fall off if you won't."

Hesitantly, I put my arms around him. He stiffened when I first touched him but he relaxed a second later. I blushed when my chest hit his back. I was glad he couldn't see me.

He started the engine and I jumped. I thought I heard him chuckle before we sped off to school.

Everyone in school stared at us when we arrived. Leon helped me down before grabbing my hand and walked me to class.

"I'll see you at lunch," he said in parting.

I nodded. He narrowed his eyes at my classmates which made them tremble before he left. Everyone recoiled from me when I passed to get to my seat. Nobody talked and it was completely silent when the teacher arrived and began the class. It seemed my relationship with Leon Gage not only made friendless state worse, it made me a complete social pariah.

When the weekend came, he took me out for dinner. We rode around the city on his motorcycle which I've began to adore, and he took me on top of the hill where the view of the city lights were breathtakingly beautiful. His arm was around my shoulder, his hand rubbing circles on my hand as we rested on a bench.

"Why me?" I blurted out without thinking.

His hand stopped moving. I glanced at him nervously. He stared at me, his eyes unreadable. My heart sank. Sometimes, when I ask him questions that were deep, he'd just look at me and say nothing. Or scowl.

I guess this was one of these questions not worth answering.

"Why not you?" he finally spoke and my heart began to beat faster.

Then, he leaned in, his gaze upon my lips. My breath hitched. He brought his hand to cup my cheek, his thumb running along the line of my cheekbone. My lips parted slightly, my heart thundering loudly in my chest. His eyes flitted to mine as if seeking permission. I closed my eyes slowly and when I felt his lips hit mine, I sighed.

It was my first kiss. Leon kissed me slowly and gently. I kissed him back, my hands clutching his shoulders tight. Before I knew it, I was lying on the bench, his body hovering over mine, his lips tenderly assaulting me.

I gasped when his tongue touched mine and heard him groan. The kiss turned hot and consuming, Leon's mouth slanting over mine again and again. I whimpered softly, feeling hot all over.

Then, it was over. I blinked. Leon was sitting up, his eyes closed, his breathing harsh and uneven. I slowly sat up, feeling weepy all of a sudden.

"I'm sorry."

He opened his eyes and looked at me with surprise, though his scowl was set on his face.

"Why are you sorry?" he demanded to know.

To my horror, tears began to stream down my face. I clenched my hands tight together, my eyes downcast.

"I… I guess I-I didn't do it right. I-it was my f-first kiss. I'm sorry."

He reached out for me immediately and pulled me into his lap. I sniffled. He sighed.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Sophia." He cupped my cheek and wiped the tears on my face with his thumb. "If I didn't stop, I would have lost my control and fucked you here."

My face drained of color and he glared at me. "Hell, do you fucking think I'm going to rape you?"

"No!" I shook my head frantically. "I-I just didn't think about us h-having… I-I mean… You know," I ended with a frustrated sigh.


I looked away from him, blushing hard.

He shoved his head between my neck and shoulder, making me squeal. He was shaking and I glanced at him worriedly.


Then, I heard him chuckle. I realized he was laughing at me and all the scary thoughts of having sex with him fled away.

"You're laughing at me," I told him dejectedly.

He raised his head, his face blank but his eyes were dancing with amusement.

"I wasn't," he answered calmly. "And Sophia, I'll wait when you're ready so don't think about it. Much," he added with a dangerous glint in this eyes that made me swallow nervously. "In the meantime, let's continue what we were doing."

He smothered my protest with his lips.

As the days went by, I was surprised by how Leon did not seem to fit the rumors circulating the school. He may look harsh and menacing, but he treated me gently and sometimes affectionately. He always held my hand whenever we were together, asked me about my day after school, and liked to touch my hair and wrap his arms around my waist. He always picked me up from my house and took me home and accompanied me during lunch hour.

And his kisses, God, his kisses were breathtaking. I loved to see him smile and laugh because they were so far in between that I made it my goal to be the reason behind them.

I slowly began to be less afraid of him, not flinching anymore when he scowled, cursed or teased me mercilessly. I started to look forward to seeing him every day. I began to talk more to him and ask him trivial questions like his favorite food or color.

Even though he was still scary hot Leon Gage, I slowly grew to like him.


I heard someone speak and glanced up at Leon. His expression turned grim and furious that I became terrified. We were eating lunch at the same spot where he first ordered me to go out with him and by this time, all the tables were always empty save for ours.

When he saw the look on my face, he softened his expression. The fear ebbed away. He squeezed my hand gently before his head pivoted behind him. I followed his gaze.

"John," he said grimly. "What are you doing here?"

John's eyes swept over me before he answered cautiously, "You weren't answering your phone. Everyone's waiting for you."

Leon closed his eyes tightly and clenched his jaws before he nodded. I stared at him worriedly.

"Sophia." I started when he spoke and opened his eyes. "this is John, my best friend," he said, gesturing to his friend. "John, my girlfriend, Sophia."

I smiled tremulously at John and said a weak hi. He gave me a nod before looking at Leon again.

"I'll wait for you at the parking lot," he told him before leaving us.

I watched him go. He was tall, big and scary hot like Leon but Leon was way hotter than his best friend. Leon grabbed my attention when he stood up, taking me with him.

"I'm going," he said, kissing me hard on the lips. "But, I'm still picking you up later, okay?"

"Where are you going?" I asked without thought and watched his face grew dark. "I-I mean… I'll wait here for you."

He nodded and kissed me once more. Then, he left.

When he came to pick me up on his motorcycle, his hands were raw and bloody. His boots splattered with tiny flecks of what seemed like blood. His face was closed off and brooding. My heart sank at the sight of him and the fear I thought I lost for him emerged.

"Get on," he snapped tersely and with obvious anger at me.

I jumped to do his order, trembling as I did, and he took me home without a word.

I couldn't concentrate on my homework that night. I thought about Leon. The rumors were perhaps true after all. He really was a bully.

And am I okay with it? I thought with a sigh. Is it okay for me to like a guy who was a bully? A monster? A sick, twisted psycho?

My brain wished for me to stop seeing him, to do anything within my powers to stop him from getting near. But, thinking about losing him brought a painful ache to my heart.

I didn't want to think about Leon anymore so I gave up on homework and went to sleep.

I stared at the clock and waited for him anxiously to arrive the next morning. A part of me didn't look forward seeing him the next day but another part of me wished to see him so bad. When I heard the honk outside, I was surprised. He was quite early.

I opened the door and retreated when he came in my house. I blinked. This was the first time he ever stepped foot in my home. I watched him uneasily as he surveyed his surroundings. When his eyes returned to me and noted me cowering, he closed his eyes as if he was in pain and sighed.

"I should have not snapped at you," he said in a low tone. "I was just pissed."

I stared at him in surprise, not expecting to hear that. I realized he was talking about the way he acted yesterday and understood. He never apologizes to me so this was probably as far as he could go.

"Come here, Sophia."

I glanced at his hands, his knuckles still raw but scabbing slowly. Instead of going to him like I always did, I turned and walked to the bathroom. When I got out, he was sitting on the sofa, his elbows resting on his thighs, his hands clasped together. He looked defeated that my throat closed. He glanced at me and the box I was holding, and his brows shot up.

I kneeled in front of him and opened the first-aid kit. He didn't say a word while I was treating his knuckles and didn't even wince when I poured alcohol. When I was done wrapping his hands tightly with bandages, I lifted my eyes to his. His eyes were heated, intense and searing into me, all of this in a way he'd never looked at me before. I squealed when he pulled me to his lap, his lips fused to mine. I wrapped my arms willingly around him and gave him equal measure.

Maybe I was stupid. Maybe I was naïve. Maybe I was crazy for liking a guy who was a brutal, cruel monster but I didn't care. I liked him too much, maybe I even fell in love with him already. I didn't think I could live without him anymore.

And our relationship went for two years. Leon Gage was still an enigma to me. I haven't met his family yet he had met mine on the rare occasion they were home. They didn't like him and told me so but they couldn't do anything because they weren't always home.

He never pressured me to have sex with him either. Whenever things get too hot, he would always stop. Sometimes I was glad he did, sometimes he frustrated me. Sometimes, I thought that maybe he had another girl, or girls. But, I never asked him, too terrified of his anger. Or maybe, I was terrified he'd leave me.

There were times when he couldn't be reached and seen. And they were the times he always came to me with bloody hands after. I never asked but treated his hands silently. He never shared but after I was done, he would kiss me hard.

I never saw him beating up somebody. Until now.


"I-I'm sorry," I whispered. "I was j-just surprised. You said you were going to show me your house. I did not know you w-were going to show me t-that."

The grip on my wrist slackened. The murderous glare on his face melted and he let my wrists go, pulling me to his body closer instead. I stiffened, thinking maybe it was finally my turn to get beaten up, my blood splattered on his boots, his knuckles bleeding from pummeling the life out of me.

"That wasn't my intention, Sophia." He shoved his face between my neck and shoulder and squeezed me tight. "I didn't know they were going to be here. Damn it, they shouldn't even be fucking here at all."

But, I wasn't listening. Visions of Leon laughing manically while his friends leered down at me as they took turns beating me up filled my head.

"I just want to go home," I whispered beseechingly. "Please let me go home."

Leon's body froze solid and he lifted his head up, and the expression on his face almost looked like he was in pain but that couldn't be. Leon Gage didn't have a heart. His face turned impassive.

"You think I won't let you go home?" he intoned blankly.

I looked at the side. I felt his eyes on me but I ignored him, feeling cold and helpless all of a sudden.

"I'll take you home."

We were both silent as he drove me home. When his motorcycle stopped, I jumped off it and rushed to the door of my house. When I got in, I locked it and slid down to the floor with my back against it. I began to cry silently.

Why couldn't he be just normal? I thought miserably. Why couldn't he just stop hurting other people? Was that too hard for him to do?

A thud sounded from behind me and I stiffened and held my breath.


I didn't speak and held my breath, trembling and scared.

"I… I'm sorry."

I heard his footsteps fade away and leaned my head against the door in exhaustion. Only then did I realize that Leon apologized to me.

He didn't pick me up the next morning. I sighed and felt heartbroken as I trudged out of the door and began my walk to school. It was like the first day all over again. When I got to school, everyone stared at me with curiosity and interest. I never enter school without Leon by my side. And from everyone's face, I could see their conclusion of this fact, that Leon Gage dumped me.

When lunch finally arrived, I couldn't get out my class soon enough. Everyone was laughing behind my back. Everyone thought I was the same loser as I was two years ago.

I didn't head to my table like I used to. Instead, I headed to the other side of school where the trees were plentiful and the garden club was situated. I dropped down on the grass under one of the trees and put my forehead on top of my knees, my arms clenching them together. I sighed and tried not to cry.

"Don't break up with him."

My head shot up. John was leaning against one of the trees near me, smoking a cigarette. He, then, threw it on the ground and put it out with the heel of his shoe.

"What?" I asked him.

"Don't break up with Leon," he repeated, looking straight into my eyes.

I began to laugh harshly. "Did you really think I could break up with him even if I wanted to?" I asked him incredulously. "And besides," I added, sobering up. "It seems like he's done with me."

His brows furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean done with you?"

"Have you heard the rumors circulating around the school?" I rested my chin on my knees, eyes downcast. "They say Leon Gage is dumping me. I guess I'm not hard enough for the life he's living."


"I mean, it's okay. I knew we were never meant to be together forever. I thought I could accept him for who he was, but I guess not."

I heard John sigh in frustration.

"The guy you saw us beating up in Leon's place tried to rape a freshman in a party the other night."

My eyes shot at him in shock.

"We weren't supposed to beat him up in Leon's house. Hell, we shouldn't even have started but the dickhead pissed us off, mouthing off how he could have gone away with it if we haven't caught him and if we could have just asked nicely, he would have let us join."

I inhaled sharply. John eyed me with reluctance, as if debating with himself if he should continue talking or not.

"Ah, fuck it," he muttered. "She needs to know."

"What?" I stood up and approached him. "What do I need to know, John? Is it Leon?" I added in panic, realizing that maybe Leon couldn't pick me up because he was hurt. "Did something happen to him? Did that guy take revenge—"

"No, no. He's okay."

I sighed in relief.

"It's just that Leon is not who you think he is."

It was my turn to look confused.

"What do you mean?"

"He's not a monster. Nor is he sadistic." I reddened with embarrassment, remembering the words I screamed at Leon last night. "I didn't want you to go on thinking badly about my best friend."

I didn't say anything, ashamed at what I said. I wrapped my arms around me and thought about the flitting pain I saw in Leon's eyes and my heart throbbed.

"His father abandoned his family when he was five, his mother raped and killed when he was nine." My eyes sliced to him in shock as cold shivers went down my spine. "At first he lived with his uncle but he was abusive and kept beating him up whenever he felt like it."

"Stop," I whispered as the thought of a young boy with black hair and silvery-gray eyes getting beat up by a much older man filled my mind.

"He was just fucking nine and his mother just died in a brutal rape and murder yet his dick of an uncle used him like a fucking punching bag for pleasure."

"Please, stop, John," I begged at him.

"I didn't even know, Sophia, and I was his best friend since we were children," John continued, looking devastated. "I only knew when his father came back to see him when he was eleven and saw the bruises. He took Leon away and sued the uncle and won. Leon didn't want to have anything to do with his father so, his father just left Leon to his own devices in that house, sending money every month and visiting him sometimes to check if he was okay."

I was already weeping silently as I listened to Leon's life story. I cannot believe someone who was supposed to protect and care for you would do a vile thing to his own relative. It was horrible and inhumane to think about.

"When we were thirteen, Leon saw one of our classmates getting bullied and he stopped it. He liked the feeling of saving people so much he thought that it was his salvation." He paused to let his words sink in. "So, this is where the rumors come in, Sophia. This is where everyone calls him a bully because not everyone listens to words and threats, they had to be meted with physical blows and punishments to make them stop hurting other people. This is what Leon's been doing, what we've been doing. This is because he wants to protect people."

As I thought about what John revealed, I realized that he was right. I never saw Leon hurt other people in school, or bully them outright or hurt them like the bullies I see on television or read in novels.

"You were targeted, Sophia."

I paled. "What?"

He looked hesitant to reveal anything but he eventually did. "Leon found out that someone wanted to ask you out and use a date-rape drug on you and he sent us to investigate who the culprit was. I was supposed to be the one to get close to you, to keep you safe but at the last moment, Leon decided to do it himself."

My body went stone-still, my throat closed and my heart lurched painfully.

"I did not understand why he needed to pose as your boyfriend at first, Sophia. There were a lot of ways to keep you safe. I didn't even know what he was planning until I saw him tell you that you were his."

"So, everything was just a fluke?" I burst out painfully. "Becoming my boyfriend was all because you guys wanted to protect me? So, I guess until now you haven't caught the bad guy yet and taught him a lesson?"

"We caught him a month after you guys started going out," he answered quickly.

I paused. A month after? Was that when he appeared during lunch and Leon introduced me to him? Was that when I first saw Leon's hands red and bloody?

"Like I said, I did not know what he was planning—"

"And, if you had known," I intercepted him, anger making my tone rise. "would you have stopped him?


"Then, why didn't he dump me already?" I shouted at him. "Why did he continue to string me along? God, he wouldn't even have sex with me—"

"What the fuck, John?"

I whirled around, embarrassment coloring my cheeks. Leon was standing behind us wearing a murderous scowl on his face, his silvery-gray eyes glittering and hard at John.

I turned to leave, to get away from here, mortified that he heard me screaming why he wouldn't have sex with me like some sex-depraved pervert.


Stupidly, I glanced back and screamed silently when his powerful body moved in my direction. Faster than possible, he was right beside me, pulling me behind him.

"Leon," John started but was cut-off.

"Don't!" Leon barked at him. He was so angry, visibly livid and frightening that I forgot to breathe. "What did you fucking tell her?"

John struggled with indecision before he said, "Everything."

Leon moved to hurt him but I latched on his back, trying to stop him from hurting his best friend, and he stopped.

"Why?" he asked, pain lacing his tone that I almost started crying again. "Why the hell would you tell her everything?"

"Because you're fucking in love with her!" John roared at him. "You fell for her, Leon, and don't try to fucking deny it."

I suddenly felt weak, my heart beating loudly in my chest. My hands left Leon and fell to my side as I stared at his best friend. Leon stiffened and glanced back at me but I only had eyes for John at the moment.

Hope blossomed in my heart. Was it possible that Leon might feel the same way as I do?

"You're in love with her, yet you won't allow yourself to love her," John continued, his face contorted with sorrow for his best friend. "I can't just stand back like I did years ago and see you suffer all over again, Leon. You're my best friend and this was the only play I had to make you see sense. To make you both see sense."

After speaking, he turned away and disappeared among the trees, leaving Leon alone with me. I couldn't speak, couldn't move. My thoughts were jumbled together.

It felt like an eternity had passed between us and I could not take the silence anymore.

"You didn't pick me up." The words shot out my mouth without thinking. I covered my lips with my hands, horrified.

Leon revolved and faced me, his face stoic though his eyes were soft.

"I thought you didn't want to see me," he admitted. "I thought I'd give you some space."

I shook my head furiously. "I was just… confused. Of course, I wanted to see you. I felt all alone going to school. And everyone thought you dumped me," I added sullenly.

His eyes glinted with anger. "Yeah, about that. When I got my hands on the bastard who said that, I'll fucking tear him apart. And, I never thought about doing that, not even for one second," he said fervently, pulling me in his arms. "And, I'm not going to apologize for not wanting to lose you. I'm not letting you go, ever."

"Because you love me?" I asked in a hopeful voice.

"What do you think?"

"I think we need to resolve some trust issues first," I told him in a whisper-soft tone. "I'm sorry about your past and I'm sorry that I called you a monster, Leon. I'm sorry that—"

He cut me off with a kiss, a hard, unyielding kiss. I sighed happily and surrendered myself to him. When it was over, I burrowed deeper into his arms and held him tight.

"I love you, Leon."

His hand tightened convulsively around me.

"I love you, too, Sophia." He leaned back and I noted that mischievous look on his eyes and immediately grew wary. "And about sex, I didn't want to fuck you because I didn't want to mess up your feelings even more but if you insist…"

I shrieked a little when he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder like a caveman.

"Where are we going, Leon?" I asked him in panic.

"To consummate our love," was his reply.

"But-but school a-and we still need to talk—"

I gasped out loud when he squeezed my butt, rendering me speechless. He dropped me by the side of his motorcycle, then kissed me and told me how much he loved me. I sighed and decided to stop protesting. Nothing could ever change his mind when he decides on something.

And for once, I didn't care.


Sooo... I was watching this show where there was this bully and then this story just popped in my head. I typed this down as fast as I could (5 hours actually) and even though it needs serious editing (and character development), I decided to post it up.

I thought about writing Leon's POV, his history, his thoughts of Sophia, etc but my sissy said this was fine since after all, this is just a one-shot. But, I'm kind of playing with the idea of turning it into a novel.

What do you think? Just follow me or check out my profile because I'm going to post news there if ever I change my mind.

And, I totally swear the next update will be for AFTF! Sareeeee~xD