Another one bites the dust

Cause they've nothing else to eat

Hear the gunfire and the cricket chirps

As they desperately try to sleep

No guarantee of waking up

No promise of seeing the sun once more

Let the giant drums beat out

The bloody cry of war.

In the schoolyard children scream

The ground is wet again

Not from rain or snow or mud

But from the blood and tears of their only friends

No more sons returning home

No more daughters running free

No more mothers calling them in

No more fathers with suntanned skin

Let the giant drums beat out

The bloody cry of war.

The sky turns black with plague and powder

It rains shrapnel more than water

Strange men with covered faces

Abduct our children, sons and daughters

Trained to fight, trained to please

All still die and fall to their knees

The coppery stains on every wall

As entire "great" nations fall

So where are your leaders now?

Cowering in their holes

So where is your freedom now?

Take it, release it from your souls

Rise against those who oppress you

Only you can bring hope back

Save your sons and save your daughters

End the pain and end the slaughter

Make the giant drums go quiet

Silence the bloody cry of war.