AN: This is a work of fiction. All coincidences are merely just that. Also, this was based off a post on Tumblr, with a picture of someone's wrist that has a countdown timer to find true love, which is also based off a movie TiMER (2009). Anyway, several Tumblr writers added their own takes on it, and it was beautiful. Here's my attempt on the idea. Also, just to add to the disclaimer: I do not own the concept of the 'soul mate timer' and no copyright infringement is intended. Well, I hope you guys enjoy. Oh, and if any of you want to follow me on Tumblr, my blog username is tehcheshirecat. :)

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The Countdown
by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24, tehcheshirecat)

I was never one to fuss over romance and soul mates. I wasn't a fan of love or relationships either. After all, you've got this thing on your wrist reminding you of the exact time you'll be meeting your soul's one true mate, so why attempt being in a relationship before that anyway? Why even bother getting ready and hopefully trying to impress that person when the time comes? Why would I even have to prepare when that person just comes into your life anyway, whether you want them to or not?

I sigh and check the countdown on my wrist. Two hours. So this is really it, huh? This is the day I'm meeting him, or her, or them, whichever the case is. Really, I don't mind. In fact, I'm not all that excited either. Sure, I'm curious who the poor soul will be, but frankly, I think it's all really lame. I hate having people tell me what to do. And I certainly don't like Fate dictating who I'm going to end up with forever.

I'm not against it. I just don't think I deserve it. I feel like I'm such a worthless person and I just feel really sorry for the person who'll have me as their soul mate. I'm terribly damaged. I have issues, insecurities, fears, and I don't want to lay all that onto someone.

My friends all say it's the best feeling in the world, when you finally meet The One. They say it's just like those fairy tales, except your story doesn't end the moment you two meet and your souls resonate with each other. It continues on, and it's like a lifetime supply of happily-ever-afters. Of course, it's not always fun and games. They've had both ups and downs because that's simply how life is, but the feeling of completeness you experience within you is enough to withstand any troubles the world may throw at you.

This is madness. This whole soul mate business is getting me all worked up, and here I was thinking I'm the level-headed one. I take a few deep breaths and finally get in my car. I don't know yet where I'm going to go. I just have this feeling that I have to drive, and be somewhere, probably where Fate's Chosen One will be.

One hour and 30 minutes.

I'm at my parent's old home. They don't live here anymore. Or anywhere, really. It must have been a decade since I last came here. I see the new owners have painted most of the house differently. They have a better maintained lawn too. And I see they still have the old tree at the back, and my, has it grown. I remember planting it with my dad when I was a kid. I'm glad they kept it.

I must have been out there for a while, because now, a light comes on at the front door and some guy in a Led Zeppelin shirt and jeans comes out looking like he hasn't shaved in ages. I check my wrist timer again. One hour. Nope, not him. He walks up to me, though, and asks if there was anything he could help me with. He seems a bit wary of me at first, which was understandable. I just tell him that this used to be my old home and I was feeling nostalgic. I left out the part of probably meeting my soul mate somewhere in town. We talk for a while longer and then part ways. I get back in my car and drive away. I'm headed back to my own home, in the city, as if it's the most logical thing to do. This whole trip back home wasn't to meet my soul mate after all. So why did I waste time and effort, not to mention gas, for this? Curse you, Fate, and your Mind Fu!

45 minutes.

I'm stuck in traffic. Great, just great. As if I'm not tired enough. I check the time. 18:30. I groan in frustration. The cars are barely moving. I still have so much work to do. I need to read on some new treatment guidelines and read more on this new disease that's being reported all over the news. And I have a few patients confined at the hospital that are scheduled for surgery starting early in the morning. Then I still have a lecture with those medical students for their Surgery class in the afternoon. Just thinking of all the responsibilities I need to do and how exhausting they are going to be is just making me angry, and right now, I'm directing my feelings at Fate. Why today?

30 minutes.

I sigh and try to calm myself down. I'm still a long way from home, but I'm thankful I'm only several blocks away from an alternate route. I turn up the music and sing along with it, hoping to calm my nerves. I'm starting to feel fidgety about meeting my soul mate. Honestly, I think I'm terrified. What if I don't like them? What if they don't like me? Does it just happen? Do we 'ZING!' like they said it that one animated film with the vampires running some sort of hotel or something?

15 minutes.

Finally, out of the traffic jam and into the open streets. Sometimes, I just really hate the city, but it's like a drug. You know it's bad for you, but you just need it, because you feel so incomplete without it. So, is that what a soul mate was like? Why couldn't Fate let me not have a soul mate? Or why couldn't this city not have been my soul mate? I sigh. I must be tired because I'm not making sense. I did have to perform six surgeries today.

Eight minutes.

Almost there, huh? I'm almost home, too. Is this some sort of trick, Fate? I can't wait to get home. The traffic light has turned yellow. Hell no. I'm beating this one.

Sirens. There are sirens everywhere. Wait, my car crashed? Was I not supposed to meet my soul mate today? Is this some sick joke, Fate? Ha, ha, ha, because it's not funny. I check my wrist.

One minute.

I hear muffled voices. Are you kidding me? I'm meeting my soul mate now of all times?

30 seconds.

My head feels like it's been hit by a truck. I laugh at myself. This is the time to say 'literally' and actually mean it literally. I wince, though, because I think I broke a rib, maybe two, maybe more, and laughing just made the pain worse.

10 seconds.

Those voices are getting louder. Oh, boy, this is it...


Sweat trickles down my forehead and to my lips. It's mixed with my blood.



I chuckle. Ouch. So much for impressing the soul mate.


There's a knock on the smashed-in car door. It opens.


I find myself staring at the most incredibly beautiful eyes, ones that are staring back at me in equal shock and awe.


We know. We just know.

In that silence, our souls connect.

'She's The One.' I know that's what we were both thinking.

My soul mate.

I smile weakly and she smiles back, but her brows are furrowed in worry. Looks like she remembers I'm bleeding and this is not the time to get lost in each other's gazes. She asks me questions which were standard for emergency cases like this. I smile. She must be a paramedic. I'm a doctor. That's interesting.

Minutes later, I'm on a stretcher and in an ambulance. She's by my side, holding my hand. It feels so natural, like we've known each other for years.

"So this is what being soul mates feel like," she whispers, softly, as if she knows what I want to say. I smile weakly and she gets that worried look on her face once again. I squeeze her hand gently to let her know I'm okay, that it will be okay. Really, though, I feel like shit. I feel my heart beating rapidly. I feel my heavy breathing. I feel so sleepy and my eyes are drooping. I just need to rest, I think to myself. She must have seen my eyes starting to flutter close and so she whispers to me again.

"Stay with me, please..." I can hear her voice cracking. She's trying hard to contain her emotions. She needs to do her job, but it's hard. I understand. I nod. I know I'm being stupid and being illogical, but I need to reassure her. I use my other hand to displace the oxygen mask a bit. I need to tell her something. She looks at me sternly, but she doesn't stop me, as if knowing I need to do this.

"Always," I say, wincing as the pain surges through my body. She has tears in her eyes as I try to catch my breath, one hand still holding on to the mask, and the other, clasped with hers. I look at her. She's beautiful. She's wonderful. She's perfect, just the way she is. Looks like Fate does something good once in a while. She smiles at me and grazes her lips on the hand she's holding – a secret kiss. I smile back before breathing deeply before speaking again.

"I'm glad I've got an angel for my soul mate," I say weakly, softly, because it's too painful to speak. She can't hold the tears back anymore. She lets them trickle down her cheeks. Oh, how I want to wipe them away, but I can't. I put the mask back in place and intertwine our fingers together. I find myself getting lost in her eyes again, but I must really be exhausted. I feel so tired. I want to rest. I need to sleep. Just for a while, I tell myself. I just need to close my eyes for a minute.

I do. And she stays there, holding my hand, tears pouring from those beautiful eyes. She says nothing out loud, but I hear her. I hear her soul. It's calling out to me.

'I love you.'

To hell with rationality. With logic. With... Ugh.

'I love you too.'