Farewell old friend, I will be gone

From our path we walked so long

Until your heart grew proud and black

Your eyes by vision blinded white

And tossed my loving heart aside

And now you're but a dying wreck

I doubt if we were truly friends

perhaps, the longest time ago

Who calls herself a friend to show

A man nothing but false pretense

That doesn't make a lot of sense

What woman then would fall so low?

Spare me your bitter tongue, for once

For you were not undone by chance

Such wisdom never saved your skin

Nor did your alms repay your soul

And yet you broke all that was whole

All passion to you is but sin

You call me blind with all your spite

But when I look into your eyes

I see no longer stunning lies

Of lakes and oceans, green and blue

My eyes now see but what is true

An ocean of hubris and pride

Your pride became your final flaw

You saw fit to abandon me

Yet lie here in hypocrisy

Denying what was meant to be

Sadly, not even now you see

The golden future I once saw

Come closer now, old friend of mine

And let us share a last embrace

And let us think of better days

Which you betrayed for silly dreams

For love is unlike what it seems

And everything is lost in time