Thomas sniffed, he looked up at the sky which was gray and rainy, the wind blew hard as he hide in the safety of his 'home'. He got on his hands and knees and looked out the small hole he made, thunder crashed once again, he jumped back and covered his ears and started to hum something. "Thunder, thunder please go away, I-I don't want to die here!" he mumbled softly under the hard rain that hit the roof. After a while the thunder stopped and now it was just raining, he sighed in relief and went back to holding his knees. 'What am I going to do I can't go back now' he thought, he got up from his 'Home' and stood up holding his arms protectively.

He walked on the side walk hoping that no one would look out their windows and see him, the rain socked his clothes and he knew he'd get a cold later. But better a cold then go back to his foster home, there he wasn't safe or loved, he knew it would be bad if something suddenly happened so he decided to leave town for now and he would be claimed as lost. Thomas went back to his foster home. The lights were still one meaning that someone was still up, he got on his hands and knees and walled through the dirt and mud that would now be under his nails. He found his bike out back and went through the forest to make sure that no one would see him as he left. Slightly panting and utterly lost he stopped and looked around in the darkness, seeing nothing he took got off the bike and ripped off a twig from a tree, he would up to hit him self in the face but wiped the wetness off of his face and found a rather large object lying around, he got it and put it over him stopping the rain from getting in, he made a small fire and held it closely under the hood and started to ride again this time being able to see. The rain finally let up, he tossed the hood aside and held the twig and slowly rode when he saw a light, almost like a fire. Secretly he hoped that it was no one, but was quickly disappointed when he heard a women talking.

Quietly he ran over and hid behind a tree and head a women talking on a phone, "What the hell do you mean by that?" she angrily yelled at the phone "Yeah, yeah I know that I mean…." she sighed loudly "Fine whatever, you know what in fact I quit screw you and your business I don't even need it anyways" she hung up and chucked her phone in the lake across from her, she sighed and sat down on a large boulder.

'I wonder what happened?' he thought, she got up suddenly and turned around to face the tree he was hiding behind. "What the hell are you doing here, kid?" she looked into the darkness behind her, Thomas didn't move a muscle and didn't respond. She sighed "Kid I know your there, I don't know what your hiding for" she was now getting irritated, still he didn't move, she walked over and yanked him from behind the tree "Are you deaf or something!?" she questioned, he grunted softly and felt tears poking at his eyes "So what deaf, can't speak, and a crybaby?" she rolled her eyes "If your really lost why don't you just tell me where your parents are and I'll take you back ok?" he shook his head and opened his mouth "I…I can't" he finally spoke softly "Oh so you can talk" he sighed "Of course I can!" he spoke louder, she giggled "Whatever kid, but why can't you go back home?" she asked "Because for one thing I don't have a home" she looked at him then started to laugh "That's classic kid!" she calmed down and bent down to his eye level "Why don't you just run home to mommy and tell her how sorry you are for doing whatever it is you did" he bit his lip.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW" she was taken aback from the sudden outburst "You probably had parents and they loved you with every fiber being in their heart" he sadly explained "Now look here kid…hey where are you going!?" before she could say another word he ran off across the lake and back into the forest with tears in his eyes. He couldn't see her anymore so he stopped for a breather when behind him was a snap, thinking it was that women again, he turned around only to come face to face with a rabid dog. He looked at it with frightened orange eyes, and whimpered and shut his eyes, the dog sudden lunged at him, he heard a very large sigh then the dog stopped in midair. He opened his eyes and saw that women running toward him, she went over to his side and stepped in front of him. "Your such a brat!" the women ran towards him, then the dog started to move again she caught it and tossed on her other side and took out a switch knife. "Common puppy~" she said with a baby voice, it growled and ran for her, she sung her knife at it and sliced it's neck then stabbed the knife into it's back side killing it. "And that's that" she said putting her knife away, she turned around to face Thomas, he flinched when she walked to him "Common brat, before you get killed this time" she walked off, he stood up and slowly walked behind her.

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