I'm going to use pov's from now on. Until stated other wise all starting pov's are thomas'

I sighed and played with my hands, as everyone looked at me, I blushed and started talking. "Well last year I found a small puppy behind the foster home I lived in, it was a Beagle, she was very small and hurt, figured she ran away from somewhere since she still had a collar on her. So I took care of her I didn't tell anyone cause I knew they'd bring her back to her owner so I made sure she got something to eat everyday and that she got played with too" I paused "But one day I saw a little girl at the park crying, I went over to her and asked what was wrong, she told me that her dog had died she saw the puppy I had and asked if it was mine, I told her no but then a idea popped into my head knew the owner wasn't coming back and if he did the pup would just run away again so I told her to have that one but she has to go to the vet first, she smiled then left with the puppy, I was really happy for her but I was also sad to have lost one of my only friends" Ankara smiled gently at me, while ren and cassie were holding on to each other crying, Annabel look at me confused that spoke up.

"How'd you know the pup was abused it there were no injuries or anything like that?" I looked at her "Oh because she told me" everyone looked at him "She told you?" cassie repeated, I nodded.

"Yes" Ankara put his index finger on his chin "So your saying the dog spoke to you?" once again I nodded "Oh, I get it now, no wonder you seemed to special" he added "What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Well for one thing there's no way you made it through this forest without dying, you can communicate with animals that's why only that dog attacked you" I looked at him confused "Kid I know this seems really confusing, but it's true, I mean why do you think that dog liked you so much anyways, normally when a dog get's hurt like that it takes a while until it can learn to trust people again" she explained.

"But because you could talk to her she learned to trust you!" cassie finished "So am I just like you guys then?" ren nodded.

"Yep so now there going to want to use that" cassie sighed and nodded "Sadly it's true" she said "What?" I asked "Well communicators are very rare, the only way to be one is that you have to have been born from someone who was one before you, so your very important then!" I could tell he was praising me, I bashfully smiled.

"So that means were not going there right?" Annabel inquired "Yep!" cassie said, Ankara sighed "That's right, I'm going to have to deal with it later but I rather let you live a normal life then go through this hell" he took out his phone and called someone, he walked off while we just stayed here. Cassie came over to me and got to eye level.

"So Tommy, we need to get you out so that means your going to have to help us OK?" I nodded. "But that also means that your going to have to get a family outside of the forest" cassie looked at him "Why?" she asked.

"Well if you actually read the Eternal Novel, it states that the only way a magic user can leave the forest is by a family connect outside the forest" she pouted "But all tommy has is that Foster home!" Annabel stated.

"Yeah he doesn't have his family anymore!" cassie also stated, ren shrugged "I'm pretty sure Ankara will find something out" just then kara walked back over to us "Bad news, were going to have to hide in the city" they looked at him "What!" they said in unision "Don't tell me that they didn't agree?" ren asked, he nodded.

"So we better start running, common Thomas!" he grabbed my hand and started running.

"WAIT FOR US!" I heard the rest of them scream out.

After running for what felt like forever we were finally at the end of the forest, we all stopped to catch our breathes. Once we did we looked at the lights that were lighting the street up, "OK now Annabel, and ren common" they nodded and walked over to him, I looked at cassie. "What are they doing?" she looked down at me.

"Well there breaking the barrier, we can't pass because us magic user are bound here for life" he nodded "Well what's gonna happen once we pass through?" I asked.

"Well nothing to you, but were lose out immortality" I knew what the word meant and nodded "So your immortal?" she nodded "Yep so we can protect this place forever until we get granted our leave by the higher ups" she paused.

"That's why me and red are doing the whole paladin thing, my akihiko is waiting for me, he told me that once I return that we'll get married" I smiled "So you guys were planning to before?" she shook her head. "No, I was only sixteen when me and ren were appointed to this forest" he looked at her.

"How old are you now?" she smiled "I'm twenty and he's twenty-one!" my eye widened "Wow you've been in here for five years?" she nodded "And ren's been in her for the same amount of time waiting to see his mari!" I smiled.

"Hey ?" she looked at me once again "Do you think I'll be able to find a family out there?" he bent down and hugged me "Yes I do, cause you got all of us, if push comes to shove we'll be there for you OK?" I nodded.

"Now promise me that you'll always come looking for us if your in trouble" she held out her pinky finger, I put mine around hers and shook it up and down "I promise!" she smiled then looked back at everyone they were still whispering some words when a purple light appeared and some light was shown through a whole made.

"Common!" ren said, we both nodded then ran through with everyone. My eyes adjusted to the light that was blinding my vision, once I could see I looked around and saw the sun out, "Huh, but I though it was nighttime?" I asked confused.

"Oh it was, but it's been already been two days in there" Annabel explained "Yeah there's a major time difference between the real world and the forest, and it's always night in there" I nodded understanding what they explained to me. Ankara grunted and we looked at him.

"OK we need to act like were just normal people, some might know us some might not but over all thomse don't talk to anyone at random unless we say so, OK?" I nodded "But why?" I asked.

"Cause' those assholes got enternals working in the real world to bring people like us back" I nodded "Oh OK" they looked at everyone "So Annabel you have to be the mother" she looked at him.

"What, why?" she asked "Cause you're the only one who has the same eyes as him, plus you guys look a lot alike" he explained.

"Yeah they do!" ren said "Aww, all I got was ren as my look-a-like" ren sighed.

"Anyways just do as I say" she rolled her eyes then grabbed my hand "Happy?" he nodded "Ren and Cassie you two are are my adopted children, if anyone asks your 17 and he's 18" they both nodded and wrapped their arms together.

"Hey could we be identical twins!?" ren asked, Ankara nodded "Sure" they both giggled then cassie put her hair into a ponytail and parted her bangs similar to ren's curtain style then ren changed his shirt to a black and white plaid shirt opposite to white and black shirt cassie's. "Were ready dad!" they both said, Annabel sighed.

"Could we move on now?" they nodded "And also Annabel you're my sister-in-law" she nodded.

"Wow, I like how you already had a plan kara!" I exclaim, he chuckled. "Well I always think on my toes with these guys around" he pointed to cassie and ren who were kicking their feet in the air like they were at a party, I giggle at his comment. "So for now we should just law low and get a hotel room until I can think of how we can get Thomas his own family" we all nodded and walked with Ankara. The town were in is very far away from my foster home since we've been her as a field trip, the memories are very distant but I still remember coming here. I try to stay as close as I can to Annabel so I don't run into people she holds onto my hand tightly like a protective mother should. I smile at this, Annabel looks to the side then curses silently then she looks down at me.

"Hey Thomas, you should act more like a child should OK?" I think for a moment then nod "Were probably won't find a hotel anytime soon, so just pretend for me" once again I nod then look around and see a candy store. My eyes widen ten fold and I stop her and point to it, everyone else does the same, cassie and ren gasp and looks at Ankara.

"Dad! Can we go in here!" they both say in unison, he sighs then nods "But hurry up, and don't ask for a lot!" they both cheer and run inside the store, I was about to go in as well but don't when Annabel touches my back "Go ahead, but I'll only buy you a few things OK?" she smiles gently at me, I perk up and nod then run in with cassie and ren as we look through all the different candy.

Annabel P.O.V.

I watch as they all judge the different candy, smiling and laughing like nothing in the world could change how they are. He's so sweet, maybe I could get used to this whole parent thing, Ankara chuckles behind me "What's so funny?" I ask "Nothing really, it just that I think you make a wonderful mother" I blush at his words and look in the other direction "Y-yeah whatever" he smiles then guide me to a table out side the store "Well we might as well have whoever fun we can while were here" he takes out a small container and drinks from it.

"Yeah we should" he hold out the container to me and I drink from it as well. "You know you should settle down and have a family like this" he shakes his head "Trust me I've had enough from all of you, I'm worn out" I chuckle at his comment. Thomas runs over to me and pulls on my hand "What- I mean yeah Thomas?" he smiles and points to the large swirl lollipops "Can I have one of those?" I nod and he smiles then runs back to everyone, I smile to my self and enjoy the peaceful time we have left.

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