From the person that brought you t-shirts and graffitied bulkheads presents:

It Takes One To Know One

There is always that one ship. You know which one. The one which is swept under the rug, push aside and generally kept on a leash. This ship is one that makes you wish your missiles came with a handy 'safe' mode and you still don't understand why the Bureau of Personnel keep putting the same type of people aboard. Sure they might be good comic relief during a stressful day, reading through those reports from the Captain can do that, but why is it so hard to get one measly ship to behave?

Last week it was the confetti missiles, two days ago you got a report one of crew built a damned hot tub in the ship. A hot tub.

There are only two options with a ship like this, you either keep them where you keep a close eye on them, or send them so far away that you can hope they make a wrong turn and never come back. And if they do, with a bit of maturity.

Taking you chances? Is it wise to leave this ship, a pod battlecruiser, to fend for its lonesome out on the galaxy? yes? Okay. Maybe after a deployment, they'll be in a bit of order. Then you do some exercises and include them without fear of them launching illegal attack maneuvers in the sims.

But as most people know, the galaxy is a dangerous place. Banished from civilization on a simple mission, a single ship must stop a very powerful attack before it happens.

Except there is a single problem with this.

The enemy? Themselves.