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Chapter 1

Cain woke to find Sebastian lying half on top of him with a leg thrown over both of his own and an arm draped across his chest. He laughed as he wrapped his arms around his sleeping lover.

The alarm clock blared and Cain hurried to shut it off before it woke Sebastian. He still had plenty of time to get ready for work.

Some time later, Sebastian woke with Cain running his fingers through his hair.

"Morning, love," Sebastian mumbled, his voice thick with sleep.

"Morning, babe," Cain answered, scratching Sebastian's scalp affectionately.

"How long have you been up?" Sebastian asked, nuzzling further into Cain's neck.

"About half an hour," Cain said, "Not very long."

Sebastian hummed and kissed up Cain's neck until he got to his jaw, then nipped a little before kissing his lips. "Why didn't you wake me?" he mumbled against Cain's mouth. Cain let his hands fall down Sebastian's back and tease up the hem of his shirt.

"Because I like it when you lay on me like this," Cain said looking up at him. "I like the pressure, I guess."

"Well," Sebastian started, scrambling to lie directly on top of him, "I like it when you hold me, so I guess, now we're both happy." He grinned when Cain wrapped his arms tighter around him.

Sebastian ducked his head to kiss Cain. He hummed and tangled a hand in Sebastian's hair, pulling him as close as physically possible. Sebastian laughed and pulled away, cupping a hand to Cain's cheek.

"I wish I could stay here with you for the day, Seb," Cain said kissing his palm, "But I've got to leave in-" he checked the clock on his nightstand "-about half an hour. And I still need to shower." Sebastian made a confused face, then, as realization hit, let his head fall onto Cain's shoulder.

"I forgot you're working today." He groaned. "I was all excited and everything."

"I'm sorry, baby," Cain laughed, wrapping his arms tighter around Sebastian. "If I could call off today, I would. But where I took last week, Leon's not gonna let me take today off as well."

(Leon Johnson was the head of Cain's team at NCIS. He stood about 5'10'' and 175 lbs. He had short blond hair and blue eyes. Leon was a friendly guy, once you got to know him, but he seemed like a hard ass at first glance.)

"I know." Sebastian said, "But there's still that shower." He rolled his hips a bit.

"I have exactly thirty minutes," he said sitting up, pulling Sebastian into a sitting position, "To get ready, and be out the door."

"Then let's hop to it, love." Sebastian answered as he climbed off the bed and tugged Cain toward their shower.

It was Casual Wear today at the office, which always made it easier to give chase when he was out in the field. He decided to wear an Asia t-shirt -that allowed Sebastian's bitemark to show on his neck- with a zip-up grey hoodie, faded jeans and his black biker boots. Sebastian decided to continue wearing pajamas, since it was his last day off for his vacation. Cain stuffed his wallet and cell phone in his pockets and turned to Sebastian.

"I love you, Seb," he told him, wrapping his arms around him. "But I gotta go."

"Love you too," Sebastian said, leaning forward to kiss him. "Be careful. I don't want you coming home riddled with holes." Cain laughed and touched their foreheads together.

"I'll watch my ass. Don't worry about it, babe." Cain said, shrugging off Sebastian's concern.

"I always worry about it." He tightened his arms around Cain's waist.

"I love you, darlin'." Cain said, chuckling as he kissed him.

"I love you, too, Cain."

Cain turned to grab his leather jacket and keys off their respective hooks and headed toward the door.

Sebastian walked with him out to his bike and stuffed the helmet onto his head. He pecked him on the lips once more before turning to go back to the house. Cain watched as he walked away, wearing his flannel pajama pants.

He climbed onto his Harley and backed it out of the drive before starting it up. He tugged on his gloves and roared down the highway.