As the battle continued, he seemed to be acting strangely and she wanted to know why. Why he was fighting them when he lead them right to the bad guy, unless...

"You betrayed us, why?" Crystal asked Damian. Damian is a tall, handsome guy who was a bite of a show had found him sleeping on the street and felt bad for him. That was three years ago, three years after she had met Kyo and Shades. He was the one who helped Shades and Crystal unlock their untapped power.

"They said that they would give me freedom, something that I've been waiting for my who life. Don't you see, if your life and freedoms are on the line, wouldn't you do the same?"

"I would rather DIE than take orders from them. Now, give me back the vial!"

"NEVER! I..."Turned away from her for a minute to think,and then looked back at Crystal and said "Why do you need this vial anyway? Whats init for you anyway? Is there a guy involved?"

"Why do you want to know? All you need to know is that a friend of mine is very sick."

"Damien, please, let me help them. Then, once we're done, you give me that vial of healing elixir and we part ways." Crystal said as her and her comrades were begging for there lives.

"Hmm, agreed. But you better not pull anything funny though." Damian said. Then, all at once, they stopped. "I would run if I were you. Looks like we got company!" And with that, we all turned to see what he was talking about and saw what appeared the shadow of a dragon.

As it stumbled out of the woods, Crystal notated that it was badly hurt and bruised. It almost seemed like it was crying but she couldn't see for sure. Then, without thinking, she ran up to the creƤture and started to clean the cuts and scrapes. Almost all the guys there were looking at her like she's crazy and/or insane. But, Kyo was thinking through all of this, I must be out of my mind if she thinks that I'm going to help her, but I'll do it anyway because she would kill me if I don't. And with that, he grabbed a cloth and helped Crystal with all the cleaning. Then, as soon as they finished, they asked the dragon where it had come from and why it was so badly hurt.

"It was those stupid warriors back there that hurt me and separated me from my mother." the dragon spoke, almost crying when he did" My name is Dimond by the way and I am a multi dragon.I am also the last one of my kind to live."

"Awww! Well Dimond, my name is Crystal and this is Damian. My friends over there are Shades and Kyo and they are a storm and fier wizard. I'm an ice wizard and Damian is a death wizard, but we all consider ourselves warriors instead of a witch and wizards. Can you take us to our friend fast? He's really sick and dying and if we don't get back to him in time, we are going to lose everything. He is a life warrior and he's the reason why we're all still alive."

And with that, Dimond dried his tears and agreed to help their friend on one condition, to never tell anyone that he excited. After they agreed, they raced back to the hospital that Will was staying at to save him but, as they did, doctors were putting a blanket over him and declared him dead. Crystal just stared in shock and in disbelief, then looked over at the monster and saw that he was barely alive so she jumped from Dimond's back and raced to his room. Then, while no one was looking, she gave him the antidote and waited until he woke up to call the doctors back in.