It begins in the brain. A genetic code is changed. One, small little chromosone is added. And a mutation is born. Mutations happen every so often with any species, from the flora and fauna to the massive elephants of Africa. But sometimes... a new species is born from those mutations.

Magicks were among those mutations.

With the ability to control matter at an atomic level, Magicks were greatly feared among the human world. First discovered in the year 2035, the first Magick was taken in by curious scientists to figure the secret behind this mutation.

They quickly found out the abilities that the newly dubbed "Magick" was able to perform, and had him locked away. But that wasn't the end of it. More and more of these Magicks kept on appearing, each with the same ability: to control matter. They may be of different skin colours, sexual orientations or religions, but they all are the same in reality.

Governments around the world began to delegate them to second-class citizens, stripping them of all their rights. Rebellions broke out around the world, as Magicks fought for their freedom. It quickly moved to a full scale war of extermination against the Magicks that lasted 100 years.

Billions of people died in the conflict on both sides. The Earth began to become more and more devestated. And the Magicks were winning. Humanity needed help.

Out of the ashes, a single ruler was found. Emperor Augustus, leader of the Humanitarianists. They began uniting the world with a common goal: destroy the Magicks. A last alliance was formed as the Magicks lead their entire force towards the gates of Cortia, the last human stronghold.

The battle raged for many days, with guns blazing and blood splattering. It was during this battle, however, that Augustus fell on the battlefield, and his son, Thaddeus, took up the throne. Driven by vengeance, Thaddeus lead the armies to victory over the Magick army. Any surviving Magicks were executed.

Hungry for power, Thaddeus then began a conquest to conquer the world. One by one opposing cities fell, until nothing remained other the self proclaimed Humanitarian Empire.

Realizing however that Magicks were genetic, he created the "Act of Execution", which states that any child with the genes that of a Magick would be killed publicly during an event.

This event was known as "The Gathering", and quickly became a public spectacle.

It has been over 500 years since then. Humanity struggles to rebuild due to the oppressive nature of the Humanitarian Empire. A small yet futile rebellion occured in the year of 2434 that ended in failure and caused more restrictions on the people of an empire that had control over 90% of the known world.

The Gathering was also revised to include those who are "similar" to those of Magicks, though how similar is debatable.

The year is 2756. The year that everything would change. The year that humanity would rise up against the Humanitarian Empire. The year of rebellion.

The year that had a gathering of heroes.