It's tomorrow. The masquerade ball is tomorrow. Oh my goodness. It's tomorrow.

What should I wear? What to do? What do I bring? What should I wear? What should I wear?

Okay. Calm down. You're in the library. Anyone can see you.

Although I'm quite certain I show no change in my expression, I still have to be careful. Slowly, I lessen my grip on the book.


"WHOA!" I jump in my seat.

"How did you do that?

"Did what?" I turn around to reveal mystery guy's identity. Ah.

Hevr smiles his playful smile to me while raising one of his eyebrows. "That. Changing your emotions very quickly. Oh! It just changes again. How did you do that?"

Magical black hole, please appear. I want to go poof- this instant. Why is he here? Why is he talking to me? Because of me he had to change his pants since there's a footprint stamped clearly on it. Arr-

I manage to pull a small smile. "Maybe I'm just-"

"Unstable?" Hevr finishes my sentence.

"Um, yeah. You could say that."



"What?" he asks back.

"Nevermind." I'm amazed he still hasn't stabbed me with his huge ass swords or something.

"Anyway, come with me." Hevr signals me to follow him and starts walking.

…um, hello? Sergeant, I don't recall being one of your soldiers?

He turns around. I smile.

"You, blondie from Doceo family, is a very, very skilled chameleon. If I must say." Hevr says in an amused tone.

I keep my smile, " Thank you." Standing ovation for Mr. Hevr for remembering me. I thought he isn't the type of guy who would remember random people. Well, I did kick his butt but I only met him once. Whatever.

"You're welcome. Now stand up and stop staring at my butt." Once again, he turns around and walks away. This time, he doesn't stop.

Ah, fine. Yes, your majesty. Your humble servant shall follow your orders without any questions. And I wasn't staring at your butt, spoiled fetus.

I put my book down and catch up to him. He's fast even though he's just walking. It's nice to be tall.

"So. What should I call you?" Hevr asks me. He's one head taller than me so he's looking down, almost like a father talking to her adolescent daughter.

There's no one else here, and I can't seem to fool him. I can stop acting nice…right?

"I am blondie from Doceo family." I say, no smiles for him this time.

He snorts. "I'm Hevr Lecth Wollaston, hello blondie."

"Hello, spoiled brunette fetus."

Hevr barks a laughter. He's holding his stomach while he laughs uncontrollably.

…his laughter actually sounds nice.

I don't know why, but I feel like I just did something that I should be proud of.

When he is able to calm down, Hevr walks to his gigantic black desk and pull out a sealed box from his drawer.

"Anyway, this is the meeting room. You do remember the way here, don't you?" Hevr asks me, while he opens the box without sparing me a glance.

"….uh, no." I reply honestly.

Hearing that, Hevr sighs. "You better learn. You won't be escorted here every single time we have a meeting."

I don't understand. What? Am I missing something?

Hevr put the box back to his drawer. "Here. Your new identity. Don't lose it." He hands me a simple golden mask that would cover my upper face.

This color…

I slowly pull out the invitation that I bring everywhere.

They're the exact same color.

"Oh, you understand already? You're quite smart. Don't lose the invitation, and remember, the password is 'Regulus'"


I slump on one of the fancy couches. Energy is seeping out from me. Suddenly, I feel too tired to stand.

Finally everything makes sense now.

Hevr is one of the secret committees.


If someone asks me the reason why I like to see the night view, it's because you can't predict how the night will look like. The moon changes shape, the clouds too; sometimes one or two wild animals will come to visit; and sometimes, someone would come from the window.

The window frame in my dorm opens quietly. Without a sound, a girl wearing tight black suit steps in elegantly.


If I can let out tears of joy, I'd definitely do that. "Chyr! Where were you?"

She yawns, "The usual."

"...okay. Messy hair, by the way. Do you even comb your hair?" I say, pulling off the hairband from her hair and start combing her tangled hair with my fingers.

"Too much trouble."

I quickly finish my task and then I take a step back to admire my work. Hm, perfect. Her wavy raven hair is now braided neatly to the right. I smile a satisfied smile. Chyr brushes her long bangs with her fingers.


I smile my usual smile and slightly raise my eyebrows as a reply.

It's nice to meet her again. Chyr is one of a very few people that I can consider as a friend. With her, I don't need to change myself into something that she likes. We have known each other for so long I don't even remember a part of my life where I don't know her. It's insane how we managed to stay together. Maybe it's because our families are close. But, our personalities are-

"Rhea, stop spacing out." says Chyr, giving me a bored look, while slightly shake her head. "And you're still smiling. Creepy."

I smile even wider, giggling. "Try it. Smiling, I mean. It invites people to talk to you." Ah, I'm so happy she's here. I miss her expressionless voice.

"No thanks." She says, her face softening. Ah, her eyes smiled.

Well this is rare. She's surprisingly in a good mood. "Wanna have dinner?" I ask.

Chyr shakes her head. "Rhea, about the thing I talked about..."

"So you'll do it afterall?"


"You do know there's a 95% chance of dying in the process right?"

"50% if you help me."

I sigh. "Okay. I just found a way to look for information about it too. Maybe it could help to lower the percentage."

"I'm grateful."

"The passcode, please"

Oh shoot. What was it again? Uh...


Blip. Blip.

Red screen.

"Reregulus is incorrect"

"Ah, Regulus."

Blip. Blip.

Red screen. Again.

"Aregulus is incorrect."

This machine is annoying.

Last attempt. "Regulus."

Blip. Blip.

"185721122119 is correct."

I mentally bash my head to the wall. What's with this security system?

"Welcome to the 159th masquerade ball." The tall mirror door opens silently, revealing the majestic room behind it. If anyone rolls around the floor they would need around an hour to cover the whole area. There are even stairs that lead to I don't know where. This place is too big. I pity anyone who has to clean it.

Inside, people are happily dancing around a big fountain. The water glitters beautifully, it keeps flowing in and out as if the water would never run out.

I spot a group of men that wears the same golden mask I'm wearing. There aren't too many of them, and they stand together in the middle of the room. Constantly looking around, as if selecting a prey for their feast.

I smile.

Taking an inaudible deep breath to muster my courage and start to walk elegantly towards the group.

Yeah. Let's do this right.