It's a mind worm that burrows inside your brain

Attractive and pleasure inducing, it eats your mind

Diverts your attention from more important things

And turns you into a drone doing whatever it wants

You are aware of the depressing truth but cannot respond

Because it's controlling your hands, legs, and all else

Controlling your external senses and damaging your emotions

It triggers critical malfunctions in your 5-HT1A receptors

It is a drug that sedates you when you are tired of life

The fix to all issues, the feeling that things are all right

But hell backs it up and you start to feel the evil pressure

Stress, confusion, and regret start to fill your mind

But you still fix upon that thing that drove you down

Because it triggers the likable sensation, it satisfies

Only temporarily, then you're wanting it again, addiction

It's chained you to a wall of false pleasure, you're hooked

You've gone too far

Your mind has failed

Your emotions have failed

Your life has failed

Your situations are grim

Your condition is grim

Your heart is grim

Turn back or die

If you are lonely, don't let romance take you captive

Because it's a deception of the Devil which allures

You know that it's addicting and that's the reason

That you take part of it, you can escape reality

If you are angry, don't let violence hand you a gun

Because that gun is uncontrollable, fires at will

It may not be physical, but it's there, cocked and loaded

Hold it down or all Hell will break loose, hold it down hard

Don't become addicted to those things, they are of Hell

They breed immorality and sin inside your soul, corruption

God is watching you, God is helping you, just rely on Him

Or Hell will sweep down and chain you to that invisible wall

Pray to Jesus Christ for His protection, and for His guidance

And your paths will be set before you, clear and steady

But there will always be the snags and rips in the path

So pray to Christ to make your thoughts established and clear

You can turn back

You have hope

You have a chance

You have a life

You think you're worthless

You think you're unchangeable

You think you're immoral

Look at Christ; think again