I. A Court of Pigs
Here the Pigs gather, squealing and gnashing their teeth
Planning their next meal, devouring nations and peoples
Leaving nothing in their wake, blinded by an insatiable hunger

Here the Pigs gathers, lording over their pen of refuse
Bowing their heads to their king, seated upon a throne of dirt
Fat off privilege, gnawing on the bones of his subjects

Here the Pigs gather, wallowing in their sullied palace of ivory
Exhaling a putrid smog of corruption, choking the air with poison
Fertilizing the seeds of ignorance, strangulating the meek

II. A Banquet for Vultures
Here the Vultures perch, digging their claws into seats of flesh
Conniving and squawking, heedless of the people they sit upon
Their only interest being their own gain, morality lost to them

Here the Vultures perch, feasting at their table laden with spoils
Rotting remains tossed to their open mouths, keeping their attention low
Turning a blind eye to the filth they excrete, blaming it on the poor

Here the Vultures perch, flocking to the Court and it's overindulgence
Spreading the poison, soaring on wings of lies they circle overhead
Promising false justices, adhering only to the Court's agenda

III. A Den for Vipers
Here the Vipers laze, silken bodies displayed in lustful predation
Forked tongues in the ears of their masters, dripping with false affections
Ensnaring the corrupt, forcing their own desires into their veins

Here the Vipers laze, squirming with the corrupt between their coils
Gaining fame and money should one master fall, replaced all too easily
Not a care for the damage they cause, crying out as victims

Here the Vipers laze, damned and blessed by their own bodies
Nesting in obscurity, playthings for the rich and empowered
Condemned as criminals in the sun, praised as artists beneath the moon

IV. A Pit for Hounds
Here the Hounds clash, spilling their blood for praise and wealth
Under the gaze of the Court they fight, in trade for influence
Champions at one hour, prey and food for Viper and Vulture the next

Here the Hounds clash, devoting their lives to the fight
Throwing away their winning, drunk on short lived power
Returning to the pit again, an attempt to reclaim what they threw away

Here the Hounds clash, elevated upon a decaying pedestal of gold
Favored for their victories, reviled for their defeats
Living for public attention, destroyed by their weak minds

V. A Stage for Mice
Here the Mice dance, turning to the broken tune of the Court
In acts orchestrated for them, no mind of their own
Poisoned by the food they are thrown, a gift from the Pig King

Here the Mice dance, blissfully living the lives forced upon them
The strong work for the benefit of the Court, the lazy watch unpunished
Thinking themselves masters of their lives, the Court laughs

Here the Mice dance, easy prey for the Vipers and Vultures and Hounds
Not a hand raised in their defense, the Court damns them
What the Court does is right, what the Mice do is wrong