"Nineteen year old Elise Murphy was reported missing last night, though hasn't been seen since Wednesday morning. Police believe that this dissapperance is most probably linked to the five other dissapperances that have happened over the past two weeks. If you have any information of the where abouts of these six woman, Charlotte Pires, 24, Nellie Snow, 20, Jasmine Smith, 22, Maia Raven, 19, or Elise Murphy, Please contact the Daughtrey local police." The news reporter goes on and on.

You'd think there would be more important news to report, like I dont know the guy who stole ladies under wonders or the economy. But no six girls go missing in the small town of Daughtrey and everybody goes crazy. Technically its the only real news that has ever been reported on Daughtrey's local news station, unless you count mrs. Parker trying to ban strawberry jam news.

Lately mama Evangiline has taken a sudden interest in the news, so every night at 6.30pm we all have to sit down in her tiny living room and watch the news. Really mama just wants to know what happens with the girls who went missing.

The news reporter had finally stopped talking about how we can't put a ban on everyones favourite jam the screen goes black. Its quiet for a while, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. I only meant it metaphorically, but im pretty sure I heard the faint sound of a pin dropping and hitting the group with a tiny thump. Sure enough I glance down to see one of mama's precious pale blue knitting needle's. Mama tries to bend down and pick it up, but shes so frail she just can't.

"Mama, please let me get it for you" I say with a weak smile

"Thank you Lena" she says grinning at me ear to ear.

I bend down and pick up mama's needle, since neither Melody or Drew bothered and handed it back to mama. A sudden thoought comes to mind, maybe I should tell mama i'm going out tonight, but I dont want her to worry. I come to the conclusion that I should tell mama anyway.

"Mama" I say almost in a whisper

"Yes dear" she replies staring up at me

"I'm going out tonight, I just thought I should tell you"

Mama Evangiline gazes up at me, I can tell shes worried about me. Mama continues staring me, its like shes shocked that I might actually have a friend and she was pretty sure the news would have me scared enough to even think about leaving the house. Melody and Drew look up from their little flip phone (yes flip phones, mrs. Parker had smart phones banned because they rot our brains or something). Drew finally decides to break the silence.

"Lena, you do realise there's some creep out there right? You know he walks around in red outfits trapping woman and placing them in a sack. Why would you want to go out when hes around?" She asks

"Drew its not santa, its a person kidnapping people" I say

"Who knows" Melody says wanting to join the conversation.

I look at mama with wide eyes, she just sighs.

"Lena Marie, now you know how dangerous it is out there right now I don't want anything bad to happen to you" mama says worriedly

"Don't worry mama Evangiline, I'll be fine nothings going to happen to me" I reply.

Nothing's going to happen to me, I'm absolutely positive. I am, or was the high school reject and am as invisible as clear water. Anyway why would anyone want to kidnap me high school reject Lena Marie, when they could have the Emmaline Parkers of this town.

Mama tries to reply cautiously so she doesn't sound worried, but I could just see it in her eyes.

"Alright then get going, but remember you be careful now Lena Marie. If you see anything suspicious call someone"

"Will do mama" I reply

I bolt for the door. Once outside I begin walking. I think I might be walking to my one and only friend Linley Rose's house but I just can't be sure. I know it's only a short walk to Linley's place, but I find myself making slight detours when ever I can. It's not that I don't want to see her, I do but I feel like I need to clear my head.

The nights slightly chilly and the streets all empty. Everyone is probably at home hiding away all because there's some psycho on the lose. I feel quite fearless because me Lena Marie dared to go out to the empty streets at night when nobody else would. I'm all alone out here and for once in my life being along felt good.

Even though I'm utterly alone out here I can't help but feel a strange presence around me. I continue walking in the right direction to Linley's house as I am now absolutely one hundred percent positive I'm going to see her.

I am only a few blocks away when I begin to hear another set of feet clattering on the sidewalk. My new found corage went out the window as I am now as scared as corage the cowardly dog. This can't be happening to me, this isn't happening to me, I was so positive nothing would happen no.

I try to build up the corage to turn around and see who's there, but in reality it's plain obvious what the answer will be. It's going to be him. I turn my head to see who is behind me and surely enough a strange male is walking behind me. I try to pick up my speed but it's no use he speeds up with me, following me every time I turn I can't escape.

I bring my pace to a jog, trying to get to Linley's house and fast before he captures me. He starts yelling at me "hey, get back here". I can't do this I'm scared and I know how this all ends. I stop and turn around.

"Please don't hurt me, just leave me alone" I say extremely frightened

He just laughs at me and slowly advances.

"Cut the crap, tell me now" he says obviously annoyed

"I don't know what you're talking about, please just leave me alone I won't tell anybody please" I say begging and starting to cry

"Don't play games with me Lena, just tell me where she is and nobody has to know a thing"

I smile, a sickly sweet smile that would make babies cry with fear and make adults sick to their stomachs. I just smile and keep smiling.

"Charlotte's dead, they're all dead and your next."