Dear God

Dear God,

I see red. It's blood blossoming beneath the skin.

It has been sliced open with a knife. A cold blade which glitters – sparkles, winks, so

Innocently in the light. But that has a mind of metal.

A mind as ice. A mind of money.

It begins to sting. The skin has gone hard and scratchy. Rust.

Chemical seeps in like a child weeping into its father's sleeve. It's just like a rabbit.

It goes burying through the surface like a grub, channelling its way through tunnels of blood.

Thin, delicate veins. The heart. Evil seeps in and clogs the airways. Red turns to blue.

Then green. Then grey.

I am dead. A rotting, lifeless corpse, terminated by the incompetence of my boss. Why did no-one tell me?