The Aquarium

I give you

The aquarium 7.08

Via somewhere you never heard of.

It is filled with fish all moving together to create a vroom vroom kind of sound.

It is filled with long stringy things like poles of yellow seaweed and grey moss hangs

From the lid for fish to hang themselves on for deal life.

A noose.

They are always the same onboard this submarine tank. Like a vehicle, I hear you say?

The drowning swimmer floats at the front, banging his hands against a round

Rock in protest of the infant Sucker Fish attached to the glass making gruesome faces

Out of ghosts.

A big old smelly Fat Fish sits at the front behind the drowned man,

Alone in a corner of murky water,

While a sleek Angel Fish is plopped in with some

Loose change.

She has pink scales and fins that go all the way up.

A dominant Kingfisher at the back smirks and tells his approval for all to cringe.

I, the floundering guppy, beautiful in its own way,

Am lost behind a treasure chest in a white collar and tie.

The shark cuts through snow as though it were a concrete bulldozer

Ever onwards, ever

Carrying its passengers, selflessly driven by that drowning swimmer at the front of the

Fish tank.