She doesn't make her pain visual

She doesn't put scars on her wrists

She doesn't put scars on her hips

Her pain is not self-inflicted

But her pain cuts deeper than any blade

Her pain is caused by those she can't help but love

Those people who can put a smile on her face

Those people who can make her laugh like no one else

Because when they aren't making her happy they are tearing her down

They call her failure useless stupid ugly

They beat her until she screams and begs for them to stop

They scream and scream at her for things that she had nothing to do with

They sit back and stare while others kill her hope and ambition

Then they ask why are you crying

So she wipes her tears

So she puts on a smile and takes it

She takes every word and every punch

So no she isn't they girl who has to hide her wrists

Because no one can see the damage inside of her

She just hides it with a smile