1. My monster.

A little white lie can lead down a dark road.

I made that mistake and paid for it.

I live with a monster trapped inside of me,

In the dark corners of my soul.

I try to keep it at bay, but it never leaves.

Tainting me with sin.

And it won't let me forget.

2. Slavery.

The reek of blood spirals.

It taints the once marble white halls with death.

I look around at the beaten bodies.

My eyes fall on my brothers limp body.

My sins have enslaved me to be a killer.

And I let them until there was no going back.

3. Darkness.

There is no escape.

It surrounds what little light there is.

No one can help me.

4. Home.

Sweet roses and morning glories.

Long forgotten trees and vast running space.

I long for the noisy halls and smell of food in the kitchen.

But that is all gone as I watch it burn.

It burns because I set the fire.

It's gone.

I burned my home.

I killed my childhood.

In turn, it destroyed my family.

And that destroyed me.