Chapter 1: I'm Perfectly Fine...NOT!

Anastasia White carefully ran her fingers through her long auburn hair. She was worried that her mom was going to be angry because she completely destroyed her mother's new lilies that had just been planted a couple months ago. Ana knew there was something terribly wrong with her since she was twelve, but what she didn't know, it was going to get uncontrollably stronger as time passed. She felt her heart thumping faster each second that passed by. This continues for several minutes until she heard a car door and it seemed like it was going a mile a minute or second every minute her heart was thumping. Oh no! She thought, It's my mom! She ran her heart racing even faster than before, to get to the door. She wanted to be at the entrance of the door before her mother could head to the back door of the house. She wanted to prevent her mother from seeing them. Her mother has told her and quote,

"If you cannot get this under control, I will send you away." Her mother loved her anyway and Ana believed that her mom wouldn't send her away, for a while, but this would be the straw that would break the camel's back. She knew exactly where her mother would send her now…

1. Science Facility

2. Mental Facility


3. An Asylum


hey I will be there in 3, love ya


Ana nervous, walked to the garden again. Well, she thought, they won't be any better if I stand over staring at them. Then, just as she walked back to the house to sit on the back porch, her iPhone lit up again.



I also have something important

to tell u, when I get home!


Emily White, a thin; slender woman with hair of auburn, slammed her car door and headed up the walkway to her front door. She noticed Ana's bicycle in the driveway and immediately thought of her flowers. The breeze had blown her auburn ringlets in the direction of the stairs as she made her way to the door. She immediately thought about the safety of her flowers, especially with her daughter home. It made a knot in her stomach the size of two basket balls. But, she seemed calm and collected on the outside with the fear holding her on the inside. She heard a voice behind the door, but it was a soft whisper. It was the sound of her daughter, Anastasia. Ana, she thought Why would I leave you alone in attendance of my flowers, you would destroy them. A soft wind blew once more. Emily opened the door to her daughter right in front of the door.

"MOM!" Ana panted as she go closer to her mother. Emily looked strange at her daughter and then her look changed into a slight smile. She was so lucky to have a daughter who waited for her at the front door, but this was strange. Why is she so clingy today? Emily thought.

"Ana, I guess you're happy to see me," Seeming confused before Ana interrupted her,

"Yeah, Mom!" She began still panting, "You look tired, maybe you should lie down and get some sleep b-" She said faster before she got interrupted.

"Are you okay, Anastasia?" Emily questioned, concerning her daughter's safety. Ana panicked, her heart beating faster and thumping harder against her chest than before.

"Ana?" She questioned again. Emily began to suspect her daughter's body language as a fear of knowing what Ana already feels about. She began to question herself on the fact that her daughter was left with her lilies. Ana looked like she wasn't going to move even if a earthquake decided to come and destroy the house. By this time they were now inside the kitchen and Emily had decide that checking her lilies would be a solution to her problem of why her daughter wasacting so weird today. Emily moved closely toward her daughter, trying not to startle her. But she would not move out of the way, or say anything remotely to her questioning. She just stood there like a statue, not moving and remaining a object to the house.

"Ana," She began, "Will you please move out of the way, I just want to tend my flowers?" She said a little louder getting closer. Ana slowly moves away from the door to the backyard.

"I'm sorry, Mom!" Ana exclaimed, loud enough so that if Emily yelled than it would be impossible to hear. She screamed this five times.

"TADASHI!" Taryn Ramirez screamed at the top of her lungs. She was Tadashi's younger sister, and most annoying person on the face of the earth. He tried to concentrate on the perfect outfit to wear to impress his girlfriend, but Taryn had to ruin everything. As he was putting the finishing touches to his outfit and got together his clothes on and ran out of the bathroom, His sister cried,

"About time you got out of there, I was going to pee myself!" She then stuck out her tongue out. So mature, Tadashi thought as he walked to his room to throw his dirty clothing in the hamper. At school, his girlfriend, Lucinda met him at his locker.

"Hey Lucy," Tadashi greeted her. "Are you still thinking about the dance invitation I asked you to?" He finished asking, in a low monotone voice.

"Tad, about that...I can't go with you. I err...have plans that night." Sh exited leaving him and the bell noise behind.

Mr. Woo, Japanese instructer, was standing in front of the class, no one could understand what he said but his interpreter, when he came in the room.

"This is the best class ever!" Mandy reminded everyone, like it was a pep meeting and she was the head cheerleader. Amanda Turnpike was the class enthusiast. She would do anything and it would satisfy her need for knowledge.

"Konnichiwa, kurasu! Kyō, watashi wa merïkurisumasu o iu höhö o oshierusa remasu." He said, but the kids looked at him with blank stares until a man with hair of mud ran in exhausted.

"He said...'Hello, class...! Today I...will be teaching to say Merry Christmas." His voice was even exhausted by the time he finished the sentence.

"Imapëjr 30 ni anata no hon o hiraku koto kara haji me." The trams labor translated that as, "Now begin by opening your book to page thirty." Class went by as normal and school was then finally dismissed. Mandy rushed out gathering her huge stack of books and sketchbooks and her carry-on side bag. She had a huge crush on Josh in Algebra and he didn't know.

"Hey Mand, " Tadashi greeted. "I heard you like Josh Steiner!" Mandy blushed as Tadashi said this.

"Yeah, it's true!" She replied nervously sticking a stand of hair behind her ear. Josh came up and stood behind her,

"Umm, Mand...he's right behind you." Tadashi said giving her warning, gesturing to look behind her. Amanda Turnpike glances to see his floppy brown hair a perfect surprise.

"Uh...Josh! I didn't really mean that!" She exclaimed nervously. But Josh didn't seem to look angry or offended. He had the sweetest smile that could light up any room in an instant.

"Amanda, I didn't know, I was coming up to ask you to the prom." He smiled.

"Oh..." She paused and looked at Tadashi who seemed to smile, but looked upset. Then she exclaimed, "YES!" Josh leaned into Amanda and their lips touched, wet.

"Why, me!" She asked feeling a little foolish for accepting the kiss, and he replied,

"I can see your beauty, and it is way skin deep!" They kissed once more and they knew it was meant to be.

"Your going away!" She exclaimed finally after ten minutes of saying nothing. She was so angry there was steam practically coming off of her.

"Mom, I know you're angry. I'm sorry!" Ana tried, practically every part of her body in a panic. She wanted to faint almost ever time she saw that look on Emily's face.

"This is what I came home to tell you about." She said explaining, calmer than she was before, "You'll be going to a different school more suited to you." The calmness spreading like wildfire.

"Why don't we go shopping tomorrow for your new school, a boarding school?" Emily asked her daughter. Ana nodded and brushed past her mother.