A group of superheroes from the 1980s. While Aiya, Suzuko, Bairei, ad Anni were skipping school and exploring the basement. There they found 4 weapons and 4 rings that turned them into superheroes. They'll battle super villains and protect Tokyo from harm.

Main Characters

Aiya Yamakawa AKA Eagonfly- The leader.

Suzuko Matsuda AKA Swanerfly- The sweetheart.

Bairei Itoh AKA Owloceros- The rebel.

Anni Omori AKA Ladydove- The Tomboy.


Kenzo Rikomura- The team's mentor.

Yajihiro Yumakawa- Aiya's ancestor.

Ishi Ike- A friend of Kenzo.

Mobomasu Rikomura- Sensei's older brother who tends to do grown-up like trips.

Kan Rikomura- Sensei's younger brother.

Rinako Rikomura- Sensei's wife.

Wazuka Nakama- Anni's maternal grandmother. She was formerly Lady Kunoichi of The Keen Teens.


Griffin team. Their Kan's team

Masuhiro Omori- Anni's twin brother. He's a wannabe hero.

Seibei Soma- A student who has a crush on Anni.

Yoriko Okumura- A girl who loves comedy acts.

Miho Kiyanai- A girl who does ballet.

Pegasus Team. Their Rinako's team.

Mura Osada- A student who's an expert on video games.

Kosami Hirai- A student who loves pulling pranks.

Kaiya Takashima- A student who plays the double bass.

Kuri Izumi- A student who reads books.

Dragon Team. Their Mobomasu's team.

Meiko and Reiko Yasui- Anni and Suzuko's rivals. Their quite teacher's pet and the twin daughters of the music tycoon, "Suzo Yasui"

Shoraku Morikawa- A student who's a skateboarder.

Li Ose - A punk rock boy who hates rules.

Icarus Team- The teenage members of the school and Ishi Ike's students.

Nara Miyazaki- A student who's a rock n roll girl.

Sato Omori- Anni's older sister. She's an aspiring film maker

Ekiken Muto- A surfer boy.

Yajirobei Sekiguchi- A boy who's an aspiring chef.

Cockatrice Team- Their Hainiko's teammates and their disabled.

Rii Yamada- A student who's blind.

Yoichi Oba- A girl who's deaf.

Hiroshi Kushi- A boy who's mute.

Otojiro Kiyabu- A boy who's an amputee.

Kahoru- A girl who has asthma.

Amane- A boy who has autism.

Naora- A girl who has dyslexia.

Koetsu- A boy who has dwarfism.

Kanon A fir who's is color blind.

Other Heroes

Mesozoic Guy- A late superhero and Solitaire Sam's adoptive father. He got his powers from a dinosaur artifacts.

Mesozoic Girl- Mesozoic Guy's younger sister and Solitaire Sam's adoptive aunt. After her brother's death, she became a secretary to the superheroes.

I. S. L. A. N. D (International. Superpower. Lads. Around. Natural. Deeds.)- An international group of superheroes between ages 16-26. They started off in the 1950s when the hero,"Mesozoic Guy".

Samuel Garrison A. K. A. Solitare Sam- The member from The United Kingdom. He was an orphan from The United Kingdom, adopted by the superhero, "Mesozoic Man". He has 2 robotic arms which he got from a lab accident. His robo arms can shoot out solitaire cards and has rocket boots.

Adelina Primiano A. K. A Pixie Princess- The member from Italy. She got her powers during a school laboratory accident giving her fairy-like abilities. She's also Solitaire Sam's girlfriend.

Ah Seong Sang A. K. A Seong Sing- The Korean member. During a camping trip he found an alien giving him a magical microphone that can make him sing with super powers and a set of headphones to power him up.

Tasha Sachar A. K. A Tasha Mahal- The member from India. Her father was a genie. Her mother found him during. Her first 2 wishes were all her bills being paid and her mother getting cured from her illness, then for her final wish she let him have freedom. Then they were married and had Tasha. She can fly, has enhanced Bollywood dancing and gymnastics.

Anton Mollick A. K. A Bravery The Kid- The member from America. He has robotic weapons based off of cowboy gear.

Xiaosheng Niu A. K. A Peach Blossom- She got her powers during an archeology field trip. Where she found a jade ring with a flower on it giving her plant manipulation.

Treyton Lovely A. K. A Willington. The member from New Zealand. He's an enhanced driver.

Carminda Mireles A. K. A Flamenca Lava. The member from Spain. She was born with enhanced flamenco dancing.

Feo Rosero A. K. A El Chicocapra- The member from Puerto Rico. He volunteered during a Puerto Rican science experiments to infuse his DNA with The El Chupacabra.

Teamworkasaurus- A vegan tyrannosaurus.

Mother Time - A time traveling superhero from the year 2484. She was giving powers by her parents and time travel gear.

Koko- The lead role in the hit cartoon series, "Koko". A Japanese 12-year-old cartoon character who loves to cook and make sweet products. Her parents own a bakery/candy shop. Each of her episodes involve her going around Tokyo life with her imagination and keeping on the lookout for the con-artist, "Megu".

Kara Mel- Koko's 6 year old sister/ sidekick.

Vince Nilla- Koko's boyfriend.

Mocha and Latte- Koko's sidekick animals. Mocha is a dog and Latte is a cat.

Bad Guys

SheildSniper- The Flockurais arch-enemy. He has enhanced archery skills after a lab accident where he was visiting an old friend of his. His henchmen are his cousins.

Hitodama- A Ghost themed villain named after fire ghosts. She can manipulate fire and has ghost powers. She discovered her powers when she found an amulet in Tokyo Cemetery. She is the granddaughter of a 1920s fashion designer.

Moonsable- A horse themed villain. His family's equestrian farm was shut down and replaced with a candy factory. He's has robotic skills and has robotic horses. He's also a poacher.

Ice Starling- An Ice themed villain. She was a former Ice skater who got kicked out after she. She has Ice manipulation. Her husband is her assistant in crime.

The Great Swirlo- A hypnosis themed. A former hypnotist who got fired from his job after hypnotizing his boss's wife into falling in love with him. He also got banned from Kenya for poaching.

Blindness- A disability themed villain. A villain Who can make people go blind. She went blind after experiencing a rare mineral during a science project.

Green Phoenix- A fake superhero who wanted to impress his sister. He can't fight girls. He has fire manipulation from his gloves and has rocket-boots.

Bonestealer- A wrestling themed villain. She was a Japanese professional wrestler who went rogue after he became unpopular. She is also Green Pheonix's sister. She has natural super strength.

Crimson Wings- A flying themed villain. A former fighter pilot who got his hands on an experiment that can make him fly on rocket power.

The Geisha- A former member of The International. Superpower. Lads. Around. Natural. Deeds. She left after being left out all the time. She is a jewel thief.

Fossil Fiend- A dinosaur themed villain. He got his powers from a dinosaur artifact he found which gave him the instincts a velociraptor. He was also good friends with Mesozoic Guy as, "Mesozoic Lad". He use to have a crush on Mesozoic girl until he found out that he's not good for him. That made him become Fossil Fiend.

Wicked Wendy- A Fairytale themed villain. She was a storyteller at Tokyo public library until she got fired for ruining a fairytale festival by wrecking the set. She's also the author of the "Fairy Spell." manga series.

Time Machine- A Cyborg time traveling villain. He was a scientist testing out a time traveling experiment until it permanently injured him giving him a bionic arm and leg. She's also Mother Time's paternal uncle.

Storm Owl- A weather themed villain. He use to be a weatherman until he got fired for predicting the wrong weather constantly. He got his powers from a radioactive owl and he has a power suit that makes him manipulate weather.

Weeder- A plant themed villain. She got her powers from a smuggled plant. She works as a botanist.

Prank Ninja- A former prank shop owner who went rogue after his business shut down. He's a master ninja and skilled at pulling pranks. He was a rogue student from The Rikomura Academy.

Pyro Princess- A fire themed villain. She was a popular high school student until she god a large scar on her face. She has a crush on Bairei and is lactose intolerant.

Gamble-A poker themed villain. He got his powers after finding a deck of cards covered in toxic goo. He got kicked out of the poker games after for wrecking the studio with his cards.

Disco Diva- A music themed villain. She was a former disco dancer until she lost numerous times in the Tokyo dancing competitions for doing bad performances.

Doctor Hard- A metal themed villain. He was a scientist infused with metal giving him the ability to turn his skin into metal. He went rogue after people laughed at his skin.

Prisoner Prism- An art themed villain. An artist who was unappreciated for not using any color in her art. She has enhanced art abilities.

Howlomo- A dog themed villain. He was a dog farmer who was bitten by a werewolf and had his dog farm shut down after dogs. He's has wolf instincts.

Mr. Samurai- The former arch-nemesis of The Keen Teens of the 1920s. A archeology until he stumbled on an ancient samurai armor. was laughed at by everyone for not believing him.

Barbarian Bite- A warrior themed villain. An Ambassador with an ancestry of barbarians From Sweden. He's really a spy for an evil Swedish organization, "The Loki Troop". Her father is the head of the group.

Whirpool- A sea themed villain. He was a sailor until wife was killed during a sea wreck. He's allergic to shrimp.

Megu- A fictional movie villain from a 1950s cartoon. She's a con artist.

Mineral Mine-A rock themed villain. A rock quarry owner who was Rinako's ex- boyfriend. He went into crime after Rinako left him for Sensei Rikomura.

Cat Mando- A cat themed villain. She was a member of her parent's crime gang until they forgot the jewelry they stole. This let up to her parents getting ran over by a train. Now she works alone with her cats, "Vicious", "Vain", "Samson", "Villain" and "Vreak".

Puzzle Brain- A toy themed villain. He was a toy tycoon until he lost his business to his assistant.

Yen Ying- A money themed villain. She's a Chinese-Japanese woman who's father got arrested for counterfeiting, she decided to avenge him.

Theater- An acting themed villain. A former actor who was the star of a TV series until they replaced him because he was self-centered.

Cadabra Creep- A magic themed villain. She was a magician for charity until everyone found out she was a con artist keeping the charity money to herself.