The team was on a lesson about shoguns. Then they started to notice that Bairei is missing and that he never misses out on a lesson, just to see Suzuko. Sensei explained that he's taking the day off. The rules of the school say that their allowed to have 16 day offs and 13 sick days per marking period. They didn't know why he's taking the day off, but Sensei gave him a note. The note said, "あなたが私を必要とする場合、私は戻ってアパートで私のアパートに行ってきた、ここの場所やアドレスへの方向である。176熊谷ストリートアパートJ4。(I've gone to my apartment back at The apartments, here's are directions to the place and the address if you need me. 176 Kumagai Street Apartment J4.)" They decided to go to his apartment. Anni know where it is because she had friends outside the school.

They found Apartment J4 and inside was furniture that wasn't much, a bookcase, a medium TV, and a record player Bairei was playing his saxophone to his 6-year-old brother, "Kotaro". He had short black hair, and was wearing a long sleeve shirt, overalls, and sneakers. Suzuko said, "Bairei ohayōgozaimasu.(Good morning Bairei.)" Anni asked him what's wrong, but Bairei got angry and said, "Hottoite kure!(Leave me alone!)" He left his apartment, leaving his team confused. Kotaro came in and said, "Watashi no ani o yurushi, omoni kare ga kono Ni~Tsu ni fukigenda.(Forgive my brother, mostly he's grumpy on this day.)" . "And why is he grumpy on his day?" said Aiya. Kotaro said, "Kyō wa kare no tanjōbideari, maitoshi wa, mama to papa wa, daburu taimu de hataraku. Kare wa son'nani kare no tanjōbi o kiratte iru riyūdesu. (Today is his birthday, every year on, mom and dad work double time. That's why he hates his birthday so much.)" Suzuko knew that birthdays are supposed to be happy. Every year her parents throw a surprise party for her. Aiya usually celebrates his birthday at home and Anni's grandmother takes her out to dinner, before that she didn't celebrate her birthday. Then Anni thought that they would throw him a surprise party in the garden. Kotaro asks, "Watashi no ryōshin wa sore de daijōbudarou.(Will my parents be okay with it.)" They were sure that they'll be okay with it.

Around the lunch hour, they were having homemade sushi Grandma Wazuka made. "Okage de o bāchan.(Thanks Grandma.)" said Anni. They told her about the surprise party their throwing for Bairei and they didn't want him to be sad and alone. Wazuka remembers that Anni and Masuhiro's birthdays were missed because of father being busy, after they moved in with her, they made up for all 4 birthdays. Wazuko and Anni thought that they should distract Bairei while the others prepare for his birthday. Anni kissed her on the cheek. After lunch, the students help prepare for Bairei's surprise birthday party, while Wazuka and Anni takes him to the skate park and they've got a 60 percent off coupon.)

At the skate park, He did a 360 on his bike. Anni rode her skateboard on the rail and landed. A villainess came in. She had dark brown curly hair with dark green highlights, a green jumpsuit, emerald green short gloves, and a jeweled headdress. She was, "Weeder". She started to invest the skate park with poison ivy. Anni and Bairei hid behind the rental booth and turned into Owloceros and Ladydove. Anni and Bairei hid behind and turned into Owloceros and Ladydove. Then Mutantja, Mutant Guy and Mutant Cat showed up out of nowhere. "Not The Mutant trio." said Owloceros. As they were about to attack her, Weeder made a rose pile to block him. He sneezed, revealing to Anni and Bairei that he's allergic to roses. Seibei grabbed the roses to get her, but his hands got hurt by the thorns and they ran off.)

(Back at the party. Rinako and her class came in with presents from the Low Price store. They got him a Pac-Cat keychain, a rubik's cube, a new bicycle helmet and a pair of shades. Sensei said, "Ī shigoto o shin'ainaru.(Nice work Dear.)" They kissed on the lips, then Izanagi, Kagusutchi, Odette and Clara came in, luckily everyone was distracted preparing the party. They said that Ladydove and Owloceros needed their help at the skate park. They ran off to save their friends. Back at the skate park, Ladydove and Owloceros were taking down Weeder. Suddenly, Weeder knocked them down. Eagonfly and Swanerfly came right on time. As they were helping up Ladydove and Owloceros, the skatepark owner came up with a slice of cake and said, "Kinō wa watashi no tanjōbidatta to watashi wa gesuto ni muryō de nokori no sunakku o kubatte imasu.(Yesterday was my birthday and I'm giving out free leftover snacks to the guest.)" She didn't care, so she took the cake and smooched it on his head. It made Bairei angry, he did a head-butt towards her and learned a new move. He decided to call it, "The Owloceros Charge." He knocked her out with his head-butt, then he tied her in her own plants. Then the cops came in and arrested her.)

(That evening, Bairei was blindfolded. Anni, Suzuko and Aiya were taking him to a surprise. Once they got to the garden, they removed his blindfold. In the garden it was decorated with streamers, balloons, and party stuff and the students said, "Happībāsudē Bairei!(Happy Birthday Bairei!)" He was surprised to find out that they learned about his birthday from Aiya and the girls. Anni asked, "Kore de Bairei ikutsudesu ka?(How old are you now Bairei?)" "Sebun'irebun.(Eleven.)" said Bairei. Anni explained that they got all of this stuff from Miho's family dollar store on the other side of Tokyo, it was free because Miho told them about your last 10 birthdays. Kotaro came up with a card and a drawing. He said, "Mama to papa wa, disukauntosutoa de kore o kaimashita.(Mom and Dad bought this at a discount store.)" The card had balloons and a birthday cake on it. As he opened the card it said, "親愛なる白レイは、申し訳ありませんが、私たちはあなたの誕生日を祝う来ることができなかった。私たちはあなたの特別な日には良い時間を過ごしたいと考えています。ママとパパが大好きです。(Dear Bairei, sorry we couldn't come celebrate your birthday. We hope your having a good time on a special day. Love Mom and Dad.)" After he read the card, he looked at the drawing that his brother made. It was The Flockurais. Bairei said, "Sore wa ī Kōtarō to byōgada.(That's nice Kotaro and the drawing.)" Kotaro said, "Ā, soreha Tōkyō de daremoga sorera ni tsuite kata~tsuFlockurais,da.(Oh, it's The Flockurais, everyone in Tokyo talks about them.)".During the party, they played games, opened presents and have cake. Bairei had a good birthday.)

The end.