This it Adam's story. I'm sure you've seen/heard it being mentioned here and there, you are finally reading the real thing! This is probably one of my most hardcore abuse/rape stories I've ever written. Remember, bad things like this should be used to prove a point, not to be written as pleasure. I've read and watched to many things like that and at the moment, I do not wish to get into it. Well, heres the story after the warnings.

WARNING: This story contains rape with inanimate objects, abuse, neglect, bullying, uses of the word "fag" and other offensive phrases, swearing, murder, homosexual relationships, cutting, multiple attempts of suicide and thoughts. If you are squeemish or have a light stomach, some material or most material in this story might make you sick so caution to you. The story also contains peeling of the skin and other spine-tingling actions done by the main characters family and the main character himself.

Disclaimer: All characters of this story (unless said otherwise) are mine and if they are to be used, please give credit, as will I if the situation arrizes.

Final note: If you or someone you know are suicidal and/or is being abused or has been raped, seek help immediately and talk to someone you trust for these situations are problematic for the victom and may be fatal. And remember, suicide is not the answer. I've been there, suicide is not worth it. (Bullying is bad too)


He ducked down in the shadows, willing his empty stomach not to give him away. If he hid long enough, he could skip lunch times beating, run to class, and if he timed himself and the crowds, the next two transitions to class should be easy... Was that teacher coming over to him? Oh no. No no no nooo! She'll give him away! Please go away... "Adam, what are you doing over here? You're skipping out on lunch again?" He cringed when she reached for him. "Please don't hurt me..." He whimpered. "Hurt you? I'm not going to hurt you... Has someone been hurting you Adam?" Now was the time to panic. If They found out he said something... He looked around for an escape. "Are you OK Adam?" He pushed her back lightly and ran. He was always running. She was only trying to help snd he knew this but if he let her, it would make everything worse. It always got worse. His freedom was short-lived when his body was slammed against the wall. The books in his backpack dug into his back painfully. "Wearing the same clothes again A-dumbass? Been cutting yourself again?" The lead kid, a boy with dirty blonde hair, asked in mock concern. His dark brown eyes bore into Adams own chocolate ones. "M-my Dad and Brither cut me... Wht can't you just leave me alone?"

"Why can't you just leave me alone?"

The kid mocked. The two other kids, the Blondes henchmen, were quickly on Adam, holding his arms and body in place, stopping any means of escape. "Let me go Anthony." Adam said to the blonde kid. Anthony punched him hard in the stomach. Something snapped causing Adam to cry out in pain. "Have you ever heard of a shower?" Anthony asked disgusted. He scrunched up his nose in an exagerrated attempt to Adam's smell. Adam was in to much pain to respond. "And what are you, a fag? Everyone see's how you act around Jerry Abrahms." The two kids at Adam's side kicked the back of his legs, sending him to his knees. Anthony unzipped his jeans and shoved his limp dick in Adam's face. "Suck it little fag. If you bite me, I'll have them kill you." Tears fell from Adam's eyes as he looked up pleading. "What are you, deaf?! I said suck it!" His mouth was forced open then Anthony thrust his hips forcefully into Adam's mouth. Adam gagged but Anthony ignored him. Lunch had ended. Everyone could see what was happening yet they kept walking. Laughing, sime stopped and recorded it. Others shook their heads as if Adam brought this upon himself. Even teachers who's classes were nearby or had walked by, pretended not to notice. Was this really allowed? A 7th grader being forced onto his knees by a high school Senior? Even Jerry, someone Adam considered as his only friend, stood there and watched. Adam shut his eyes tightly but it didn't stop the tears. 'Please don't look at me... Out of everyone here, looking, watching... I don't want you to look at me...' No one helped. No one. When it was finally over, Adam ran to the bathroom and threw-up whatever tiny bits of food were in his stomach along with Anthony's fluids. He say there on the floor sobbing. Taking out a pen, stabbed himself. His arms, legs, even his stomach. None of them made him feel better though. The pain still lingered. All the stabbing did was bloody his clothes and left more scars. He slipped the pen back into his pocket, cleaned his wounds, and limped to class, not caring who decided to stop him and attach him more. Surprisingly, there was no one. He was tired. Light headed. Weak. His transitions to classes got slower and slower untul he finally collapsed in the hallway. He hoped he died this time.

"I'm tired of seeing no one help him! How dare you call yourselves teachers?!"

"We just need until-"

"What? Until he's DEAD?!"

"That's not what she-"

"Then what did she mean?! We have a twelve year old boy who not only get's abused here but I'm pretty sure at home too! Are you guys blind stupid ass bats or are you little pieces of shit who are afraid of the students?!"

Adam sat up quickly. He was lying in a bed in the nurses office. When he looked at the time, his heart filled with panic. School was over and he was over an hour late getting home. He looked over at the teachers until they turned around and faced him. He climbed out of bed and put on his shoes. "I don't need anyones help..." He rasped, on the verge of tears. He ran out of the school and rode the city bus home. He slowly approached the porch, body shaking, heart racing. He knew what was in store for when he walked in. No one was home but they would know that he just got in due to the porch camera his father had installed ages ago from when he would sneak out the house. Adam walked in, not looking at the camera. He put his bag in the garage then got started on dinner. He wasn't allowed to eat or drink until he was given permission to do so. They always knew if he did, and even if he didn't, they hurt him anyway. Once dinner was done, he hesitantly grabbed the broom, holding it at the middle, avoiding the bloodied top. Last nights events made him slightly fearful of the broom. He was fearful of a lot of things. Like the sound of the front door opening as it is now. Was Jessi in a bad mood today?

"You home faggot? I failed my fucking midterm. Guess who has to pay?"

Jessi was Adam's older brother. He is nineteen in the eleventh grade. He was one of the young males tormentors. "Y-you should've studied." Adam mumbled. Jessi picked him up by the front of his shirt and growled. "I should have studied?! You should have written down the answers like I told you to. If you did, I would've passed. Maybe Mr. Broom needs to teach you another lesson huh?" Adam tried to pry Jessi's hand from his shirt as his eyes filled with tears. "Jessi no. I'm sorry. Please no. Just let me do my chores. Please Jessi. I promise to do your homework until you move out. Please!" He begged. Jessi smirked and threw Adam on top of the kitchen table. Jessi was bigger, stronger, and older. He overpowered the helpless seventh grader and made him bleed as "discipline" for not listening. Adam sniffled and sobbed as Jessi zipped up his pants and walked away. It always hurt when it was household objects but this... This was the first time Jessi did this... It hurt more than anything. Adam slowly and painfully got off the kitchen table and washed away his blood. After his chores were done, he went into his room and curled up in the corner. He cried himself to sleep, hunger wasn't a problem at the moment.

English, Art, and Music. Three of Adam's favorite hide-away classes. In music, he played the violin. He always poured his heart and soul into it whenever he played. In art, he mostly drew pictures of dying things or broken mirrors. He loved to read and write which made him an excellent student in English. Right now, he was in music class. It was quiet as the teacher repeatedly requested students to play what they have learned so far but no one stepped up. In his little corner of the room, Adam took a deep breath and started playing his violin. The notes sounded as sad and as hurt as he did but beautiful at the same time. He melted into the music as if his heart were the bow and his soul the strings. He had forgotten that he was in class until he opened his eyes. He glanced at the wide-eyed class and grew sadder. His music got slower and grew sadder also until he started to cry. He put the instrument down and cried into his hands. What the hell was he going to do? No matter how much he played, no one seemed to catch the story he was trying to tell with it. It was his only way of actually telling about what's been going on at home. It pained him more to play but he also felt freedom. His mind was just jumbled up emotions. Sadness, anger, hate, pain.

We find Adam in a similar situation. He is at the rec hall some years from now, playing his heart out in what he thought to be an empty room. The inanimate objects his audience. A blond haired male with brown eyes, someone Adam has come across before, watches from the bleachers. Listening closely and grasping every note, seeing it as more than music but as a story of a broken man who is afraid to get close to anyone. He slowly rises from his seat and approaches the lone brunette as his playing seemed to grow sadder and sadder, more depressed. He doesn't know why he is going to do what he's about to do. He just wanted to let the other know what he needed all along. He holds the others face in his hands and brings their lips together. The music goes slower and slower.

"I hear you. Others may not but I do. I hear you."

Adam picked up his bag and left, taking the violin with him. No one got angry with him. They just let him go, still in awe, not wanting to make things worse. It always got worse anyway. Adam looked around before he climbed the stairs to the roof of the school It wasn't exactly a hiding place. There were a few people up there. Three smokers, a gay couple, and a teacher who just sat up there before his class started. Adam climbed up to his usual secluded area and played his violin, free to let his tears flow silently. He couldn't be hurt here. Nothing could touch him. Nothing. As he calmed down, time seemed to do so also. He stared out over the horizon towards the afternoon sun. He rarely ever noticed the sun. He has never really spent time outside. With a sigh, he put the violin in it's case then went back into the school. The rest of his classes went fast but slow. He heard the teachers whisper about his limping, his violin playing earlier, his slightly bloodied clothes... That thought made him shudder. He didn't want to think about it... It hurt... It hurt so much...

"Adam? Do you know the answer?"

The teacher asked. She wanted to include him. He hasn't been himself at all that day. "Adam?" She called again. "Don't talk to him Miss Mallery. I heard he fucks his brother every night and he obviously hasn't heard of a shower." A girl said. The class laughed. "You don't know hat's really going on. What if something bad is going on at home?" Ms. Mallery asked. "Then it's his fault. No one said for him to be born." Adam bit his bottom lip to stop himself from crying. He picked up his bag and ran out of the classroom. "Adam wait-..." The class laughed. Meanwhile, Adam had locked himself in a bathroom stall. He sobbed into his arms then took out a scissor. "They're right..." He sobbed. He sliced the palm of his hand and watched the blood trickle down to the floor.

His anger and sadness erupted within hIm and he began to cut at any parts of his skin that he could see. His arms up to his elbows now had red lines criss-crossing and bleeding, two lines on his palm, one on his other palm from holding the scissors too tightly. He couldn't feel it. The pain he was trying to inflict upon himself, he couldn't feel it. He was used to the pain to the point where he couldn't feel it. Whenever THEY noticed that, they'd find new ways to make him hurt, to make him bleed. He sobbed as he dropped the scissors. Why won't anyone just let him die? He stopped crying. Someone had entered the bathroom.

"Adam? Adam I know you're in here. Come out please."

Ms. Mallery. She was the only teacher that cared. Adam's only friend. She went over to his stall and tried to open the door. "Adam, please unlock it... Please?" He hesitated. She could be fake. A teacher who pretends to care. "Adam?" He unlocked the door but didn't stepped out. He just burried his face into his arms. He heard the light click of her heels as she slowly approached him. When she touched his cheek, he tensed and whimper. "Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me..." She shrunk back, got down to his level, and hugged him. "I would never hurt you... Is someone hurting you?" He froze and stared at her. She was truly worried. He nodded his head slowly. "Will you tell me who it is?" He shook his head quickly, already regretting telling her this much. "Don't worry Adam. I'll get you help-"

"No! Don't do anything please! Whenever someone tries to help, it get's worse... They'll kill me! I want to die but not by them! Please don't try to help. Please Ms. Mallery..."

He looked her deep in the eyes, silently pleading her to stay out of it. She sighed. "Please stop cutting yourself then... For me?"

Katrina Mallery. She spotted the woman she was looking for and went over to her before she could get away. "What do you want?" The dark skinned woman growled. "Grace. I know we don't get along but this is serious! I have a student who is getting abused at home and I need someone to help him. He's sweet, smart, kind, and very talented. I want him to have a good future and you're the only one I know who can help him. He's even bullied at the school. Yesterday, one of the high school seniors forced him on his knees and made him suck him off. Adam is 12 years old. He doesn't deserve that! I only heard about this from the students. The other teachers just sat by and let it happen. Please do something!" Katrina was now crying but she looked hard at Grace. "I'll see what I can do..." She nodded and walked away.

Adam was sitting at the kitchen table, flipping through his school yearbook. He get's to a page where he is accepting an award from a brown haired woman who is smiling at him. "Who's that?" The blonde haired male asked as he wrapped his arms around Adam. "A teacher. Ms. Mallery. She's not around anymore but she was the nicest person anyone could meet. She kinda saved my life." Adam said with a smile. "Wish she was here so I could thank her."

There was a knock at the door. Adam was washing the dishes, he was the only one home. He snuck out the back door and went to the side of the house to see who it was. It was Ms. Mallery. He looked around and tossed a rock over in her direction. When she looked at him, he motioned for her to turn around walk away, pretending to leave. She did so and went over to him. "What are you doing here Miss?" Adam asked, looking around nervously. "I came to take you somewhere fun." She replied. "My parents have a camera on the front porch... I can't go with you. They'll know I left without doing my chores. I don't want them to know." He backed away a little. "I have a friend of mine who is coming here to check on the family and-" Adam cut her off. "Y-you told someone? Please Ms. Mallery, don't try to help me... You'll only make it worse!" Ms. Mallery hugged him. "Don't worry Adam, I'll make sure they never hurt you again, ok?" He nodded after a moment, still uneasy about this. She led him to her car and let him sit up front. Adam sunk down in his seat on their way to an amusement park, afraid that the cars they passed was his parents car.

He did have fun but was still on his toes and hid whenever he saw anyone resembling his parents or Jessi. Ms. Mallery had a hard time convincing him that his weren't there. He believed it. He started to relax. He even began to go to rides or games alone while Ms. Mallery waited for him at the food court. It was the best day ever. Almost. As he headed to another game, he saw them, and they saw him. As soon as Jessi got into a running stance, he bolted. The food court was to far away for him to call out. He ran even faster. He was just about to call out when Ms. Mallery was in sight but familiar arms wrapped themselves around his waist. He began to kick and scream. "Let me go! Let me go!" He thought it was over when his parents had caught up to he and Jessi. Adam closed his eyes, ready for any pain they were going to inflict but instead, his father growled. "Are you the bitch who sent Child services to our house?!" Ms. Mallery's voice cut through the anger as she pulled Adam from Jessi's grasp. "So what if I am?" Adam's heart dropped. No one talked to father like that... There was a loud cracking sound as the big man who Adam's Dad, punched Ms. Mallery. She didn't falter or shake or cry nor flinch. She turned around, holding Adam's hand tightly, and began to walk away. They didn't follow. Adam thought they had won. He was free.

That night, and the next two months, Adam lived with Katrina Mallery. He liked it there. He was actually loved and treated like he was a human being. It didn't last long. Adam's parents were pressing kidnapping charges. Adam had no choice but to go back to hell. Just like he knew would happen, everything got worse. Whenever his parents weren't around, Jessi would touch him in places where his hands didn't belong. He let Adam get away, toying with him, then he would grab him, and force himself onto him. When their Father found out, Jessi was grounded then was praised. That was to be added to his punishment list.

Adam no longer spoke to Ms. Mallery or anyone. He gave up. He barely played his violin, his grades were slipping. He just asumed, everything that happened was ok. Cutting himself was ok. Having Jessi rape him was ok. Failing was ok. Dying was ok. He found himself in the bathroom with the same scissor from last time. He just watched the blood drip with a blank look. He didn't feel anything anymore. He no longer felt bad when he pushed pass Ms. Mallery when she tried to talk to him. He was now a machine.

Finally done! This is the first chapter. I hope you wish to continue reading. Things will get better for Adam but that's all I'm telling you. Asta la bye-bye!