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Chapter Three: Huh?

"Hay, Jack, where's Tom? Is he still sleeping?" I question Jack.

"Yeah, he's still sleeping." He tells me.

"Then why is there blood on your face? What happened?" I ask.

"Oh, I had a nose bleed last night. I never bothered to clean it up. I was lazy and didn't want to get out of my tent." He says.

"I thought you killed Tom since I didn't see him yet this morning and that the fact you got blood on your face." I joked.

Tom's tent unzips and out comes Tom. His eyes are barely open. They are half open and half shut. Tom looks really tired. I wonder if he even slept last night.

"Morning Tom, how was you sleep? I ask Tom.

"Its alright I guess." Tom relies slowly and quietly.

"So what are we doing today, Jack?" I ask.

"I don't know, want to go hiking farther up Wolf Mountain? I don't care what we do today, as long as I have fun and its not boring I'm fine with it." Jack replies.

I look back at Tom and the first thing I can think of was the nightmare I had last night. I wonder if its a good idea to tell Tom and Jack. Will they just make fun of me? Like I can't handle a nightmare? How does telling someone about a nightmare you had last night make you look bad? I doubt it even does. I'll tell them on the hike. I wonder how will they react.

We eat without saying a word to each other. I wash the dishes and Tom and Jack do the rest of the cleaning. Putting away the ingredients and food. Packing up out equipment while I clean the dishes. After we finished, we started to hike up Wolf Mountain.

The trail is quite steep. I slip on rocks multiple times. We walk for twenty minutes before I finally decide to speak up about the nightmare last night.

"Guys, I had a pretty scary nightmare last night. Tom, you were dead. It looked like a wolf killed you. The setting was in a house. You lay dead with you organs beside you. And Jack, I had no clue where you were. I couldn't find you." I say.

"Don't worry Kevin, we're here. We aren't leaving you or anything. Its not like that wolf is gonna hurt you." Jack says trying to cheer me up.

"My father was also dead laying on the floor." I say.

They didn't respond. We just kept walking. I continue to trip on rocks over and over again. Something seems funny. I look down and it was the same rock that I been tripping on the whole time? This can't be. Rocks don't all look the same do they? There can't be a rock that looks exactly like another. This doesn't make any sense.

Out of no where, a wolf jumped out of the bush to my left. Its not unlikely to see a wolf anyway, we are on Wolf Mountain. The wolf jumped on Tom. I watch as the wolf forcefully rips Tom's organs out and eats them. I couldn't move. I was to afraid. Even if I could move, what could I do to help Tom? I am finally able to move but not my whole body, just my head. I turn my head to see if Jack was still behind me. He wasn't. Where did he go?

As soon as the wolf was done with Tom, it turned and faced me. Dark red eyes glare into mine. I all of a sudden could move. I quickly turn around and run as fast as I can. Jumping over small rivers and looking out for rocks that I might trip on. I decide to turn my head for a second to see if the wolf was still chasing me. It wasn't anymore. I stop running. I wonder where the wolf went. I turn back to the way I was running in. Going to go back to the camp site. Maybe Jack is there. He probably just ran as fast as he could so he wouldn't be killed by the wolf. He would be alive and have story to tell.

Right when I turned, the wolf was in front of me. I suddenly couldn't move anymore. It runs up to me at full speed.

"I'm dead." I whisper.

"Hay, Kevin! Wake up! I made breakfast! Its getting cold! You overslept for half an hour! We were all suppose to be awake by eight! Its half past eight now!" Someone shouts. It sounds like Tom's voice.

It was only a dream. Tom isn't really dead. I'm so glad I didn't lose a friend to some wolf in the woods.

"Be out in a minute!" I should back.

I quickly change and put on my shoes. I unzip the tent and get out. I'm stunned. I couldn't move a muscle. I just stand there for a couple seconds looking at the breakfast Tom made for me and Jack. It was human organs. There was a lot of blood on Tom's face. I couldn't see Jack anywhere. I walk over to Tom ever so slowly. As I slowly walk I ask Tom.

"Where's Jack...?" I say slowly.

"Oh him? Yeah the thing is I killed him, we ran out of food so I decided to kill Jack and eat him." He says. Then he laughs. "I'm still hungry, man. Come over here. Let me eat you next."

"Um, no thanks." I say. I start to run in the opposite direction. I didn't care where I was heading to. As long as I'm away from Tom, I'm fine with it.

After running for a while I turn around to see if Tom was even chasing me. As soon as I turned he tackled me to the ground. With a knife in his hand he tells me not to worry. That it isn't going to hurt. Then the knife comes down.

"Kevin, wake up." Jack says. He's right outside my tent tell me to wake up. "Its breakfast time."

So it was also a dream? Huh? I'm terrified of what is for breakfast this time. "Jack, whats for breakfast?" I ask nervously.

"We have eggs and hash-browns. Don't you already know that? You made the menu." He says.

"Oh..." I say. I change and step outside of my tent. I zip up the tent and go eat. I realized I forgot my eating utensils in my tent. I run back to my tent to get them. I unzip the tent and go inside. I grab them and I started to head back when I hear...

"HELP!" Jack yells.

I quickly rush back out to see what was the problem. I'm completely terrified. I just stand there starring.

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