My walls have started to grow thin,
But still I fight,trying to not let them in.
I beg to them to go and leave me alone,
But their hearts are like stones.

I try to keep strong,
But never is it long,
Before my weakness comes,and makes it's show.
And my soul is beaten into the ground below.

They have grown from the wombs of their mothers,
These people I hate so much,my tortures.
Their shadows smother my soul,
Draining my blood into their bowl.

My body is drained,my soul gone.
I speak her name,and no longer feel alone.
I think of her,out loud.
Even as my brain starts to cloud.

Penetrating the Dark, there is a ray.
And now I know,that Death has come to take me away.
But I can't help but grin,
For those who stay, and have committed sin..