Chapter 12: Deposit Box

Eve, Alice and I stood in front of the bank with a determination. The building was just like many of the other shops in the strip mall. Tan bricks covered the walls with a glass front. Posters on rates and propaganda to join were posted across the windows. It looked like a normal, everyday bank. He worked hard to make this realistic, I'll give him that.

"Ok Eve, when we get in there hack into the security system to unlock the vault door. Alice, keep watch and protect Eve if anything happens get her out of here and back to the house-"

"And why should I listen to you blank?" Alice growled crossing her arms like a child.

I sighed annoyed, "Because How put me in charge of this mission and if anything happens to you two he'll kill me."

"That sounds good to me," she smirked.

"You know Alice you are the most annoying and rude person I've met but, you are a damn good fighter and I need to you to watch Eve."

"I can take care of myself," Eve wined.

"I know you can but, I couldn't love with myself if something happen," I blushed.

"Get a room," the Hispanic hissed.

"Blaph." I stuck my tongue out at her in a childish manner.

She returned my fester with her finger.

"No thanks, not interested," I smiled.

"You couldn't afford it honey."

"I didn't know you'd sell yourself out so quickly," I laughed.

"Guys stop it," Eve begged.

"It's not like he's worth my time anyway," Alice growled.

I snarled my teeth at her with a bit of comedy. She returned with a bite in my direction.

"Right, shall we?" I questioned presenting the way for the girls.

"I'm not blind," Alice bit.

"Thank you," Eve blushed following Alice inside.

I looked around the area as the pitch darkness of night covered the town. I clenched my sword. Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?

"John?" Eve called from the door.

"Coming," I replied walking carefully inside.

I stared into the surrounding darkness with the light engulfed into the madness of the unknown.

I walked into the building looking around the small waiting area. Eve was already at hard work cracking the safe. Alice appeared from the back of the office nodding indicating that the place was clear of others. Lights created a shelter from the black within the small office.

"Hey Eve how's it coming?"

"If I could describe this in one word it would be child's play," she grinned.

"That's two words actually," I joked.

"Yeah well, now it's open. How's that for one word?"

I laughed slightly walking to the back of the office. It was pretty empty of well, everything. No tables or chairs just a large room with a metal door covering the far right wall. I noticed the door was slightly cracked with light appearing from the inside. Eve did say she opened it.

I pulled the door open just enough to squeeze myself through. I turned to the small opening. The room was a soils silvery color and was clearly made of metal. A mat spread across the floor in a lime green coloring much like the title of the bank. A metal table was the only object in the hold. The walls were linens with lock boxes all with their own labels. I walked to the left wall reading the names printed across the labels.

Alphabetical order seems to be the organization in this place. I traced my thumb across the names searching through the A's. I finally came upon the locked box. I pulled the handle with no luck.

Well I really hope this mat is rubber.

I lifted the sword that I held so dearly in my right hand to the box. Here goes nothing. I stabbed the sword through the metal as if it were wood.

"Never thought I'd say this, thank you Alice," I whispered to myself.

I cut around the box with some resistance.

A slam rang through the cellar. I turned to see my exit blocked off.

"Hey really funny Alice," I shouted.

No reply. I guess they can't hear me.

I walked to the door and pounded on the metal. "Seriously, let me out."

"They can't hear you," a voice spoke from behind me.

I turned to see that I wasn't alone. A boy I'd say he was eighteen stood on the other side of the metal table. He was about my height with a shaven head. His skin was dark with several bandages wrapped around his limbs with blood stains. He starred at me with determination and mystery. Ok, I'm still freaked out that he just appeared. He wore a solid orange shirt with a brown hoodie with ripped jeans and black gym shoes.

"Umm, hi?" I spoke with hesitation.

"Blank I'm here to retrieve that item." He pointed to the lock box I just cut open.

"I kind of need it," I told him.

"And I was told to retrieve it from you," his voice held no personality.

"Who are you exactly?" I questioned.

"I am the Hunter, you can call me Dan," he answered.

"Ok Dan, look I'm sorry but I can't let you have what's in there," I said softly.

"It wasn't a choice." I noticed then that he did not have any type of weapon.

"Same," I acknowledged.

"I will give you three options blank, one, step aside and allow me to take that box, two, join team three and return with me, three, stand there and die," Dan spoke with a calm tone.

"Or I could not let you take it," I spat holding up my sword with the blue light.

The threat did not seem to effect the boy.

"Doe am I correct? That's the name you've taken? Well, John Doe I find it important to tell you that I've been here nine months. In comparison, you are a noob. Are you sure you want to waste your life over a box?" Dan persuaded.

"Why do you even want what's in there?" I snapped trying to ignore his comment.

"I don't know I'm only following orders."

"Ian I'm guessing. Listen why are you even following him? You seem strong on your own. Why are you letting him push you around?"

"He is the captain there is no other reason," Dan replied sharply.

"This isn't a game, it's life," I argued.

"No this is a race. Only one team can win," he spat jumping towards me.

I dodged his hit before turning to be met with another. His fist hit hard against my left cheek. He's fast. I swung my sword towards his legs to insure that if I do hit him I won't kill him.

He jumped avoiding the hit. I moved around the table letting the metal create a barrier between us. We stood on opposite sides with eyes locked. As he moved right I moved around to avoid him. We locked in this mirror movement for several seconds before he became annoyed. The boy jumped onto the metal table I held up the sword swinging at his feet again and again he jumped to avoid my swings. I need to think quickly here.

I looked at the blue glow of the sword and then at the table. I fired the attached gun at the table covering the room in the blue coloring. I lay flat onto the rubber mat waiting for the shot to I could hear the boy yelp in pain as the electricity traveled up his body. He fell against the table as his legs gave out. I pulled the sword off the metal standing up as the blue faded from the blue.

Dan lay still against the table with his limbs twitching slightly.

"Oh shit." I threw down the blade and began to shake the boy.

"Hey are you ok-" his hand came up punching me to the floor. I looked up at the boy who began to sit up again.

I brushed my hand across my face. I looked at my fingers painted with red from my nose. Dan jumped of the table walking sluggishly over to me. He picked up my blade and pointed the blue at my neck.

"I swear when I'm done here I'm killing that bitch right after you," he huffed.

"Hey I already have dibs," I joked about Alice.

Dan stabbed down between my legs making me yelp with fear. He is way to close. I rolled away from him and landed under the table.

Well, this sucks. A could hear his footsteps on the top of the table. The blade shot through the metal inches from my head. He turned off the blue glow. I ducked as he pulled the blade out and shot it back in at a different location. Panic filled my thoughts as I try to avoid his stabs. Is this how I'm going to die? How was right this plan was a horrible idea. At least Alice took Eve and got out of here.

The sword cut through again, this time landing in my right shoulder. I yelled in pain as a deep laugh echoed through the room.

"Found you blank," Dan laughed.

I couldn't speak or at least I chose not to. Sick that's what he is.

"Give up yet or are you just going to die?" Dan howled.

I gasped trying to bite my tongue from another wail. He lifted the sword up only slightly stabbing it back in with even more force.

I cried out again unable to prevent myself from doing so.

"Oh did that hurt?" Dan asked sarcastically.

Survival took over. I will not die here. I will not let him have the last laugh. Damn this is going to hurt.

I raised both of my arms pressing my hands flat against the table, oh God. I can feel the tears falling down my face from the pain. I lifted the table, using my body weight to push it and Dan over. However this sent the sword deeper into my skin. My breath was heavy as I tackled Dan. I punched him across the face as he struggled to free himself. He kicked my side sending me over to my back. I'm a moment, he was now holding down my arms. I spit in his face in attempt to free myself but, he did not budge. Anger covered his expression.

"I'm going to enjoy this," he promised picking up my sword.

Dan held both my arms high above my head with his left hand as he powered up the blue lights on the weapon with his right.

"Game over blank," Dan snapped.

Footsteps rang through the room and soon those footsteps were met with a face. Alice punched Dan right off of me. She shook out her fist before picking up the weapon I had lost. I looked up to see Eve standing in the doorway of the vault in a ready position.

Alice flicked her head up to move a strand of hair from her vision, "I'm the only one allowed to kill him got that?"

Dan looked up at the two girls and then at me with annoyance. He cracked his jaw standing to be met with Alice's glare.

He gritted his teeth holding his hands above his head to show his surrender.

"What shall we do with you?" Alice pondered.

"Take him to How," Eve shouted out raising her hand like a child in school.

"No that would mean he'd find out where we live and we can't have those threes following us," Alice disgusted.

"Oh, oh, give him to the zeroes?" Eve suggested.

"Too much effort and it's almost midnight, the zeroes aren't active till day."

There was a long silence as the girls decided his fate.

Alice lifted her gun up to the boy's head with a happy expression. "Let's just end him here and now. That will teach those threes to wonder into our territory."

"No!" I shouted pulling down her gun with my good hand.

"And why not teach this dirty three where he belongs?" Alice snapped.

"Because he's a person. Threes? ones? who cares? We're all people, we don't need to go around killing each other that's just what he wants from us," I reasoned.

"You really don't know how this game works do you?" Dan growled.

Alice snarled her teeth before kicking Dan in the gut. "Tell Ian that's from me."

"Eve let him through," Alice commanded.


"Leader's orders," she finished.

The Hispanic girl turned to me with annoyance, "don't expect me to be listening to you like this ever again. The only reason I even care about what you're saying is because How put you in charge. Got that?"

I nodded making way for Dan to pass. He seemed confused and at the same time thankful. None of us want to die.

After the boy left Alice took hold of the lock box carrying it out of the vault.

Eve starred at me with a curiosity, "why didn't you kill him? He wouldn't have hesitated if it were the other way around."

"Because I don't want to see anyone die," I stated sheepishly. The thought of death itself is terrifying. I really don't want blood on my hands either.

"John? What are you going to do if we win? Only one team can survive remember?"

Rings filled the room cutting our conversation short. Eve took her phone out if her pocket, clenching in tightly as she walked outside.

I followed unaware that it had gotten so late. The sky light again with the bright coloring of white and blue.

Player's rankings

The rules of The Game are simple, survival.


1. The Hacker

2. The Brain

3. The Killer

4. The Hunter

5. The Engineer

6. The Bomber

7. The Blank

8. The Spy

9. The Fighter

10. The Gymnast

11. The Medic

12. The Princess

13. The Map

14. The Memory

15. The Photographer

All eyes fell upon Eve.