The Same People

When people speak

They would never guess

How incredibly weak

Already, it's so hard to confess

And It shows

On my skin and in my head

No one will ever know

"Drop dead!"

Don't they see?

I wish, I wish I could

How couldn't I agree with

"Just because you do, doesn't mean you should."

"No big deal, ignore it." They say

Advice from people I look up to

Showing this behavior is okay

In our "humane society today"

Well to that, I call bull crap

That because my name is not inscribed onto an orange bottle cap

Filled with pills of different kinds

It is alright to insult my ways, in others minds

That because I am not forced against my will

By a group of jocks that punish me behind a school wall, for not paying their lunch bill

And because I can walk on both feet, and write with two hands

We assume there is no problem to be solved

With a blindfold over our eyes

We think we see where the problem lies

"That blade is the cause!"

"Not us 'twisting logical laws' as you so claim!"

As you so claim, I deserved it!

From the same mouths that mourned

"Oh, why wasn't she adored?"

"What could have lead her so astray?"

They also say

"Why do you even try?"

"Look like that, and you'll never get the guy!"

Even the audacity of asking, "So now how many cuts you got on your thigh?"

The same people

Would you believe it?

Of course, no one will admit

That these words feel no different from these marks

Not even myself