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Chapter 2


(Daniel-first person)

Waking up the first thing that i noticed is that i'm in the back of a car, with handcuffs on, just great. First i find out i'm basically a secret agent with superpowers, working for some company that trains people with special abilities for god knows what, and i'm still missing almost all of my memory, ah i'm so pissed off right now.

"Ah Daniel you're finally awake!" exclaimed the agent in the front seat "i was afraid you were in a coma." taking a good look at him i could only think 'Oh shit thats agent Michaels.' this is not good.

I opted to staying quiet instead of having a pointless conversation with someone who probably hates me. Looking down i try to pull the handcuffs, but its not going to work, its made of this weird blue metal, and i for the life of me can't break them, actually i feel weak, very weak, what the hell kind of metal is this, it feels almost like i'm slowly dying.

"You probably feel the effects of the hard light by now, theres no use struggling. You know Daniel i'm just trying to be friendly, trying to spark a conversation but if you want to stay quiet thats fine with me." said agent Michaels in a rather upbeat tone. I would rather stay quiet thank you very much.

For the next half hour we road in silence, no music, or talking, nothing, but it wasn't that bad for me, i was dozing in and out for most of the ride. Finally the car came to a stop behind a company called Smartstealth, the building was for the most part average, having eight stories up, and i have no idea how many stories down it goes. the large doors opened after a couple seconds and we drove in.

Parking next to some other vehicles agent Michaels got out of the car, fished around in his pocket and took out a small device, pressed a button and the hardlight walls around me were deactivated except my the door they had a wheelchair ready for me, 'ah great make me look like even more of an idiot, thanks' i thought bitterly, both agent Michaels and some blue suit picked me up and placed me down in it, being manhandled is not a fun experience.

They wheeled me through a couple corridors that were basically empty and had a lot of doors on each side, until we came to an elevator, when i got in the elevator the first thing that got my attention was that there were more six floors down, i thought to myself 'why would anyone need that much space, unless they're doing tests and a bunch of illegal things to people down there.'

Agent Michaels moves and presses the fifth floor button and the elevator starts to take us down, thirty seconds later and we have arrived at our floor, coming out of the elevator i noticed was that instead of regular walls they had solid metal walls which was weird. Wheeling me down yet another corridor they finally stopped in front of a door that had the a bunch of numbers on it, opening the door agent Michaels brought be inside, he along with the blue suit started taking me out of the wheelchair then set me down on a cold metal chair.

The room that i am currently in is well made out of metal, big shocker, anyways in the middle of the room is a rectangular shaped table and two chairs on each side, and it is fairly cold in here.

The blue suit then left, shutting the door behind him and he probably was the one to activating the hardlight barrier around the room. Walking up to me agent Michaels takes out the same device that took the hardlight barrier down in the car, puts it next the the hand and leg cuffs and deactivates them making them drop on the floor.

"Well now that those are out of the way, how are you feeling Daniel, better i hope." he said in a tone that basically screamed sarcasm, ugh i've never felt so pissed of in my life, i would have got up and punched him square in the face but i was still recovering from that hardlight stuff.

"No i'm not feeling any better, what the hell is that hardlight stuff and why the FUCK did you take me, you have no right to do so!" God this guy just made my blood boil and for no reason at all.

"The hardlight, from what the scientists told me, is a reverse engineering of your DNA, but only the specific part of your DNA that gives your you abilities, so when it come in contact withy your body, it shuts your powers down and make you weak. And we have every right to take you like this, went awol on us about two month ago." said agent Michaels a little bit winded after that lengthy explanation.

"What the hell are you talking about, i didn't desert anyone. When i woke up today i didn't even remember my goddamn name so as far as i'm concerned i've never even stepped foot in this place ever.!" i said in a very pissed tone.

Agent Michaels now glaring at me said "Quit messing around agent Time this is very serious, now you might not have known this but your team also went awol about a month after your disappearance. If you tell me where are they, we wont have to dig the information from your brain, so i will ask this only once where is your team."

"Look i'm going to dumb this down for you alright, I. DON'T. HAVE. ANY. MEMORIES. did that get through to you, i'm not sending mixed signals am i? well good i guess i can just leave now" i said heatedly

Standing up from the chair, a little wobbly, i start walking to the door, i don't know what i'm going to do because theres a hardlight shield blocking my path, but then agent Michaels puts a hand on my shoulder and pulls me, with a lot of force back down in the seat and said very loudly "your not going anywhere kid, not until i get my information!"

Bringing his hand to his right ear he depresses the earpiece and said "bring agent Chase to the interrogation room, fourth floor." brining his hand down he just stood there glared at me, what a prick.

A couple of minutes later the agent that Michaels sent down walks through the door, the agent Chase was a fairly big guy probably around 6'3", dude looked like a body builder, 'why would agent Michaels send this guy down, to beat the information out of me that I DONT HAVE!?' i thought to myself.

Agent Michaels said "work your magic agent Chase, just don't make him a vegetable, we need him for further...experiments." with malice.

Sitting down on the other end of the table, agent Chase just stared at me, no angry glare, nothing, 'why is he sitting down and not beating the crap out of me?' i thought. As soon as i think that things start getting weird, it feels like my brain is being pulled apart thinking about anything is becoming very hard, "what's...he...doing...to...me?" i ask very slowly, come on move, MOVE, why wont i move!

"Well Daniel you see our friend here is telepathic, and right now he's going though your brain for any information about the disappearance of your team, and any other secrets you've been hiding from us, and for the time being you wont be able to move, any other questions?." agent Michaels said with glee.

My brain feels like its melting, i can feel him probing his way though my brain for any information, and then its like he hit a hard spot, almost like a wall. Agent Chase's face contorts into a very deep frown and it feels like he's trying to break the wall down, but its staying steadfast. Then a look of sheer focus is on his face and the pain just explodes in my head, the mental wall in my head started cracking and then my world becomes dark.


(Past-eight months ago)

(Daniel first person)

The noise of something beeping pulls me away from the dream i was having, i don't know what it was about but the dream didn't seem pleasant, now fully starting to wake up i swing my legs down from the bed and onto the floor. Turning the alarm off on my watch, and checking the time it says its 5:30 AM.

"Well (yawn) i guess its time to get ready" i said out loud, stretching my stiff muscles. Going go over to the night stand next to the foot of the bed i start pulling out all the necessities i need for today then blur out the door, into the hallway to the left, and into the washroom.

After taking a shower i started getting dressed in the the new black suit that was brought to me last night, and a skin tight metallic kevlar flex suit underneath all of that, and i do have to say wearing this suit almost makes me feel...more powerful. Looking at the watch it's now 6:00, 'i should probably head to the Training room to meet up with agent Lane so we can start the training.'

Blurring out the door, through the corridor on the right, down three flights of stairs, and to a double door that says 'Training room' in big white letters. The door slide open and the room lights up, i step into the room and walk to the center, "and we are ready for work!" i yell.

The training room, its a fairly big room, it has a ton of weights (no pun intended) and weight lifting machines in the top left corner of the room, on the right hand corner of the room are treadmills and things like that, in the center is a sparring mat, and there are various weapons spread out on the walls so anyone can use their weapon of choice.

She probably wont be here for a while so i have some time to kill, might as well go for a run. I could go around the world, it would only take an hour or so if i was pushing myself, but i would rather not, china sounds like a better place, i've never been there before. But as fate would have it the agent in question walked right through the door just as i was leaving, both of us slamming into each other and tumbling onto the cold hard floor.

"Watch where your going! Its bad enough i have to wake up this early i really don't want to deal with anyone right now!" she screamed at me not looking at who i was as she gets up, well thats surprising i would have thought that she would have an irish accent.

"Sorry, sorry i should have been watching where i was going?" i said apologetically, well so much for first impressions, although it could have gone worse, way worse.

Finally both of us standing up and looking at each other to assess the damage, realization dawns on her that she just yelled at the person who's going to be teaching her how to be one of the best agents on the field, blushing profusely she started stuttering, trying to come up with something to say.

Extending my hand i say "it's nice to finally meet you agent Lane, i'm agent Time." I hope that takes away at least some of the awkward feeling of this situation.

Straightening her posture Lane shook my hand and said "it's an honor to meet you, and for you to be teaching me, your like a legend in the Shadow division!" her face broke in a cute small smile, and her eyes lighting up in compete excitement.

Braking the handshake i chuckle a little bit and say "Thank you, but really i'm just trying to do my job just like the rest of use, anyways we should probably get started with you're training." gesturing to the door.

Both of us walking through the door and into the center of the room, "so what are you going to teach me today, how to be stealthy, how to fight multiple people at the same time, because i've already got all of the basics down." she says in a confident voice.

"Well first things first we should get changed, don't want our work cloth getting all sweaty." i say and i can see her nodding her head in agreement, both of us going our separate ways into the locker room. Coming out of the locker room i just had the metallic Kevlar suit on, and the same for her, they are standard issue for agents after all.

"I want you to forget all of the training that you have ever received, i'm going to be teaching you everything from the ground up because as far as i'm concerned you were being taught wrong." i said looking straight at her.

She just stared at me as if i was going to say 'surprise i'm just kidding', noticing i was completely serious she looked at me with pleading eyes "you can't be serious, i can't just forget most of my life!" she said a little loud

"I'm sorry but this is how i was taught by my master, i know it's going to be a little tough but please bear with it." i said with a little empathy. "Now i want you to get in a stance for fighting."

Standing on the mat she got into a stance that was clearly meant for a brute, arms up to cover her face, and legs barley shoulder length apart, 'this wont do at all, her fighting style is sloppy at best' i thought to myself.

Getting in front of her, taking i said confidently "now come at me, full strength, don't hold back" getting into the four-six stance, my right foot forward, pointing forward, and left behind my body, both arms up in a defensive manor, showing her that i am serous about this.

"Alright if you say so" she says. She starts by lunging at me, throws a wind haymaker at my face, moving my right foot back to give me space to properly parry, i push her arm the side with mine, then with my left foot sweep both of her legs from under her, making her tumble to the floor.

Grunting angrily she pushes herself back up, charging at me again she goes for my midsection, punching with her left hand, still in the same stance, i sidestep and push the middle of her back making her her unbalanced. Again she grunts in anger, running up to me she tries to sweep my legs from under me, jumping up and over her i calmly land and face her.

'She's not even trying to think of a plan to take me down, she just does the first thing that pops into her head.' i thought to myself. Both of us squaring off again she tries going for my face, each punch she throws i move my head to the left or right, at least she's relentless, i have to keep moving backward or she's going to ram into me.

Moving to the left of one of her punches, i grab her arm, flip her over my shoulder and onto the mat facedown, taking the offensive i bring both of her arms and pin them to her back. She starts to struggle for a little while until she says "alright i give up." in a deflated tone.

The sparing went on for a while longer, during that time i gave her tips on how her stances should be whither she's on offense or defense, 'she must be able to adapt her fighting skills quickly, that must be how she takes down enemies even though she has no real style' i thought. In the end she ended up on the mat for the umpteenth time, breathing heavily and starting to sweat.

i walk over to her and offer her a hand, she takes it and i lift her back on two feet, "we're going to work on your stance, you can't just go running into a fight throwing punches left and right, you need to be precise, taking down the enemy as fast as you can, otherwise you might die" i say in a soft tone.

Looking directly at her i can only notice the almost nonexistent space between us, and the blush thats slowly forming on her face. "Sorry" she said in a small voice as she took a few steps back from me, 'what was that about?' i thought very confused.

"It's alright, and don't feel bad about losing, i have been taught by the best of the best, so try not to be sad about it, and i have special abilities like you so its not really fair right now" i said with complete certainty

Bridget pouted, crossed her arms around her chest and glared a little at me and said "Well you cheated then, using your abilities to one up me." she said with a cute playful pout, with a hint of a smile.

Laughing i say "well theres no rules to say i can't use my power, but we can spar again no powers, and see who the victor is?" I'm glad she's fairly lighthearted, its a good mixup from the usual straight-faced, no nonsense agents.

"Oh you're on tough guy, bring it!" she said enthusiastically, beckoning me with her hands in her defensive stance, going into a purely offensive stance i move forward, going for a arching kick to the rib area i bring my right leg up and arch it to her midsection, she blocks with her forearm and tries to punch me i the stomach, pushing her fist it out of its course i use her momentum to knock her off balance, i tackle her.

Fighting for control of the situation we kept rolling around pushing each other trying to pin the other person, finally she get on top, pinning my arms to the mat "well well look who's the winner now" she says with a smirk. I had a sneaking suspicion she used a little of her enhanced strength but whatever.

Laughing and with a smile i say "alright alright you're the winner no need to rub it in my face." There was this pause, it was just me and her looking at each other awkwardly, but it passed as she rolled off of me, and extended her hand to me, i take her hand and she lifts me back on my feet.

"So what are we going to work on next?" she asked with a glee filled voice, her eyes sparkling with excitement for the next task at hand.

"Well next i should be teach you how to be an expert planner, but right now that seems pretty boring so lets just get something to eat, i am pretty hungry." i say with a lopsided grin.