Why does life matter?
What difference does living make?
Is there even a reason to live?

I can't raise the dead.
I can't heal the sick.
I can't fix other's problems.
All I can seem to do is whine.
Because I hurt.
I don't think of others.
All that matters to me is ME.

People have made a difference in my life.
Sure, they haven't raised the dead.
They haven't healed the sick.
They haven't fixed others' problems.

But they have smiled.
They have talked.
They have loved.
They have lived to make OTHERS feel better.
They have lived to make me feel better…
They have shone God's light.

So when I ask if there is a reason to live…
I shouldn't ask.
All this pain and suffering.
All that has gone wrong in my life.
Should not make me question.

So I want to live for others.
I want to...
Live for others,
Show off God.