My heartbeat began pounding as soon as my eyes opened. How had I let myself fall asleep! It was twelve twenty-three and all the lights in and around my house would've been turned off by now. A quick glance out my window confirmed my fears; it was almost pitch black not only outside, but also in my room where the only artificial light came from my charging phone. Shivering despite the heavy air in my closed off room, I gathered my blankets around me and pressed my back against the wall, looking for the shadow. Him.

"Ah ma cherè, why do you try to hide from us?" my body stiffened, my eyes trying to find the voice. I concentrate on breathing steadily and closed my eyes, hoping I could go back to sleep. Maybe I was imagining the voice and he hadn't shown up tonight. After only a few seconds of silence, heavy, almost metallic sounding footsteps began approaching my bed.

"N-no." I whimpered once the steps stopped and I was forced to lie in the center of the bed and my blankets were removed from my body.

"Come now ma cherè, always protesting against what you like." The smooth voice washed over me but I refused to open my eyes, refused to look at my tormentor. Cool fingers brushed stray hairs from my face before a too familiar set of lips pressed against mine. This was how it always started. As his fingers trailed down to the hem of my tank top, I struggled to get away, only to be stopped by his free hand. He situated himself across my waist, holding me still. He was heavy, and I focused on the weight as my top was pulled off and tossed to the side, and he ran his hands along my bare skin.

I let my eyes open slowly and found myself staring at his face. What little moonlight shone into my room cast weird shadows on his face, making his eyes look darker than they were, and more cruel.

"We like it when you show us your pretty little eyes." He flashed me a crooked smile before kissing me again, this time using tongue. Without removing his mouth from mine, he shifted his weight and divested me of my shorts. My breathing quickened as I lay under his fully clothed body, already knowing what came next. Almost like clockwork, he removed himself from my bed, and I found myself unable to look away as he undressed.

I held my breath as I watched his shadowy figure remove what I knew were combat boots and leather pants. I forced myself to start breathing again once his shirt fell to the floor and he crawled back onto the bed once more.

"Please don't" I whispered, covering myself the best I could with my hands. He chuckled and forced my hands above my head.

"I wish you would stop making us restrain you." He held my wrists with one hand and reached behind him. I knew he was untying his hair to use the ribbon as restraints. He always did it. I felt the silk as it wrapped around my wrists, briefly wondering what colour it was, and grunted involuntarily when my arms were jerked when he tied the opposite end to the headboard.

"Is that too tight ma cherè?" he asked in a mocking tone. He chuckled to himself and placed a kiss on my neck, then another on my chest. I pulled at my restraints, wanting badly to push him off of me.

"Why ma cherè, must you struggle so?" I calmed a bit at his voice. Cursing myself for submitting, I lay still except for the occasional arch of my back as he took one nipple into his mouth and rolled the other between his fingers.

"St-Stop!" I finally found my voice, and yelled the word. His teeth clamped down around the hardened flesh, and his hand covered my mouth before I could cry out.

"It isn't wise to make us upset," he purred, releasing my abused skin. "It will make this much less enjoyable." He raked his nails down my sides. "For you." I whimpered almost silently and stared at him. After a moment, he removed his hand and kissed me, lowering his body fully on top of me. My eyes watered as he entered me, but his mouth on mine prevented my scream.

He ran his thumbs over my breasts as he moved, breaking the kiss; knowing I'd now stay silent. I panted, enjoying the sensations despite not wanting them, hating my body for betraying my mind. I moaned quietly as he quickened the pace, trying to focus on what I'd looked up after the last time he'd came here.

"Aryous!" I gasped when it came to me. He stilled completely almost instantly, and stared at me, obviously angry. "Aryous?" I'd calmed a little since my initial outburst and now waited, terrified, for his reaction.

"He'd begun to shake. "That was the wrong thing to do ma cherè." Black wings tore from his shoulder blades and I could vaguely make out his nails and teeth elongate. I trembled; what had I done?

"Now we won't get to play anymore ma cherè." He got up and pulled back on his pants. His wings hung down depressingly at his sides; but they looked soft. Not thinking, I attempted to rise, only to find my hands still tied. "Perhaps," he continued, "I should leave you a reminder of me…" he approached me slowly, and placed one sharp mail against my thigh, digging it into my skin. I couldn't tell what was being carved into me because of the pain, and passed out before he finished.

The next morning, when I woke up, my hands were free, I was dressed, and my left leg throbbed. Sitting up slowly, I pulled my shorts up. There on my thigh, inflamed and scabbed like a tattoo was the word "Tainted". I whimpered, running my finger along the word. No one could see that. I let my shorts fall and looked around my room. On my bedside table, something caught my eye; a large black feather sat with an emerald green ribbon wrapped around it sat on the small table.

"A reminder of me…" I murmured, remembering his words. "I'll remember you very…vividly." I grabbed the feather and ribbon and shoved them under my pillow. I'd find him again. Mark my words.

Le Fin