It Doesn't Take Forever
By C. S. Raine (2014)

It doesn't take forever to find someone –
or The One –
But it may take an eternity to realize
that the One may have been in front of you all along,
Sharing all your happiness and sadness,
laughter and tears,
and pain and loneliness

It takes a bit of patience
A lot of self-confidence
Maybe a bit of silliness
But it doesn't take forever
for True Love to come

It may not be Prince Charming –
or a Princess;
May not be a knight-in-shining-armor –
or a damsel in distress –
But it takes, maybe, just a bit of eternity to see
That he – or she –
May be just a random stranger you tried to ignore;
Might be like you – or me –
As simple as 1-2-3:
the next best thing

So it doesn't take forever;
not even an eternity
to find your One True Love
But it may take as much as forever
or more than an eternity
If you fail to even see
that The One might just be right here
Because beside you
is right where I'll always be