I've always liked to write poetry, but this is the first one I have ever posted online. I hope you guys like it.

It's called, Hearts on Fire

Hearts on fire, burning as we stand brave
Though after all we've seen, our hope will not cave
Crystal tears, free to fall
Through all of your torment, we keep tall
Black and blue skin, but we feel higher than the stars
Every time a weapon is raised, we earn a new scar
Hearts on fire, burning with a passion
As we fight with a unique fashion
Blood is shed, we charge again
Falling down, but on our feet we land
We bravely battle, not afraid to die
Whenever one of us is lost, a new star appears in the sky
We strike the enemy down, they thought they had us in their clutch
But even if we lose this battle, the flames cannot be crushed
We may be kids, but we're also heroes
We've seen it all, while you've seen zero
The war wages, but we never tire
We continue to fight with our hearts on fire