"You bitch! You let me go right now!"

I can feel an immense pain in my eye. I can't see out of it. I try and get it out but I'm tied at my hands and my feet. Shit. Everything that I have ever done wrong comes to mind. The dog I killed in grade 2, the kid I bullied in grade 4, the kittens in grade 11 and this recent series of events. I've done this 3 times now, and this had never happened before. I try and crawl up to the door. When I get there I scream.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE! I'M SORRY FOR WHAT I DID! I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!" I start to cry and hear a click.

"You promise?" Kristina says via the PA system.

"YES! YES I PROMISE!" I sob in return.

"Well then, don't do it in hell. 'cause that's where you're going."

"wha…?" No. No no no no no. She can't do this.


"Hahaha! You? You don't deserve this?" Kristina says, she trying not to let it but I can hear the anger creeping into her voice.

"I know I've made small mistakes, but don't we all?" I give a nervous laugh. 13 seconds of dead silence passes.

"I wouldn't call murdering people a small mistake. You took away their life. You took a loved one away from people's families. You're a sadistic bitch. Time to feel your own wrath."


Oh no. It's going to end. I can't. I don't deserve this!


"NO! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE STOP THE FLOOR! PLEASE!" I cried. Tears are streaming from my eyes, like mini waterfalls. Even the eye with the bone in it. Its watering too.

I'm creeping closer and closer to the wall. I placed those razor blades one by one on that wall, now I'm going to feel how my handy-work feels. I'm trying to crawl back towards the door but I can't because of being tied. The wall is getting closer.


"Not a chance."

"ARGH!" My feet have been sliced by the blades. Now my shins and my knees. There's blood everywhere. The pain is too intense. Then the world goes black.


She's fainted from the pain and blood loss. She is being sliced and diced by the blades. Now she is nothing but bones and flesh.

"That… that felt… good. She's gone now Georgie. She's gone."